Make a difference… with Connection

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I’m lazy to read my emails properly these days, but this one somehow caught my attention, and guess what? The message really spoke to me. Especially the part at the end abt the old saying. I guess the universe must have been finding ways to tell me what i need to know in order to move on to the next level… thanks for finally getting through to me!

excerpt from: Make A Difference Gift Book

Make A Difference …with Connection

Within every one of us is a still small voice. It’s a spiritual connection that cannot be seen or touched. Yet we have a way to verify invisible things by utilizing a faculty more powerful and reliable than the five senses of consciousness. We are touched by each other’s stories. When we are touched, we access compassion. Compassion is our truest nature and our purest connection to Spirit.

This connection never causes harm to one’s self or to others.

Very simply put, spiritual connection is a sense of something greater than the self. It can be God, nature, the cosmos, a social cause, or the sea of humanity. A psychological sense of spirituality is a feeling of union and transcendence, motivated by compassion, awe, peace or joy. This remarkable connection is related in a story my husband shared with me, about his first conscious experience with the spirit of compassion in the work environment.

“A disgruntled employee had set our building on fire, and it burned hot enough to melt the computers and phones on everyone’s desk in my accounting department at the small trucking company where I was controller. Within eight hours, we had phones and dispatch computers back up and running in the shop building, but the next three months were chaotic as everything in the fire-damaged area was torn down and rebuilt in record time.

“The owner of the company, an achievement-driven former truck driver demanded excellence from everyone – and was sure to let you know it if you fell short on anything. I was stressed beyond imagination, having worked seven days a week for three months, managing the computer systems’ reconstruction crisis and the rebuilding. The owner was even more stressed, feeling his life’s work threatened.

“Shortly before we moved back into the new building, he called me upstairs to his office. As I saw the outburst coming – it was a regular occurrence – I tensed my whole body and clenched my jaw, not to fight back, but to withstand the verbal assault. He met me at the door, red-faced, and threatened to throw me back down the stairs. Shoving a packet of receipts in my face, he bellowed that I had failed to pay his personal American Express bill that month.

“In the instant that he threw the bills at me, it was as if time had slowed down. I raised my arm and grabbed them out of the air before they hit me. The owner continued his verbal assault, inches from my face, but I didn’t hear it. I realized immediately that I had reverted to the state of ‘suspended animation’ that I had used as a child, in self-defense against my father during his frequent verbal attacks.

“I had done years of therapy work on my ‘father issues’ and had come to love him, knowing that he was terribly stressed, abused and pressured by his own father. In that moment, I saw my boss in the same loving light. I almost smiled, but suppressed it, knowing that he would misinterpret it as smugness or defiance.

“Would I call it ‘compassion’? I hadn’t thought of it that way at the time, but that is what it was. Compassion for my boss, for my father, and for myself. I was consciously aware that I felt something bigger than myself, a spiritual connection to all humanity. In this state of heightened awareness, it was easy – in fact, effortless – not to internalize the shame he was heaping on me. I instantly knew that missing the payment was both understandable and trivial in the circumstances; and I knew that both he and I were stretched beyond our limits.

“Then the most amazing thing happened. Instead of ending his ranting with the usual epithets and degrading remarks about my lack of performance, he started stuttering and sputtering. He seemed unable to continue with his tirade. I think he saw in my eyes the compassion I felt for him in that moment, and he was completely disarmed. He mumbled a dismissal, and I went down the stairs with a new view of the scene before me. I had a ‘knowing’ that it would not be long before I was working somewhere else. I had a sense of compassion as well for the many employees I would be leaving behind in this oppressive environment.

“We never talked about that incident after that, but I felt a shift in our relationship. He was still a tough boss, but he stopped intervening directly with my staff (something I had objected to in the past) but came to me instead. While he was no less tolerant of errors than before, he seldom raised his voice against me.

“Within a few months, we mutually agreed to part company. I had been wanting out of accounting for many years, but felt stuck there. Within a short time, I was in a different job doing what I truly loved, managing customer service and systems design at a computer software company, working for a group of creative, inspired professionals.

“There’s an old saying that we don’t get to move on to the next levels in life until we have total peace with our current situation.”

Compassion is not about complacency as you take action. We are all Angels for each other so we can reconcile what we came here to be.

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Happy day

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Journaling: For you, who have just learnt to walk, nothing can be better than having lots of space and the freedom to run as much as you want. I think you must have ran what was the equivalent to an adult’s marathon today – and you could barely be stopped. What a supreme adventure it must have been for you to travel so much on your own today without anyone to stand in your way…

These photos were taken early this month when we went to Marina Square. It was so cute to see little boy running… waddling rather, like a little penguin. Several pple were giving him amused glances. He kept holding his arms out in the air, like trying to keep his balance, which he prob was doing. I managed to catch that smiley face by playing hide-and-seek, and i clicked my camera right at the moment when he found me. It’s that “haha, I found you” smile!

PS: He does look like a girl with that smile huh? So super duper sweet…

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