Happy moments

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Haven’t been doing this for a while…

1) Seeing little boy running ahead of me during our morning walks – the way he runs is just the cutest and Mr Gua Gua always describes it as da4 yao2 da4 bai3 (roughly translated as swaggering)

2) Playing yet another variation of peekaboo and seeing little boy laugh in appreciation

3) Watching Sesame Street in the morning… this is a family affair though all 3 of us watches the show while doing our own stuff. Love all the songs and singing to the songs, and sometimes Mr Gua Gua joins in too. They are showing repeat episodes but i still enjoy watching them again and again. Hope Sesame Street continues to run for many years to come… it has so many great values about appreciation of diversity and friendship. I watched Sesame Street growing up and i’m so glad that little boy gets to watch it too!

4) Little boy asking for me to hold his hand during our morning walk today, even though it was a straight path and he didn’t need me to hold his hand – he just WANTED to. 🙂   🙂

5) Little boy giving me shoulder massages and hugs ard my back while i was squatting on the floor making frozen food icecubes for his meals… abt the massages, well, he could be just beating my back for fun, but he sure has the right touch. Think he’s gonna be an excellent masseur next time!

Power of intent

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Quite an inspiring piece for me…

ONE Through Richela Chapman

Dear Ones, we hear your request for information and insight into the
complexities of Sacred Relationship. We wish to elaborate on the
facet of Self-Realization for this is the basis of Sacred
Relationship. One cannot achieve Sacred Relationship with another
until one has established Sacred Relationship within one’s self.
One way to do this involves a concept known as “visualization. ” To
achieve Sacred Relationship within one’s self, one must establish the
. How do you want to be?
. What is your picture of you?
. How would you like to look, to be, to act, to display yourself
before the universes and to your own Sacred Self?
Think and ponder these questions, for your intent drives what you will
Many of you have no idea of your “end product” so to speak. A
helpful way to determine your intent is to fantasize what others might
say about you after you depart Earth.
. Would you like people to say that you demonstrated the pure love of
The Christ?
. Would you like others to say that you expressed unconditional love
in all your interactions with others?
Determine how you want to be, to act.
After you establish a list of attributes you desire to attain, begin
to focus on each one. We recommend playing in your imagination. Make
it fun. Practice displaying the traits you desire to exhibit to
others and to yourself. Vibrate with what you want. In this way, you
will be able to manifest that which you wish to be and accomplish that
which you desire.
Spend a little time each day on this activity. So, let’s say that
you want to merge with your own Higher Self. You would spend a few
minutes throughout each day being your Higher Self. Pretend and
imagine yourself in all your glory and light walking upon the Earth.
Imagine yourself greeting all you meet with unconditional love. See
yourself manifesting abundance, joy and alignment with Source (the
God-Self within). Everywhere you look you see God-in-action pulsing
with the pure white light of The Christ. Maintain this feeling of
ecstasy as long as you can. Then, breathe in and breathe out. Rest
in the energy created through your desire. Go about your daily
business knowing you are not separate.
As you practice each day, you will be able to maintain the feeling of
ecstasy for extended periods of time. People will see you smiling.
They will smile back, not knowing why. But, we say, you are a
co-conspirator with the Universes. You are helping in the up
lift-ment of all humanity, Mother Gaia, and the many Universes
(Multi-verses) .
We honor and salute you for manifestation in the density of the
physical plane, for it can seem so difficult. Know that you are
living masters, here to assist the Earth and all who reside upon her
during this most important transition.

Copyright © 2007 RICHELA CHAPMAN, All Rights Reserved
http://www.sacredrelations hip.com

First kiss

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Journalling:  You have this way of attracting attention whereever you go. Today, you caught this little girl’s fancy and she followed you all around, trying to getyour attention. Unfortunately for her, you kept running away. Nevertheless, this determined lady decided to try even harder to show her strong affections for you…and this is how you got your very FIRST KISS.

Yikes… i’m totally drained from this one (already 1.45 am!). Maybe it’s time to take a break, and i  need to get back to my EFT ultimate therapist dvds! And i think Mr Gua Gua misses the comp too… poor fella has been spending his evenings watching tv and unsuccessfully having conversations with me who is bad at multi-tasking. 😛

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