A perfect day

June 29, 2007 at 1:33 am | Posted in Letters to my little boy | 2 Comments

Dear little boy,

If there’s such a thing as a perfect day, i suppose today might be it. Here are the simple moments that it was made up of:

  • You eating all of your meals except dinner (think afternoon snack was too filling) without giving me much trouble
  • A little meditation during your nap
  • You helping me to keep your clothes that i have folded into your clothes drawers and looking mighty pleased with yourself after tt! I think you actually enjoy helping Mummy with housework more than playing your toys. Hopefully this is not just a passing thing…
  • You coming over and crawling into my lap, wanting a hug which i gladly gave… it’s always such sweet pleasure to have your head snuggled into my shoulder
  • Us playing a variety of familiar games with you on my lap – peekaboo with Mummy giving rubber face expressions, you playing with Mummy’s rubber face (somewhat similar to that rubber gel advertisement tt always kinda disgusts me for some reason)… i love seeing your sweet smiles and chuckles in response of my entertaining antics.
  • You closing your cup and putting it on the table after drinking without me telling you
  • Going to Atlantiscity where you had so much fun – and Mummy had fun playing too with this other adorable boy who imprisoned Mummy in the ballpit for a while cos he wanted to play with me and i had to escape while he wasn’t looking so i could join you again. You are getting more and more adventurous with the equipment and today, you sat on the swing with another girl, “swam” around in the ballpit, attempted to crawl up the big blue slide with Mummy partially supporting you (too bad 2 girls came sliding down and crashed into us!), walking and crawling on the balancing beam and watching 2 girls (the same ones who crashed into us in the slide) chase after each other while you kinda ran up and down as if you were joining in the chase! Going to Atlantiscity is always such great fun for both of us!
  • During your bath, you putting your plastic cup under the running tap and then drinking the water, which is so cute… even if it’s tap water instead of diamond water.
  • You putting back the travelling toiletries into the drawer when i asked you to
  • You putting back Papa’s stuff on the altar when i asked you to
  • You making friends with strangers on the bus
  • You making happy noises in the stroller
  • You playing with the lychee peels on the floor, making such a mess, but helping me to clear up afterwards too
  • You helping me to empty a container of stale biscuits into the dustbin and then playing with the container afterwards

I told you these were simple moments, but they were such sweet ones too, that when put together, truly makes the day a perfect one.

Thank you dear for your many wonderful contributions to this day. You are truly such a good boy, and i am such a lucky mummy to have you for my little boy.

Lots of love,


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  1. Little boy is so sweet and helpful. I’m glad that you guys had such a happy day and I’m sure that there will be many more to come 🙂

    Lena, it always feels good at the end of the day when we look back at the events that had happened and realised that all had been well, you are happy and so is your boy and everybody else!

  2. Good boy good boy *pats pats*

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