At 14 months

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Dear little boy,

At my last count, you are 14 months (2 weeks more to being 15!) and it seems like you have covered so much ground already. Here’s all the things you can do now:

  • Keep things, like putting your shoes on the box where they are supposed to be (of cos Mummy had to remind you, but you obeyed which is really cool!), stacking the basins back under the kitchen sink after you were done playing with them… today in the living room, you were holding this little container which i think you got from the travelling toiletries drawer in the kitchen. I asked you to put it back inside the drawer, to see how much you might understand of this instruction. I was amazed when just after a few minutes of hesitation, you walked into the kitchen and went to open the right drawer. You had difficulty opening the drawer as you were holding the container in that same hand. All i had to do was to get you to transfer the container to the other hand, and you had no problem opening the drawer and putting the container inside. You then proceeded to take out one of the toothbrush kits (and i was like oh no, here we go again), but within the next minute, you put it back the drawer. When i asked you to close the drawer, you did. And before you could open the drawer and start the whole process again, i gave you a big thank you (which is also the cue for NO MORE), and then you reached out for my hand and we walked out to the living room together. Thank you for being such a coorporative little boy! I think there is definitely hope that you would become a neat and organised housekeeper whose tidying skills would put both Mummy and Papa to shame!
  • Talk! I have never been very good at keeping track of your verbal developments, but i believe i have heard you utter some words by now. Mostly the B ones, such as ball, bird, and today… bubbles (while you were taking your bath)! You also say mum-mum, whenever you are hungry or see one of us eating our adult food which always seem very tempting and delicious to you. Other than that, it’s still the eh eh eh, bow wow wow, and a whole myraid of sounds that always seem so melodious and pleasing to our ears. I don’t know if i will ever get tired of hearing you talk, though i have heard and watched other older kids seemingly drive their parents nuts with their endless questions and stories…. but you know what? Mummy’s job trains her to listen, so that’s one slight advantage i will have, and in any case, i don’t think i will ever have a problem listening to you… in fact, i’m looking forward to hearing all about your questions and insights about the world when you get older. My ears are at your service!
  • Playing games like hide-and-seek and catch, which are much more fun now that you can walk, and very quickly at that. You just love the suspense of finding Mummy behind the pillow or the door, and i love to see your face light up with the hugest grin. Wish i can catch a photo of it and scrap it or something, but of cos, i wld be having too much fun playing with you to grab the camera. Anyway, these are the moments which will hopefully be captured in my mind forever (with a memory like a senile goldfish, i do cross my fingers and hope so!). As for catch, i didn’t know you could play catch until i saw Popo playing it with you on the bed, and you were having the wildest time! Popo would pretend to come towards you around the bed, and you leaped from corner to corner, doing a fantastic job of getting away from her. The next day, i tot i would try playing it with you in the living room. You were on the other side, and the moment you saw Mummy pretending to run towards you, you sprang into action. Except that instead of running away, you ran TOWARDS me as well, so we ended up meeting each other halfway in the living room. Haha…. i thought you didn’t get it, so i tried again, and again you ran towards me. Hmm… maybe this was some kind of bullfighting game? And it turned out to be fun anyway!
  • Actually using your toys. Hehe… you know how toys these days come with a certain purpose and you gotta use it in a certain way? Well, Mummy and Papa had to buy you some of them (we cldn’t help it, they are everywhere!), and these days you are actually learning to use them. E.g. fitting blocks into matching holes (you are getting good at the circles and still working on the squares which you can do most of the time with some help), drawing on your magnetic pad and using the erase function (you seem to love doodling and you’re a wonderful doodler too!), stacking blocks /empty cans. Of cos, most of the time you enjoy just fitting random things together, as well as filling and emptying stuff… and it seems like you don’t need toys for that? So maybe Papa and Mummy really shld resist the urge to buy you toys whenever we are in a toy store…
  • Throwing stuff… hehe… which i am pretty pleased about, though not Papa! Nowadays you understand the instruction “throw dustbin”, and there are times when you seem to decide for yourself that something is junk and belongs to the dust bin. The other day, you even threw away a stack of paper that Papa tied up together for you to doodle on. Actually to me, that can constitute as rubbish too. Not Papa though. He retrieved it with horror, bemoaning the fact that you are throwing away things like these. Hehe… well, little boy, let’s work hand in hand and declutter the house one of these days! ;P
  • Getting down from the bed without a single peep. The other night you were not interested in sleeping so Mummy went to the kitchen to do some stuff. Of cos, i expected that you would come down from the bed, though i was hoping you would kinda just sit there and wait for me. All was quiet, so i thought perhaps you did the latter. But few moments later, i was shocked when i turned my head round, and there you were right behind me. Papa is always saying that you can be a ninja, since you are small in frame and very agile. Yup, now we can add “silent and swift” to the list of qualities that wld make you a good ninja!
  • STILL giving everyone a hard time during mealtimes and milk times. Sigh… you seem to be getting tired of your breakfast cereals. The other day Mummy really lost patience with you at breakfast, and you just argued back, probably complaining how boring the food is and all! Once Mak Mak managed to trick you into finishing your breakfast by putting one xiaomantou (one of your fave snacks) on each spoon. Unfortunately, it only worked one more time and then you wised up to it, only giving looks of disdain for further attempts. Sigh… Mummy specially spent the whole morning today making applesauce and pumpkin bread so that you can have something new for breakfast. You eagerly had the first spoonfuls of applesauce mixed with your regular cereal. Then it was back to trickery and lots of sighing from Mummy. You had the pumpkin bread tonight before bedtime and you seemed to enjoy it, so hopefully it will still sit well with you for breakfast tomorrow. Milk is another frustrating affair. You drink barely 6 oz of formula milk everyday, and while i’m thankful that you still like to nurse, i know that i’m not producing much so i wonder if you are taking in enough milk. Do we need to resort to Milo and flavoured milk? Papa said he only drank strawberry milk when he was young, so even up till now, he loves to drink strawberry milk tea (yes, that’s something more for the adults!). Hmm… wonder if you take after Papa in this aspect too. Sigh…. it’s amazing how you have all this endless energy with the little amt of food/milk you take, but of cos, i guess that’s why you are not putting on much weight. Obviously, you are not going to have any OVERweight issues when you are older… but for now, i’m still going to fret over your slow weight gain and fussiness at meals. Guess that’s how all mummies in the world are like… just don’t mind me. I’m sure you know what’s best for you!  
  • You obviously know a lot of things and i won’t try to list down all the items which i can see that you recognise. Then again, maybe i shall… you know banana, star, ball, car, leaf, drawer, shoes, orange, light, button, fan, Mickey Mouse, horse, cow, flower, chair, cai shen ye (God of fortune), keys, door, bubbles, water, toes, leg, bottle, milk, 1 to 5, book, biscuits, rice, cup. Hmm… these are all i can think of for now but i’m certain you know more. The experts say that whatever we think that babies know, they prob know twice as much, even more. Geez… wonder how much not-so-nice things have you already heard Mummy say… wish you don’t hear or understand or learn them, but i know you can’t help it, so Mummy just gotta try harder at being more careful abt what comes out her mouth. Papa too! (Papa especially… since he actually seems to hope that you will learn some coarse language “like a man”…. hmph!) 

