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The story of how Mr Gua Gua got yet another nickname Papapi is pretty simple. Mr Gua Gua was always being the wet blanket in stopping little boy from doing anything (from the dangerous to the totally harmless), and one of these days, little boy was muttering Papapi. I caught that and repeated it with an emphasis on the last syllable so it became Papa PIIII (censored for vulgar baby language!).

We both tot it was hilarious and Mr Gua Gua is one of those pple who turn a simple joke into a longstanding thingy via self-labelling and feigned irritation, so the nick stuck and Mr Gua Gua has become Papapi. (oh, just in case you are wondering, Mr Gua Gua and his sisters have similarly weird nicknames for THEIR parents too… :P)

And for this week, Mon-Fri, Papapi has been away from home as he had a workshop in KL to attend. We were initially playing with the idea of having me and little boy come along since it’s at Sunway Lagoon and we thought perhaps I could take little boy there for some fun. But due to various factors, the plan fell through so for 5 days, it was going to be just me and little boy alone at home.

Not surprisingly, Mr Gua Gua and his folks were more worried about it than i am. Again, there was talk about his mum wanting to come up and stay overnight (yikes!), and his mum was even trying to convince me and my mum to have my mum come over and stay overnight, or me going to my mum’s place to stay. Anything but for me to be alone with little boy at home at night.

To me, it was all a little strange. It’s not like we live in a dangerous neighbourhood (or country for that matter!), and i am quite comfortable with being by myself at night. Once little boy goes to bed, i wld be happily doing my own stuff, and even when Mr Gua Gua is around, sometimes he comes at 10+ so i wld be kinda alone too. The fact is i enjoy being alone more than being with others. Mr Gua Gua is the only person that i can feel totally comfortable with (of cos that’s why i married him!), and even so, i enjoy the solitude that i have at night (and my TV programs!) before Mr Gua Gua gets back from work. So to even have the idea of my MIL coming up to stay with me freaks me out completely. Appreciate the good intentions but no thank you!

Fortunately his parents didn’t insist, and neither did my mum. And i’m still surviving up till Day 4. Gotta admit, i wasn’t looking forward to this week and on Mon morn, i was feeling just a lil grumpy. Luckily i had work to distract me, and it was gd that Tue i had to attend a full-day course, cos if i were to be at home taking care of little boy instead, i think i might be kinda sad not to have another person to talk to at the end of the day. So it’s thanks to work, the week actually passed quite quickly.

As for little boy, we explained to him about Papapi’s upcoming long absence and i think he kinda understood it cos on Mon morn, he was extra clingy with Mr GuaGua and actually let him hug him before Mr Gua Gua left, when usually he would pull away not wanting to be hugged. Other than that, he was fine. After all, little boy doesn’t really get to see Mr Gua Gua much on weekdays, except for a couple of hours in the morning, and sometimes at night if he wakes up and doesn’t want to go back to bed.

Don’t think he really notice Papapi’s absence on Tuesday, cos he prob assumed he left work early like how i sometimes leave for work before hewakes up. Wednesday, on the other hand, upon waking up, little boy was looking over at Mr Gua Gua’s side of the bed, and then peered into the living room, as if he was looking for him.

Today, Mr Gua Gua called home in the afternoon and apparently, little boy snatched the phone away from my MIL and held it against his ear for a very long time, making chattering noises. That’s a first! For usually whenever anyone wants to talk to him on the phone, he would simply ignore our attempts to put the phone next to the ear and go away to do other stuff. So i guess he does miss his Papapi after all…

Well, so do i! I am fine with spending my evenings alone with books, TV and internet to occupy me, and frankly, Mr Gua Gua does drive me up the wall sometimes. On the other hand, i also miss our chats and the laughs and crapping. As they say, you gotta have the rain if you want the rainbows! And i can’t deny that Mr Gua Gua does bring a lot of sunshine into my life. 🙂

Oh well, as i was telling little boy tonight before bedtime, Papapi comes back Friday, which is tomorrow, and which is not a long time away! So we are going to see Papapi soon… 🙂  And i hear from him that he bought lots of pressies for little boy, and i got some pressie too… yeh! Well, i also made use of his absence to get some “stuff” for him with his birthday coming up next Sat. Whew… it’s always a bit of a pressure getting pressies for Mr Gua Gua, since it has to be more than one (somehow we had a tradition of getting a few pressies for each other at each occasion), and it has to be frog-related OR at least cute, and i insist that there must be some practical purpose as well since there are enough impractical things at home already. Of cos, Mr Gua Gua loves impractical stuff, so that last criteria was really for me. 😛 But i’m quite satisfied with the gifts i got him this time round… all the criteria was fulfilled, and i think he would be pleased. More about this after next Sat!

Well, as uneventful and smooth the past 4 days without Papapi have been, i do look forward to his return tomorrow. Cya soon Mr Gua Gua! 😛


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