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Today I found my dream place for little boy – a gym centre specially for toddlers and children at a beautiful price of $2 per hour! I always felt that shopping centres and most other places are more for adults than babies… the poor babies can only sit in their strollers and look at pple’s legs! So I have been wondering where to bring little boy so that he can freely play and roam about, mixing with other children. Everytime i take little boy out, I’ll be on a lookout for places where other kids are, hoping that he can join in and interact with them, or at least watch. Partly also cos i crave the human interaction… while i do enjoy playing with little boy, it’s nice to have other human company too, and also less taxing on my energy. Unfortunately since little boy cannot walk yet, there are also not many places for him to be able to play on his own, unless i’m prepared to let him crawl around and get really dirty.

I thought finding a playgroup would be a great solution – free, fun for little boy, and i get to meet other mummies! Of cos, i manifested for it too, as I posted my query in my various local mummy mailing lists. There were keen replies but alas, all of them stay quite far away and i’m not quite willing to go through the hassle… Botanic Gardens is 45 min’ bus ride from my place and that’s the prob as far as I can go, and at least it’s a direct bus.  But for some of those places, i’ll prob need to take MRT, change bus, etc, and some seem more keen on having mummy’s outing than playgroup for the babies.

Thank gdness my manifestation was fulfilled anyway, for one mummy responded to my 2nd request for some place nearer to where i stay, by introducing me to a play centre specially for young children and even babies (can crawl kind) at Delta Sports Complex which is only half an hour away. It’s $4 per hour visit but if you buy a pass for 10 sessions, it’s only $2. What a real bargain! I was so excited and grateful to this mummy and we arranged to meet up at the place today. Unfortunately, she smsed me while i was on the way to tell me her son had a fever. In any case, I knew the way so I still went.

The place was even better than i thought! It’s nicely air-conditioned and the range of toys and climbing structures are just so exciting and attractive. Perhaps cos i have never been those branded gyms outside (which are so expensive!), my exposure is zil and i have low expectations. But who cares… as long as little boy finds it fun. And he did! In fact the mummy was just as excited as the little one…haha… i was climbing the structures as well, encouraging him to come in. Well, other mummies were doing that too, so it’s ok. 😛

It’s too bad that my camera went out of battery within the first 15 min. I was taking such lovely pictures of him amidst all the bright colours and his expressions of excitement and curiosity. Then again, cos of that, i was able to focus my attention on playing with him instead. Ah well… can always take more pictures next time. This place is perfect for taking really good pictures for my scrapping! 

p4200334.jpg Apparently the swing is more fun outside than inside!

Luckily it wasn’t too crowded at that time, and there were only 2 other kids and their mummies around, one angmoh and one Korean. Both kids were older than little boy. But of cos, little boy didn’t mind! He regularly showed interest in what they were playing with and often went over to join in!

 p4200339_web.jpg Ok, you drive, i push

Haha… of cos, since he was the youngest, their mummies had to pay extra attention to make sure he doesn’t get bullied so i hope little boy didn’t make their time there more difficult. I wld be fine with anything so long as he doesn’t get seriously hurt. Little boy is so used to bruises and bumps by now… a little smack on the head prob won’t cause him much pain or anguish. In fact the Korean girl, this sweet beautiful imp, knocked his forehead with a ball, much to her mum’s embarrassment and dismay. Little boy just looked back quizzically, then he took the ball and knocked himself too. Hahaha….

I think he had so much fun today trying out so many new things. There was a slide just his size and he enjoyed me taking him down the slide over and over again. I had fun watching him play and guiding him along too. Believe this is going to be our regular hangout from now on!

p4200340_web.jpg Yup, bring me here more and i’m going to be really strong!

But next time, i will bring the stroller… the centre is quite a walk from the bus stop and carrying him to and fro today really drained me out, plus taking him later out to meet my family for dinner in celebration of my dad’s birthday. When we came home, i nursed little boy who collapsed almost immediately into dreamland cos it was way past his bedtime and it’s been an active day. I went to dreamland together with him… and woke up 3 hours later!

Talking about the dinner, we went to Sakae Sushi and it was actually quite the perfect place for little boy’s dinner cos he loves rice and the food there is quite healthy too. Unfortunately he only took a few bites of rice, chawanmushi (didn’t like it much though), teppanyaki salmon, tofu and then he was too busy playing with my mum and sis to want to eat. I thought he wld be tired from the afternoon of play, but he was in a superbly good mood, coming up with all sorts of expressions (he’s very good at the squinty grin these days… example as shown below) and antics, and even wanting to explore the restaurant!



Luckily my sis simply adores him and wasn’t a glutton like us (haha), so she was willing to let him “walk” around. Which he did… he had fun travelling around while holding onto the chairs. A couple or more times, he even “visited” the other customers’ tables. Gee… hope we were not annoying the customers and staff too much. Wonder if anyone was shaking their heads at little boy’s acts and our indulgence! Hopefully not cos little boy is so cute? 😛

It seems like little boy is on the verge of learning how to walk. You can tell he is afraid to let go and walk on his own, but every now and then, he would let go of whatever he is holding onto, stand on his own, and a few times he would actually take a step. After that, he would either get stuck there or quickly hold onto something again. According to Mr Gua Gua, he has “walked” many times already. Don’t know if he was just exaggerating, which he does a lot, or if i’m really that unlucky to keep missing little boy’s very significant milestone. But at least tonight, i did see little boy take some of his mini steps… where he covered a very short distance WITHOUT holding onto anything. Yehhh… i’m so proud and excited for him! He’s definitely excited for himself too… i can sense his fear and thrill and excitement all inside him at the same time when he ventured those little steps. I think he’s physically ready but psychologically not. Even though i supported him very lightly under his arms, he was able to walk, albeit like a drunkard! Well… i’m definitely hoping that he wld learn to walk soon. Then we will all get respite for our aching arms!

Then again… knowing little boy, he would prob refused to be carried around anymore once he learns to walk. Perhaps i better cherish the present moments of still being able to carry him and enjoy them while i can! 🙂

Ok… i have been quite lazy in uploading my camera photos online so i just spent the last couple of nights doing it and there are 3 new albums on little boy’s photo album ( I have yet to put up the ones from the cruise, and of cos, today. So if you want to see even more photos of little boy, check in next week or so… i’ll try to catch up on the photos. Hee… afraid i’m not like other mummies who can put their lil ones’ pictures in every blog entry. The uploading is so tedious! So this entry is a rare feast for your eyes… hope you enjoy! 😛



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  1. Oh, little boy seems to have so much fun! I would oso like to engage my boy into these sort of gym activities when he is more mobile in future.

    Glad you found the place for Ian!

  2. Looks like he will be having lots of fun there. And at $2 a go it has to be the best value around. Congratulations of finding such a grat place.

  3. Thanks Karen and KH… i’m so thrilled by this wonderful discovery too. Hey KH, maybe when yr boy is older and you bring him there, we can meet up! Wld be fun for our boys to make friends too… 🙂

  4. Oh sure, I really look forward to the day and I also want my boy to be able to make friends and learn to be a sociable kid. Will let u know when he is ready 🙂

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