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Vesak was surprisingly fun for me. Last year i missed it cos little boy was too small to be taken out and i had to stay by his side since i was exclusively breastfeeding him. Mr Gua Gua did his own temple visit and it was only in the evening when the 3 of us went to a nearby void deck where there was a mini Vesak celebration set up by some temple. A bit of an anti-climax for me after all those years of elaborate celebrations and plans from NUSBS.

This year, little boy is one year older so we planned to take him for a special temple tour, specifically Singapore Buddhist Lodge, Amitabha Buddhist Centre and Wat Ananda, which were all Mr Gua Gua’s ideas, and it was actually a coincidence that these places covered all 3 traditions of Buddhism. Unfortunately, little boy didn’t take his morning nap that day, so we could only take him to SBL for a quick visit where he was very fascinated by all the golden statues of the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and arhats and kept on going eh-eh-eh. Of cos, he attempted to scramble out of my arms so he could make his own exploration which is impossible given the exceedingly huge no. of pple there. In the end, since it was getting close to his lunch time, we quickly made some offerings, bathing of the Buddha and then went to Mr Gua Gua’s parents’ house to drop little boy there.

As usual, little boy was so excited upon arriving at his Mak Mak and Yeye’s house that when we bade farewell to him, he waved back and then quickly proceeded to do his own stuff. To be honest, i was both relieved and reluctant to leave little boy there instead of taking him out with us on our Vesak temple visit. Relieved cos it’s so much relaxing for us without a fussy or restless little boy on our hands. Reluctant cos i felt a bit guilty that we were almost deserting little boy to have our own fun, which Mr Gua Gua and i are doing much more than once in a blue moon.

Ah well, at least little boy seemed to be having his own fun as well with his grandparents and aunt. Thank gdness he’s so close to them that he hardly looked at us when we were leaving the door, so that made me feel less guilty, haha! Well, for the rest of the day, it felt like we were back in our single days again. It was relaxing and carefree and fun, and hey, we didn’t spend ALL our time just talking abt little boy! Even though Mr Gua Gua and i have our regular dates thanks to our parents’ help with little boy, Vesak seemed extra special and enjoyable. Then again, since Mr Gua Gua and i first knew each other in a Buddhist retreat just after Vesak and our relationship is built upon our strong inclinations towards Buddhism, i guess Vesak kinda reminds me of the uniqueness of our relationship, that i prob won’t have with other guys.

Sigh, Vesak also reminded me of how, as my friend put it for himself, my “holiness” has gone down since my NUSBS days. In an almost ironically amusing way, i was actually more interested in what delicious free vegetarian delights i may find at each destination than the actual Buddhistic activities held there. Since I was just as greedy in my NUSBS days, this brought to mind the retreats i used to attend, where i wld sometimes spend my meditation sessions daydreaming about the next meal. 😛

Unfortunately, it turned out that SBL was so crowded that the food ran out by the time we arrived. In the end, Mr Gua Gua and i had our lunch at this vegetarian food stall near our place which we used to hang out quite frequently. And when we went to PKS expecting to find dinner there, we found the canteen didn’t have food. Oh well… so much for my hopes of getting free vegetarian food! But i did manage to satisfy my food whims at Wat Ananda where they had some beehoon and at ABC where they were selling food to raise money for a nunnery, and mmmm… the vegetarian dumpling was packed full of yummy ingredients. If not for my limited budget, i wld have tried the mushroom pie as well. I wonder how come little boy is not a food lover like his mummy and papa….

I did forget that Vesak is usually a day of spending. Not in a materialistic way though… more in terms of doing dana and buying Buddhist products. I had so limited budget this year and i really didn’t make much dana, and i only bought a little froggie thingy cos Mr Gua  Gua insisted that i did. :/ Mr Gua Gua even sponsored me to do a Tara offering, so i guess it’s my gd karma that despite my meagre resources, i can still have the chance to make merit thanks to Mr Gua Gua. Of cos, not all merit has to be made in a monetary way. I was quite excited to have the opportunity to copy some sutras at ABC, and that’s completely free. Being the book-minded me, copying sutras is quite my thing, so i’m glad that ABC had this activity which they didn’t have in previous years.

It was past 8 pm when we finally completed our little temple tour and went back to Mr Gua Gua’s parents’ place. And guess what? Little boy didn’t sleep for the entire day and finally concussed in the evening so we arrived to find him sleeping, and he hasn’t even had his dinner yet. Well, so hadn’t we, since PKS didn’t offer any dinner, so we went back to the vegetarian food stall and had a very satisfying zhu chao there. On the way back, i was really feeling guilty abt not having brought little boy along during our Vesak trip. Didn’t help that i saw so many babies both younger and older than little boy, making me wish that we had done the same. Sigh… we are such lazy parents. But on the other hand, those children we saw seemed to be strangely well-behaved and contented to be in their parents’ arms, or holding their hands. Of cos, we also noticed that some were being taken care of by the maid, leaving the parents more free to do their own stuff. So we concluded that first, the naughty children (like little boy!) were not taken along to such events either, and second, having a maid sure makes a difference! Then again, these are prob justification for not taking little boy out… think next Vesak, we really must make the effort to have little boy share our experience with us. Hopefully he would be more willing to coorporate with us then.


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  1. great entry! happy vesak, dear!

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