L is for love

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Journaling: While Papa and Mummy loves you very much, there is probably no one else who loves you the way Mak Mak does. You can guess this from the way her face lights up everytime she sees you, and how she would endure her aches and pains just to make sure that you are happy and well taken care of. I think you know this well for there is not a single time where you won’t reach out eagerly to Mak Mak for a hug with the biggest smile on your face. Yes indeed, the both of you love each other so very much…

Whew… finally found some good pictures and even though i wanted all of my words for little boy’s ABC album to be either nouns or names, i guess this is one exception that is worth making.¬†This is one of my favourites so far… sure hope it pleases my MIL!

G is for Gu Gu

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Feel that my scrapping skills have been rather bleah and uninspired lately… hope this one breaks the rut! It was quite fun to play around with this kit… so many cute little buggies! And doesn’t little boy look absolutely cute in his bumblebee suit? ūüėõ

Anyway, i thought i better find a picture of Mr Gua Gua’s sisters to include in the ABC album, since i have scrapped a picture of my sis with little boy. Especially after i received a complaint from my MIL via Mr Gua Gua that i have neglected to upload the ONE photo of little boy and both of my in laws taken on the cruise. When there are so many photos of little boy and my family in other albums. Geez, it’s not like i intentionally excluded photos of them. There were so many photos taken on the cruise, i had to choose the good ones to prevent overkill, and it just turned out that the ONE photo they took with little boy was blur. Well, according to Mr Gua Gua, my MIL was looking forward to seeing that very one photo on the online photo album, and was terribly disappointed when it wasn’t there.

Sigh… i was thinking, if just seeing this ONE photo of them on the album wld make her so happy, then wldn’t my Mother’s day gift for her, this ABC scrapbooking thingy, put her on cloud¬†nine hundred and ninety-nine?

Then i realised, i haven’t scrapped any photo of her and little boy yet. So far i have done photos for my FIL, Mr Gua Gua, my mum and sis,¬†now Mr Gua Gua’s sisters, but not for her. Again, not on purpose ok… lest you think i’m just being biased. But there doesn’t seem to be any photos of her and little boy that can be used for the remaining letters.

Then again, i don’t have a choice do i? Just gotta do some serious digging and brainstorming to make sure that this mother’s day gift really puts her on cloud nine and beyond!

Btw, little boy just cried in anguish in his sleep when he rolled around and couldn’t feel me beside him. I rushed to him immediately and the moment he opened his eyes and saw me, he gave a big toothy grin, then happily nursing back to slumberland. Talk about sudden mood swing!

Oh yeah, he just learnt how to holler like a red indian. The pat your mouth ah-h-ah-h-ah-h type. Haha… just thought it was funny. And he found it hilarious whenever i do it back at him.

Ahh… the magic of childhood… where everything just seems so delightful and charmng!


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Dear little boy,

Velcro, you know that thing that sticks really well? That would be how i describe you these days (inspiration gotten from Dr Sears’ the discipline book which i’m reading now in preparation of those notorious terrible twos!) cos¬†you have¬†been extremely STICKY! From wht i have read, it’s prob a natural phase of separation anxiety. You have been extra affectionate and clingy with me, following me like a shadow at home. Popo noticed the same thing for her as well whenever she came to take care of you while i was at work. I’m so thankful that you have so many¬†caregivers – parents and both set of grandparents – whom you loves and trusts and i hope this will teach you that pple in this world CAN be trusted and loved (despite what your papa says!).

Anyway, this clinginess can be irritating to some but at least up till now, i’m finding it so sweet and knowing that in a few months’ time,¬†your agenda would be towards striving for independence and autonomy, it’s like i’m getting huge doses of your affection right now so that i can “store” them up in preparation like a camel. Love humps… haha…

Yup, i’m loving your clinginess and affectionate gestures now. How¬†you roll on top of¬†Mummy lazily in bed, finding all the soft and comfortable spots that are to find (and of cos, the best one is the tummy!). How you love to play drumming on my tummy… relishing the pak-pak sounds with much delight. How you come behind me and gives me such lovely hugs or pats from behind. All these make me smile and love you all over again… you make me so happy!

And in turn, i’m having fun showing¬†you great tenderness and love too. One of the things we both love is when i draw I love (in the shape of a heart) U on¬†your back and saying it aloud as i¬†draw it. It sends chills down¬†your spine and i imagine that it sends¬†your soul into ecstasy as well. In any case,¬†you love the sensations and prob the beautiful energy of these words and usually¬†you would giggle and look really happy.