Well… Mummy is really not very good at keeping track of all your little developments, so i might have forgot to mention some in this list. I wonder if by the time you read this, you would wonder how come i’m even writing abt it cos it seems all so easy-peasy to you and not a big deal at all. It’s ok, you prob would never understand what a big deal it really is, until you have your own little boy or girl one day. Just know that you, and all the new things you do every day, make me so proud of you even though i try not to show it too much cos i want you to feel proud of your own abilities and not because you know Mummy is proud of you.

I do see you taking pride in your accomplishments. When you achieve your goal, you smile happily to yourself, and you don’t bother to look up to see who is watching or listen out for applause. And that’s exactly what I had hoped for you. To work towards your goals, not for praise or recognition or external rewards, but to satisfy your own need for meaning and fulfillment. I hope you will have a happier life than others this way. Cos if you are happy, you will be better able to help others. I think it’s as simple as that. But I will leave it to you to experience for yourself and decide if it’s true.

For now, i will continue to enjoy watching you learn new things and experience the joy and satisfaction you get from the process, and i hope my presence will never be interfering or intruding, but always positive and nurturing, so that i can provide you with the best possible environment to learn in. Of cos, when you have learnt to talk, i will teach you to tell me to buzz off (hopefully in more polite terms!) whenever you need your own personal space (hopefully not too soon and not too often!). As for now, i will just stay by the sidelines as much as possible, and you show me when you would like my company and help. When it comes to play and explore and learn, you can take the lead. As long as nothing gets broken!

Keep on learning and loving the learning my boy!

Love you lots and lots,



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