Hui2 niang2 jia1

June 13, 2007 at 10:03 pm | Posted in All about little boy | 4 Comments

2nd day of staying at my old place, and so far so gd. Little boy shows no sign of missing home. In fact yesterday right from the moment we arrived in the late afternoon, he was busy exploring the whole house, walking from one room to another, climbing every sofa, chair and bed available. He had a late 2.5 hour nap and usually that wld mean that i wld have much difficulty getting him to sleep before 9.30 pm (and 8 is his bedtime), but surprisingly, he conked off to sleep just after 9 pm which is not too bad, thanks to his non-stop explorations. I’m not sure exactly what time it was cos i fell asleep too. Well, guess the packing and moving kinda tired me out. Luckily we didn’t have to bring more stuff cos my mum bought the diapers and little boy’s soap, and she handwashes clothes so i didn’t need to bring too many of little boy’s clothes and diaper cloths.

Little boy had a really gd sleep last night. I initially had trouble sleeping cos the pillows were too hard so i ended up just lying flat on the bed and managed to get a gd night’s sleep. This morning, little boy woke up when my mum came in mopping the floor. After a few secs of rubbing his eyes and coming back from dreamland, he saw my mum and immediately wanted to be carried, without as much as even a glance at me. Geez… what a huge difference from the mornings at home when he would be hitting and rolling over me in attempts to wake me up. Then again, i shldn’t complain rite… hehe… in fact i felt strangely free today since my mum helped to cook little boy’s porridge and entertaining little boy was shared by my mum and sis. For the first time in a long time, i was able to laze on the couch reading a magazine and even watching a Mandarin documentary abt “naughty” kids that my mum taped for me. Ahh… sure brings me back to the ol days when everything was done for me! 🙂

Little boy is adapting to his Popo’s place much better than i expected. He didn’t even cry after waking up from his nap when i have already gone to work. Of cos, when i came back, he was glad to see me and wanted to be carried immediately, and later when i went to take a shower, he cried cos he wasn’t allowed into the bathroom. But other than that, he was just happily climbing up and down the sofas and beds, opening and closing the bed headboard (which he learnt after watching my mum do it once), etc. I guess my mum’s place is much bigger and more spacious than ours, so he really has lots of space to roam about and play catch, or hide-and-seek.

Lately he has this funny way of walking with his back bent over and his hands crossed at the back, just like a little old man. My FIL walks that way so i wonder if he learnt it from him!

The troublesome part is mealtimes, cos he refuses to sit in the highchair and will stand up and then turn his back towards me, which makes it very frustrating cos i have to dance ard the chair trying to get the spoonful of food into his mouth! It’s not like the wooden chair at home where i can turn the chair to get him to face me, and it’s also a more comfortable level for me to feed him too. Luckily my mum is the one feeding him most of the time since i have to go to work, and she has her own special (but super tiring!) method of feeding him while carrying him and trying to distract him with anything in the house. It works, but i think only she has the strength and stamina to do such things. Whew!

Alrite… dunno if Mr Gua Gua wld get to read this at work, but if he is, hope you’re feeling better and all’s good over there. We are doing fine, and we both miss you! Take care… and love you lots! 🙂

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