Happy Mother’s Day!

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Yesterday i met Mr Gua Gua before work at Bras Basah for lunch and to get the LOs printed. During the last recree of printing shops, the lowest price i could find for bulk printing of 70+ pieces (of cos i need to have my personal copy too, hence x 3) was $1.30 each, which would make it cost over a bomb of $100+! However that was a Saturday evening and only a few shops were open, whereas yesterday most were open. Mr Gua Gua pointed towards me the first printer shop we passed and i went in to check the price. Guess what? The lady quoted me $1.50 for each piece which is the standard price out there, but i asked her about 70+ pieces, and she then quoted me 80 cents. That’s almost half price!!! Without hesitation, i placed the order for i don’t think i wld find a better bargain, and she immediately printed 2 copies as sample for me to see. Then Mr Gua Gua and i went for lunch and 40 min later, i was happily holding my LOs in front of me, beautifully printed on glossy pages. What a thrill!

So it turns out that one set of ABC album including the album which i got on sale at Popular (only a small fraction of original cost!) is only about $30. Much less than my original estimate. Thank gdness for my and Mr Gua Gua’s wallet! For i was feeling quite broke this month… despite my promise to myself to have some savings this month, the figures in my bank account have been dropping at an alarming rate. Sigh, definitely need to start keeping a checkbook on my spending next month onwards.

Last night, just like many recent nights nights, i was so tired that i dropped off to sleep while nursing little boy, and couldn’t wake up so i ended up having a very early bedtime and also waking up very early. I fed little boy his milk, and then wondered what to do. Chores, reading (latest book: Einstein never used flash cards…. GREAT book!), or…. oh, i remembered the ABC albums, and after that, the choice seemed obvious.

I got the cutting tools out and of cos, little boy had to check out the penknife. I figured if i don’t want him to become obsessive about it, i better let him satisfy his curiosity for all he wants first. So i let him have a go at it, checking to see that he doesn’t know how to operate it, and then i managed to distract him with the scraps of plastic and paper. In the end, i was actually able to finish cutting my LOs and slotting them into the albums. Little boy was behaving really well. He did attempt to disturb me while i was cutting but as i didn’t pay attention to him, he prob figured that Mummy was really busy. So he entertained himself with the new wooden blocks i got for him (his current fave toy!) and the paper scraps from my work.

Lately he has been taught by my mum and father in law to throw things into the dustbin and i have seen him in action a few times. But i was still pleasantly surprised when i saw him taking one piece of paper scrap to the dustbin and throwing it in. After that, i kept encouraging him to help me throw the paper scraps into the bin and it was so cute to see him totter to the dustbin, throw the paper in, and totter back. He made at least 4 trips to and fro before he decided he wanted to play with something else. Hehe… i know at one stage of development, children would pass the stage of rebellion and want to please adults by coorporating and helping them i.e. become Mummy’s little helper. That’s the stage i was really looking forward to (i’m an advocate of child labour…haha!), but i sure didn’t expect it to come so soon! Hopefully little boy continues being so helpful and not make me eat my words one day. 😛

Well, thanks to little boy being so coorporative and undemanding of my attention this morning, though i did talk with him from time to time, i managed to complete the presents including my own album before breakfast this morning. Think i’ll just forget about the wrapping. Then there’s less waiting time for me to see my mum’s and MIL’s reactions when they see the album. Haha… i must admit, i’m really anticipating their positive expressions with much glee… so i sure hope they would enjoy flipping through the pages.

At least i did! Haha… 26 pages of hard work didn’t seem so many when i was flipping through them cos before i knew it, i had already flipped to the last page and wanted more! Then again, i didn’t spend a lot of time looking at each page since i already knew the content of the journalling, and i just wanted to get a feel of the mood of the pages. Turned out some related LOs were nicely put side by side, like P & Q were photos of Mr Gua Gua and me with little boy in London, which wasn’t something i planned. Well, i look forward to doing more scrapping and adding onto my album… though i wld have to wait until the next 20+ LOs before i do the printing to enjoy greater discounts.

So what’s the plan for Mother’s Day? Well, as i mentioned in my previous entry, there’s not 1 but 3 mothers here, so we had to celebrate Mother’s Day with the other 2 mothers, since one expects it, and we have to be fair to the other. Hehe… actually i received an invite from my other “son”, a friend from my NUS Buddhist Society, for an “all expenses paid whole family trip to Sentosa beach”. I don’t know who’s the kind sponsor, and it does sound really tempting since i have been thinking of taking little boy to the beach, and now that he can walk, it would be fun to show him off to my friends and let them play with him. Unfortunately, our day is already packed, with a dim sum lunch with Mr Gua Gua’s folks, and a trip to my mum’s house in the late afternoon after little boy’s nap, followed by an extended family dinner at my grandmother’s (ahhh… i forgot the 4th mother!) house. Hmm… i shld have asked if the offer can be extended for the next month, for i sure wldn’t mind taking little boy to the beach sometime soon. Anyway, if my “son” is reading, thanks again for the invite! 🙂

