10 steps to raising your vibrations

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10 Steps To Raising Your Vibrations

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Tue May 8, 2007 5:25 pm (PST)

Raising your vibration is the only effective way to get to the life
you truly want to live. While you are emitting a low vibration or
frequency your life will never really be in harmony and you will
constantly live with an inner feeling of discontent. It is this life
of discontent that you put up with and accept that keeps you in a
state of low vibration. When you find the courage to do something
about your low quality of life and choose to make things better you
are on the right track to raising your vibration. Raising your
vibration comes down to many factors and listed below are 10 key steps
that will definitely help towards raising your vibration immediately.

1. Be mindful of your thoughts. It is imperative to keep a close eye
on the habitual thoughts that enter your head. It can be difficult at
first to be aware of the many thoughts that constantly bombard your
mind all day long but by beginning to notice unwelcome or negative
thoughts you can start to replace them with a positive thought you
already have preprogrammed in your mind. When I say preprogrammed I
mean you have a positive thought in your mind, a thought that you know
makes you happy, that you substitute in place of any negative thought
that comes into your mind. The key to this thought substitution is to
spend as much time thinking positive thoughts and less time thinking
negative thoughts. By spending more mental time in the positive, this
will help raise your vibration.

2. Only talk about what you want, not what you don’t want. If you are
looking for a new relationship, don’t say things like “I can never
find the right person for me”. If you talk like this, this is exactly
what you will get. You get what you say and think. Even if you haven’t
been too successful in finding the right person previously, it doesn’t
matter. Change your words and you will change your life and what you
get in your life. Instead say something like “I intend to find the
perfect person for me”. Have a confident expectancy that at any time
you could meet this person and you will exponentially increase your
chances of finding them. The same thing goes for money, don’t talk
about not having enough money, either don’t talk about it at all or
only talk positively about having money and as what you want comes to
you, this helps raise your vibration as you feel better about yourself.

3. Stay away from negative or pessimistic people. These types of
people are running a very low vibration and their low vibration can
have a negative impact on your vibration level. Instead of raising
your vibration you will lower it and this will bring about more events
residing on a low vibration, like problems, stress and worry.

4. Spend some time not thinking. Yes that’s right, stop thinking so
much. To do this I like to take a walk through the bush or away from
the city and the noise. Go to a place in the country if you can and
take a long walk, concentrating on your surroundings, keeping your
mind off your usual thoughts. This is a great way to clear your head
and also help raise your vibration. If you can’t get away, try
listening to some soothing music and avoid thinking by concentrating
on the sounds.

5. Join groups of like minded people. Spend time with people
interested in the same things you like and learn at the same time.
Before I started writing for my website I took a 3 months community
college course in Writing. Not only did I improve my writing I also
got to spend time with other people who shared a similar interest with
me. I always walked away from each class feeling positive about being
a writer and this had a positive effect on my vibration as it made me
feel good about myself.

6. Give away something you can afford each week. Give away your time,
some money to a charity you believe in or give away something you
don’t use anymore but may be useful to someone else. What you give is
what you get in life, so by giving you will receive in one way or
another. Help others and you will be helped. You have a profound
effect on raising your vibration when you help others as it makes you
feel good from the inside.

7. Be aware of your actions. Everything you do comes back to you in
some way so always be wary of how you treat others and how you act in
all situations. How you treat others is how you will be treated, by
doing the right thing by everyone you come into contact with will help
to raise your vibration as others continue to do the right thing by
you. Treating everyone well will attract positive people and
opportunities into your life.

8. Avoid the television, radio and media in general. It is especially
important to avoid all news programs as they do much more harm to your
vibration level than they do good. By watching TV you end up taking in
so much negative energy it becomes confusing to your subconscious mind
and some of that negative imagery and energy gets absorbed by your
subconscious and elevates a feeling of fear from within. Most of the
media works by fear mongering, they want to shock you into a state of
fear so you keep on watching and the more you watch the more addicted
you become. This has a disastrous impact on your vibration level.

9. Stay optimistic at all times. This can be difficult to do
especially when you are in a crisis but when you are in a crisis
situation, this is when it’s most important to stay positive. By
remaining positive you keep your vibration high and when you are
vibrating at a higher rate your problems will dissipate so much
quicker or you may find it was not really a problem at all. Positive
things and events are attracted to positive people. Surrounding
yourself with positive people is a great way to remain in a positive
state of mind.

10. Stay in touch with your feelings. This is the most important
factor in keeping your vibration level high. Your feelings are the
cosmic glue in regards to your entire life. When you are feeling good
about yourself only other things residing on the same good frequency
will be attracted into your life. Your level of vibration runs
parallel with your feelings, meaning you are in control of your life
and the events that come into your life at any given moment. If there
was one most important point in relation to raisaing your vibration it
would be to stay on top of your feelings and don’t allow yourself to
feel negative or pessimistic. The better you feel about yourself and
your life the higher you will raise your vibration.


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  1. I love it! I’m creating a blog all about this. Thank you for doing your part! It warms my heart!

  2. This information was inspiring, keep sharing

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  3. Thank you ♥

  4. Thank you so much for providing this information on how to raise one’s vibration. Your information was practical and exactly what I needed! :o)

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