X is for X’mas

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As you can prob see, this was a rush job! 😛 But doesn’t lil boy look so cute here?


Q is for quack quack

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Journalling: When we were planning for our Europe adventure, one of the things to do was to feed the ducks in the park. It may be a very simple activity but Papa and Mummy did it when we were last in London, and we were looking forward to you being part of this experience. As you can see, this was the perfect day, and you were happily sitting in the sling and there were the ducks!

R is for red packets

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Journaling: This was your first  Chinese New Year and you’ve just received your first red packet from Yeye and Mak Mak. You probably didn;’t know that this red packet contains money, and you probably didn’t even know what money was. But you were happy with your red packet anyway!

This one took me hours! It was such hard work… sigh… think i need to surf around to get more inspiration for nice simple layouts!

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