Sometimes i stumble onto the simplest actions that send you into hilarious laughter. I consider these the highlights of our time together. And once i discover that something as simple as letting a towel fall from my head in a comic way makes¬†you laugh madly, i do it again and again, cos the look and the sound of¬†you laughing your head off is simply priceless. I think a child’s laughter is one of the most beautiful things in this world, and i can’t help but be biased my dear… your laughter to me is the best laughter of all.

Today i found something else that made you laugh with wild abandon. We were on the bed, myself sitting crosslegged, and you lying down with your head in my lap, so we were looking at each other upside-down. I started off by tickling your tummy, which sent you into fits of giggles. I was careful not to overdo the tickling of cos. I didn’t need to, cos you were so ticklish that just the anticipation of my fingers coming down towards your tummy was enough to make you laugh. Heehee….

Then you took my fingers and brought my hands together into a clap. That started off a series of clapping motions, with you controlling my hands, and which you fully enjoyed. I guess when it’s more often that you are controlled by the adults who decide where you can go and what you can do, it’s a refreshing change for you to do the controlling for once. During the clapping, i created a rhythm of sounds, and during the pauses, i would tickle your tummy making you laugh. As you were laughing, i admired your beautiful BIG teeth. You still have 6 – lovely big ones (yes, quite a few pple commented how big they were) which are so straight and neat that i hope your adult set would be likewise so you wont need braces … and despite the constant drooling which have lasted for months, there are¬† no signs of any new teeth sprouting. I thought i saw the silvers of 3rd and 4th teeth on your lower gums showing so i pushed down your lower lip so i can get a good look.

Who knows, you tot that was part of the game, and you, who usually hated pple who try to open your mouth to study its contents, started laughing really hard. So what did i do? I made that part of the game! I replaced the tickling with the pushing down of your lower lip and that REALLY made you laugh. As usual, i was laughing together with you and that was one crazy lovely game that made us laugh like drunk hyenas for that 10 min or so.

You are just such a source of joy to me my dear. And definitely to others as well. These 2 days during our neighbourhood explorations, you have already “trespassed” onto 2 of our neighbours’ homes. One is the old lady with a lot of metta staying on the 7th floor. You sure had fun eating¬†her biscuits (and boy, you can sure be greedy when it comes to foods you like… having biscuits in your mouth and both hands, and you still want the ones in Mummy’s hand!) and making the whole place a mess. Thank gdness you are so cute, and the old lady liked you enough not to mind. When you are older, i’m going to have to teach you some proper manners! Though hopefully Mummy wld be able to model good manners for you so you don’t need to be formally taught.

This morning, you wanted to go up to 7th floor again but for some reason, you decided not to and you headed for the unit on the other side of our floor. Perhaps you knew that the kor-kor was around? Well, he was, and his grandfather called him out to play with you. He was thrilled to see you! And he took you in, got all his toys out for you to play, showed you the kids’ room and the works. He was such a good kor-kor to you, leading you by the hand slowly while you made your way around on 2 feet, even using tissue to wipe your drool. As i was chatting with his grandmother, i noticed him showing you more toys in the room. You then patted his head with 2 hands, and i don’t know what else you did, but the kor-kor happily responded with a thank-you and then kissed you affectionately. That really made me smile. I hope this would be the start of a wonderful friendship between you and kor-kor.

You have also made friends with the Indian didi and jiejies on 5th floor Рthey are always so happy to see you and you guys wld take turns to poke each other through the gate railings. You are so sociable and ready to make friends. I hope this is a trait that would be a part of you for life. 

I love it when it’s time to go back home and you wave goodbye when i tell you to. Then as we walk off slowly, with you tottering along on your feet that are getting steadier by the day, while clutching onto my fingers, you would usually stop after a few steps and turn back to look at your friends who are still watching you. Then you wave goodbye again, before you turn round and continue on your way home. You are such a sweet little dear! I can’t imagine anyone who won’t love you and want to be your friend.

Well, i’m sure that you will grow up and have lots of friends. Hopefully, no girlfriends until you are at least in puberty (now THAT seems a really long way from now). But i hope that Mummy would always be your closest friend – someone you can always count on to give you a shoulder to lean on, a hug to squeeze out any unhappiness away, and an I love U picture on your back, to remind you that you are always loved by me, very very much, just for being the beautiful being that you are.

May you grow up strong, healthy and happy my little one. May you continue to explore the world and find beauty and joy in it, and may you never forget that you will always have Mummy’s loving arms to come back to at the end of the day.

I love you,


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