Fun with Aunty Cindee and Uncle Santo

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For the first time in many many days, little boy is asleep at 8 pm sharp. Bedtime has been a bit like the old days where i actually spend 1.5 – 2 h trying to get little boy to sleep. Today, thanks to a super short nap today and a wild time at Botanic Gardens, i’m able to come to the computer at this hour. Actually i’m quite beat from today as well and wanted to take a nap next to little boy. But the moment i closed my eyes, moments from our Botanic Gardens outing kept popping into my mind making me smile, so i cldn’t help but get up and do some blogging to clear my mind a bit!

It’s been a while since i took little boy to Botanic Gardens, and since Aunt Cindee and Uncle Santo (haha, not jie jie and kor kor ah!) wanted to come visit little boy, i suggested meeting up at Botanic Gardens since it’s a gd place to run abt and enjoy Mother Nature at the same time.

Aunt Cindee and Uncle Santo were such terrific playmates for little boy! Well initially they were being a bit of a nuisance (hiak hiak) cos they kept blocking little boy when he wanted to run about. Reminded me of how i used to “play” with ants that way in my younger days. But little boy was enjoying himself all the same with a super huge grin on his face. Later they played ball with him (or rather, throwing the ball in front of little boy trying to get him to kick), chased him ard, and basically being his bodyguards as he ran all over the place.

And cos lucky Mummy knew he was in good hands, she was lazily lying on the groundsheet just watching the fun. Haha! So poor Aunty Cindee and Uncle Wilsanto did all the work and the 3 of them worked up quite a sweat. Thx for the babysitting (running) ah, both of you!

It so happened that there was a small mothers’ grp nearby with 3 young toddlers. 2 of them were actually born on Mar 10 and 13, just days away from little boy! They were mixed blood and SO adorable. Both of them were super duper friendly and their physical skills seemed much more developed, with their movements fluid and much quicker than little boy. Compared to them, little boy seems more wobbly and slow. Wonder if it’s nature or nurture. Maybe i shld bring little boy outdoors more often to let him do some good running. Then again, by the time they came, little boy had already been running about for at least half an hour, so perhaps can’t compare very well.

It’s a pity that i forgot to check my camera batt before going out so my batt was flat and i didn’t take a single photo. Uncle Santo was snapping away the whole afternoon though. Hope he sends me some cute ones! Anyway it’s a blessing in disguise that i cldn’t use my camera, cos the preoccupation of trying to take nice shots can take you away from simply enjoying the moment, so i got to really relax and enjoy watching the fun. Still, i hope Uncle Santo sends me some cute shots! Yes I hope Uncle Santo sends me some cute shots! (ahem… Uncle Santo, get the hint?)

To prevent my entry from becoming super long-winded and ranting, here are the unforgettable, hilarious moments from today that kept popping into my mind just now:

  • Aunt Cindee and Uncle Santo trying to block little boy so that he cannot go too far
  • Little boy pushing the stroller by himself to far far away and not bringing it back (so Uncle Santo had to push it back for him :P)
  • The little girl with beautiful blue eyes waving at us with her whole arm up in the air while giving us a big toothy grin (hmm… little boy never waved that way… he only knew how to wave from wrist onwards)
  • Little boy taking Uncle Santo’s snack and giving it to the little girl (smart way to get a girl’s attention i must say)
  • Later, the little girl walking towards little boy and giving him an empty sweet wrapper (awww….)
  • Another little boy of little boy’s age who was munching away on his finger snack came towards little boy and letting him have a nibble (awww… how come these kids are so sociable!). It must have been good cos little boy chased him, wanting more. The other little boy then took a big bite, leaving just a small piece left (must be afraid that little boy is gonna finish his food), and he put it into little boy’s mouth. Unfortunately, he removed it too quickly and little boy only got to have a lick.
  • Uncle Santo playing Bollywood-style hide-and-seek with little boy with Mummy as the coconut tree
  • Little boy drinking from his cup and Uncle Santo and Aunty Cindee deciding to make it a drinking party by getting their bottles out and drinking as well
  • Little boy in my arms and me swooshing him towards Uncle Santo who is coming towards him in gorilla-posture so little boy would try to duck with lots and lots of giggles (this made him laugh so much that we did it over and over again)
  • Me giving little boy the 1-2-3: swinging him from between my legs to high up in the air 3 times while counting 1, 2, 3, with someone ready to catch him on the last count – in this session, Uncle Santo is the catcher
  • Little boy wanting to play the little girl who was holding a yellow balloon, so he chased after her (who prob didn’t even realise he was behind her), and when he failed to catch up with her, he gave a frustrated cry (hehe, gotta practice more at chasing girls my boy!)
  • Little boy obligingly giving Uncle Santo and Aunty Cindee a few “mi1 mi1 yan3” in the taxi
  • Little boy being very obedient in listening to Mummy’s orders in the taxi to “piak piak” Uncle Santo’s head which was conveniently right in front
  • Little boy, when told by naughty Mummy, to poke Aunty Cindee’s nostrils, poked his own instead (hmm, didn’t even know he wld understand what i said)
  • Little boy giving Uncle Santo and Aunty Cindee farewell headbutts

Ahh… i think there are more, but Mr Gua Gua gotta use the comp soon. Anyway, it’s been a great day… Aunty Cindee and Uncle Santo never fails to make me laugh with their attempts to play and/or entertain little boy, and i think little boy had a blast of a time with their company. Here’s to more future Botanic Gardens (and other) outings with them!

