A little goes a long way

June 9, 2007 at 11:47 pm | Posted in Scrapbooking | 2 Comments

Journalling: Since you loved playing with water so much, we thought you would really enjoy hanging out at the pool. Who knows, you freaked out the moment you entered the water and  you clung on to Papa for dear life! Guess what? You were much happier just playing with the tap next to the pool!

Took me a lot of playing ard to get this LO, and i finally achieved this style which i often see in other LOs and find really asthestically pleasing and effective. Guess it will take me more practice to be able to come up with such LOs without going through a lot of trial and error first (which also means spending hours in front of the comp and Mr Gua Gua doesn’t get to use it!). Hmm.. maybe my title for this LO shld also be applied to my scrapbooking methods. Less is often more!

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