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Little boy: 1

Mothers: 3

Months of hard work: 2

Times Mr Gua Gua offered to do the dishes so I can work on my scrapping: 8 or more (thanks Mr Gua Gua!)

Hours of sitting in front of the computer: Over 70

No. of downloads of scrapbooking freebies: Over 100 (thanks to all those wonderful, creative and generous scrapping designers out there!)

Estimated cost of printed layouts and scrapbooking albums: $120+++

Value of this mother’s day gift: PRICELESS

Presenting… the ABC Album!



Great GREAT satisfaction, to see it all together… ahh… i’m gonna have sweet dreams tonight!


Z is for zzz

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Yeh… my ABC album is complete!!! Yippee yeh yeh…. at loooonnnng last, after many many late nights.

No more scrapping for a while…at least not until my eyebags are gone and i have done some proper blogging to clear the backlog first.

Geez… i sure hope my mum and MIL wld like this pressie! 🙂

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