PS: To Aunty Cindee and Uncle Santo, i hope that after reading this entry, you wld be more used to getting called Aunty and Uncle…. hahaha…. anywayz, thanks for today!

Breaking the ice

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It turns out that yesterday’s incident is really a blessing in disguise – twice fold. First, i realised what a superb bunch my colleagues are. All 3 who came to console me also made attempts to get me to sympathise with my cd, when previous colleagues wld prob just add oil to fire and badmouth her. I’m so lucky to have such compassionate and wise colleagues.

Second, after losing my cool for the first time in front of my cd, i suddenly feel like i have regained my power. For a long time, i have been so afraid of saying the wrong things and getting into my cd and ca’s bad books or receiving negative judgments from them that i hardly dared to speak my mind and just bottle up everything inside me. Now i feel like i i been set free. No longer am i afraid of displeasing my cd after what happened, and neither am i so concerned about receiving her gd opinion. While yesterday’s incident was nerve-wrecking, it also felt liberating and empowering to be able to say what i think without worrying about whether the other party likes to hear it or not. Finally, i feel like i’m equal terms with my cd, in the sense that we are both imperfect flawed human beings with the same right to self-expression and fulfillment. Knowing this makes me feel this great sense of power and identity. Cool!

During today’s supervision, there were still moments when i feel resentment towards my cd, but i kept Green Tara and my colleague’s advice to send her love and forgiveness in my mind. Somehow, i managed to behave as if nothing has happened, and be able to look her in the eye without feeling any form of negativity. After all, i still respect her view, though i definitely don’t always agree with them. It’s the same with my ca too. Both of them are kinda in cahoots (always thought this word was very cute… car-hoots?), and sometimes it pisses me like **** to see their dynamics affecting our supervision in not always a very healthy way. And they, being psychologists, while my background is in social work, i always found that our approaches to counselling was vastly different. So i have conceded to just taking whatever i find is useful, and taking the rest with a pinch of salt (hoping that they won’t find out!).

Usually during supervision i wld be kinda nervous cos they like to bombard with all kinds of queries and challenges (which honestly, while useful at times, at other times, can be pretty nitpicking and useless in actual practice) and i always try to give them the answer tt i think they want. Today i just presented my case without worrying too much abt them, and for the first time, i challenged them back when they asked me certain things. Ok, maybe i cld have been a little defensive at times, but at least i made it clear that there are reasons for how i approached the case in a certain way, or otherwise, they would just assume that i didn’t do a gd job.

Ah well, unfortunately they are not the kind of pple who like to be challenged back i think, and anyway, it’s really unnecessary for me to convince them about my preferred counselling style cos we come from totally different disciplines. So i’ll just stick to my philosophy of learning whatever i can from them, and just shrug away the rest. They prob feel my attitude is kinda cocky, and perhaps i am to some extent, but i know that there are social work/counselling supervisors out there who wld be able to accept my way of doing things, and i don’t think it’s just ego that makes me feel that i’m doing certain things right. Well, telling myself it’s ok, cos we can’t always meet like-minded pple in our life, and it’s too bad if they happen to be your bosses, but like everything else, i can take it as a challenge and learn to be a better person cos of it.

I won’t be surprised if my cd doesn’t like me from this day onwards. Hehe… i’m perfectly ok, cos i see how she loads work onto those whom she likes. Actually i still kinda like her, cos she can be very nice at times, and i also admire her superb organisational and leadership skills. Hehe, if i can just be a little egoistic, i wld say that if i can learn the good qualities from her and combine with my own good qualities, 10 yrs down the road, i wld prob be one heck of a boss myself! Mr Gua Gua is always egging me on to be the centre manager… for some strannnnnge reason!

Anyway, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise since i was able to reclaim my power and confidence cos of it. Maybe the colleague who said that the incident cld have helped me clear lots of karma actually got it right.

Then again, i hope that by being more true to myself from now on will not make me a less popular person, since sometimes truth hurts? But i guess with the help of Mr Gua Gua’s amulet, Green Tara, and of cos, much tact and sincerity and compassion, truth wld always win out in the end.

Knock knock!

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Been a long time since i last scrapped, since i completed my Mother’s Day gift. Partly busy, partly lazy, and my motivation to do it today? Great inspiring layouts from fellow mummy bloggers like KH and mom2ashley! This photo was taken at my dad’s birthday and little boy was in such a cheeky mood, doing his sideways grin and headbutting. This photo is definitely one of the cutest ones i’ve got!

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