Today after work, i met up with Mr Gua Gua (yes it’s nice that we still have these opportunities to “date”) at TB plaza and we went to the baby shop to check out what they have. He bought me a new wallet as a Mother’s Day gift upon my insistence really…haha… i told him if he bought it for me, and it’s cheap btw, i would “let him off” for Mother’s Day! 😛

We also found the milk bottle with the attaching spoon that my neighbour told me abt. The milk actually travels directly through the spoon, make feeding much easier with less spills. However it would need some practice, like how much pressure to use to squeeze the bottle. Mr Gua Gua was trying it out later at home in front of me, and i received a generous squirt of water on my face! :/ Yup… definitely need to ask my mum and MIL to try it out with water first… though i guess the idea of little having milk squirted all over his face is kinda cute too, but nahh…. 😛

Last night we went for a very special outing – A Midsummer’s Night Dream play staged at Fort Canning Park! It’s the first time Mr Gua Gua and i attended a play staged outdoors (though we used to be regulars of Starlight Cinema which occurred at least 3 times a year… one of our first dates were at this event!), and it’s definitely the first time that we took little boy to an event that begins after his bedtime. It came about cos my sis got free tickets and i guess she thought we would enjoy it. I enjoy going for plays and musicals but as i wasn’t a Shakespearian lover, and i was pretty worried that little boy would be hard to handle, i decided to let Mr Gua Gua go with a friend instead. In the end, his friend couldn’t make it and we still went anyway.

Fortunately, little boy happened to take a nap only in the evening before dinner. It was as if he was planning for a fun night out! He was yawning a little during the play and on the way home, he almost fell asleep in the taxi, but it was a successful outing! He was so well-behaved, mostly sitting on my lap and pretty much entranced by the lights and actors, otherwise, playing with his toys. The little cakes that we brought along also helped to keep him happy, and managing him actually needed much less effort that i initially thought. I was expecting the night to be a great hassle, and i ended up really enjoying myself. Even though i didn’t understand what’s going on at all… haha…. the stage was too far away, and i could hear the words but couldn’t piece them together… not to mention, Shakespeare? Forget it… i still can’t appreciate it despite secondary school literature lessons. I wasn’t the only one btw; quite a number of pple actually left during the intermission. Ah well… i guess not all of us can appreciate Shakespeare, though this version is kinda modernised and there are some really humourous parts that i enjoyed even without knowing the story.

I guess what i really enjoyed was being with little boy and Mr Gua Gua in such an atmosphere. Mr Gua Gua and i loved Starlight Cinema… watching a movie with hundreds of others, sitting on the grass underneath the stars. So it’s wonderful to have little boy with us this time, and not having to end it prematurely cos little boy was being too difficult to handle. We did leave before the show ended cos we could see little boy was getting quite tired, but that was fine since we didn’t know what’s going on anyway. I was sharing with Mr Gua Gua my realisation during the event, that my standards for such events have really dropped. Before little boy, i would have considered it a waste of time and money if i didn’t understand the performance. Now, with little boy, i wld be happy just to be here, get to enjoy the whole atmosphere and not get kicked out cos little boy was being a nuisance….which he was far from being one last night.

In fact, i saw another daddy who seemed to be walking up and down with his girl who is older than little boy, and i was glad that little boy wasn’t giving us reasons to be needing to do the same. I was pretty tempted to offer that daddy and his girl a part of our very large groundsheet (big enough for us to lie down with our hands and legs spreaded out!) but Mr Gua Gua was adamantly against it. Guess he wanted us to have our own family world that night, and i must admit, it was very nice, at one point, with little boy sitting contentedly on my lap and Mr Gua Gua lying on his side next to me with his head on my shoulder. At other moments, i was lying down (decided i didn’t need to use up any more energy trying to understand the show!) and playing with little boy who was doing his usual rolling around. Hee… it was really great! Little boy has passed the challenge of behaving on a night outing with flying colours, so here’s to more of such outings in future!

Though i might say that one likely reason why he was being such a sweetie pie was maybe cos i was on course for 4 days this week, and was out early in the morning these days, so he definitely missed me more than a little, and i missed him too so it was a lovely opportunity to make up for all that during this outing. Yup, we were really in the mood for being close with each other and cuddling and all… a definite prerequisite to having a good time i suppose.

Well, it’s thanks to my sis (and indirectly, Mr Gua Gua’s friend for not being able to make it) that we had such a great time. Guess the 3 of us are all very lucky for having family who are always giving us things, tangible and intangible, that benefit us so. For all my constant need to have quality family-of-3 time, i can’t deny that a family of 3 needs the support of the extended family to be a happy family of 3. Indeed, it takes a village to raise a child.

And with that, i wish myself, my mother, MIL and their mothers, as well as all the mummies who are reading this, the mummies of those reading this…. and well, ALL the mummies out there, a wonderful Mother’s day… it takes great mothers to build a great nation, so kudos to all of us! 🙂


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