Being a Virgo is not easy…

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…but living with a Virgo is even harder. Virgos are critical, perfectionistic, and notice every little detail. While these can all be helpful in work life, these qualities are of not much help in interpersonal relationships. I’m a typical Virgo; i would say that 90% of the traits that describe Virgos fit me to a T. Hence, i can’t help it that i’m critical, perfectionist and notice every little detail. People who work closely with me or often interact with will probably know that i’m quick to point out flaws and loopholes, in both situations and people. Unfortunately, the ones closest to me bear the brunt of my relentless nitpicking and criticising. And you guys can guess who gets it the most.

I don’t know if Virgos are supposed to be honest but i am…. and i wld say, i can be brutally honest. My friend who studies astrology has told me before that among all the Zodiac signs, Virgos are the most ethical and principled. I suppose that describes me as well. While i’m pretty forgiving when it comes to other pple, i’m very unforgiving towards loved ones, and most of all, myself. So take the traits of perfectionistic, critical, attention to detail, honest, ethical and principled, you can say that i’m a difficult person to live with. My partner had better be without a single flaw i.e. a saint, or just have tons and tons of patience to put up with my criticisms and nitpicking.

Obviously, Mr Gua Gua is not a saint, and thank goodness for me, one of his most admirable traits is his patience. Nevertheless, i’m driving myself nuts at the same time. You know when the honeymoon is over (i must say though, our honeymoon lasted for a pretty long time) when you look at the person, see only his flaws, and start to wonder what attracted you to the person in the first place. But i guess these are pretty much what most, if not all married couples go through. Moments when Mr Right suddenly seems like Mr Wrong.

Mr Gua Gua tells me that i focus too much on the bad stuff, and i admit that he is right. To be honest, I do know that there is no one in the world who would love me more. It’s just this annoying trait that i have… that ALL Virgos have… of having this tendency to nitpick. Can i just blame it on the stars? Too bad i ‘m born a Virgo!

Then again, if i was born on any other day other than my birthdate, my life partner could very well be someone else. I believe that the stars affect very much whom we develop a lifetime commitment to. While they certainly don’t pre-determine every single aspect of our lives, i believe that two people come together for the unique qualities each has, so that they would complement each other and learn from each other. I know Mr Gua Gua and i have very strong karmic affinity and have been husband and wife in previous lifetimes before. In fact, our husband/wife affinity is so strong that the first day of marriage was quite an anti-climax – it felt like nothing has changed!

Ah well… no one ever said that marriage is supposed to be a bed of roses. I suppose that being married to Virgos would probably also mean getting pricked more often! I’m glad tt Mr Gua Gua has the easygoing nature to be able to tahan my difficult traits… and i guess maybe i’m also one of the few who can tahan some of his rather…ahem… perculiar characteristics too? Hehe… think Mr Gua Gua would agree with that?

Well, i think it’s important to be true to one’s self. Even if that means being the critical, overly demanding, nitpicking Virgo that i am! But i guess it’s only fair if i allow Mr Gua Gua to remain true to himself as well, and that means being the naturally flawed guagua that he is! So what does that mean? Haha… i don’t know… but i suppose, this is what marriage is about. Learning to live with each other’s differences and accepting each other for the way that he or she is. In an ironic way, this also means that Mr Gua Gua would also have to accept that i’ll always be critical, etc etc. I really can’t help it… it’s just me!

But i will learn to be more appreciative at the same time, and to deal out criticism with more tact and kindness. Yup… we may be born with the traits that come under a certain star, but there’s a whole lifetime to learn how to be those traits in the most compassionate and wisest way possible. I’ll continue to learn…

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