Sentosa weekend!

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So many things to update and so little time… esp since i also wish to do scrapbooking, clear my email (all 100+ of them!) and still pack our luggage for the next few days where little boy and i wld be staying at my mum’s pl again while Mr Gua Gua is on another business trip, this time to HK (quality scallops for little boy!).

In other words, i gotta keep things short and sweet if i wanna blog abt all the blog-worthy things that have happened in the past few days. And this means… lots and lots of PICTURES. Enjoy!


The hotel was fabulous…lots of fauna and flora all ard so it seems almost as if we were staying in a jungle. We got a lovely view of the beach and sea, and there was a wonderful swimming pool which included a 4-storey waterfall which fell over staircases and rocks that you can have access to and actually climb, if adventurous enough (it’s really safer than it looks, and yup, i did bring little boy up :P), as well as 2 water slides that’s REALLY thrilling. Even though little boy have experienced the big boy slide, the water slide is frictionless and hence, really fast, but i just cldn’t resist letting little boy try, so i put him on my lap and went down the slide together with him, with Mr Gua Gua waiting below in case i lose little boy after splashing into the water.

Result? Little boy was a bit panicked and alas, today at AlantisCity, he spent almost half an hour on the platform which connects to the top of the big blue slide, and despite many children walking past him to go down the slide, he just refused to go down the slide, even waving his hand and saying “BOH” (erm… i guess that’s his version of no for now… maybe i shld check if the tea company needs a child model for their next advertisement). So i guess that’s the outcome of forcing little boy to do something he wasn’t ready for. But to give myself credit, i didn’t insist on little boy going down the slide today (well, i did put him on the slide and tried to push him down gently but his bum stayed locked in place…), and just let him hang ard there walking up and down even though all the fun activities were on ground floor.

Another outcome of the water slide event was a bruise on my hip cos i cldn’t protect myself while going down. Sigh… no more daredevil tricks from Mummy next time!

The beach was great! Mr Gua Gua was mostly soaking in the sea, little boy was playing with his beach toys, and i was digging a big hole in the sand which i actually enjoyed. Initially wanted to build a mini swimming pool for little boy but ended up just creating a little foot bath for him, and Mr Gua Gua managed to fill it up with water after countless trips of fetching water from the sea.

 p8250216web.jpg p8250217web.jpg The parts of Mr Gua Gua and me still considered sexy (haha… Mr Gua Gua, take it as a compliment!)

p8250215web.jpgp8250265web.jpg Fun in the sand

p8250223web.jpg p8250274web.jpgLittle boy hanging on tight to Mr Gua Gua!

p8250230web.jpg Yes, that’s a frog in the sand… why do they pop up everywhere?!


 p8250254web.jpg What is this father and son duo doing?!

We played a trick on little boy by trying to cover up the hole and bury him inside. But he was too quick for us, and within a few moments, he was out. Too bad, no cute shot for the camera! This was all i got…


p8250263web.jpg This is just a nice shot i got of Mr Gua Gua.. a rare natural smile caught on camera!

p8250268web.jpg Woah… little boy striking a hunky pose!

The new musical fountain Songs of the Sea was not bad… Hollywood action movie style with plenty of fiery explosions and fireworks which were quite exciting, and i think little boy def enjoyed himself. Still, i prefer the old musical fountain cos there was more music and water swaying, and i liked that fishies song. Oh well, i’m not much of an action movie fan after all.

The hotel breakfast was pretty basic, with the usual eggy stuff, sausages, cereals, etc. BUT, little boy actually ate quite a lot, as can be seen below, and that makes me so happy, esp seeing little boy feed himself so i can enjoy my food in peace! Ahhh… and i thought this day wld never come.

p8250209web.jpg p8250211web.jpg

The Underwater World was a rushed visit as we went there almost dinnertime, which is such a waste cos the tix are so ex! In the end, little boy was more interested in the travellator than the fishes… so thank gdness his entry was FOC. Guess we have to bring him when he’s a bit older, and still not yet 3, after which they will start charging.

Just some of the nice pics taken here…


Btw, i sup little boy relly looks cute in this Pooh outfit Mr Gua Gua bought for him (yup, i know he wld like me to mention that here :P) cos this Indian tourist lady actually grabbed him up and wanted her photo taken with him. Of cos, little boy was shocked and cried, so i came to his rescue and the lady had to settle for her photo to include me as well. Geez… little boy has become another Underwater World exhibit!

Birthday cake cutting was simple but nice. Little boy clapped together with the birthday song and after the candle was blown, he poked his finger into the cake and allowed me to suck the cream off. We did this for a few times until the one side of the cake became quite “holy”. Hehe… well, it was a sinfully rich choc cake Mr Gua Gua bought from Bakerzin… and i let little boy eat some of the chocolate balls, which he enjoyed with much delight!


Finally, in our last hour before checkout, more water play for little boy… and the fella must have drunk gallons of water!

p8260397web.jpgp8260402web.jpgp8260406web.jpgp8260409web.jpgp8260416web.jpg And he influenced this very cute little boy to do the same!

Then he saw this “bear bear” toy which was really a green tiger, belonging to another kid, took it and i had a hard time getting him to give it back when we had to leave. Little boy has an obsession with his “bear bears”!


Ok… finally… time to go home, and little boy is helping with the luggage!


Btw, this trip has kinda made me realise that little boy looks so much bigger and chubbier in singlets. At least i can see his fat arms!

For more photos, visit!

And thanks to all of you who sent me birthday wishes… and i expected a birthday without wishes as karmic return for my terrible absentmindedness with pple’s birthdays. Thank you guys! (and pls remind me of your birthdays in advance so i can wish you back!)


Little boys

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Journalling quote:
Little boys come in all shapes and sizes
Shy and adventurous, full of surprises
With misshapen halos and mischievous grins
Small, dirty faces and sweet, sticky chins
They’ll keep you busy and yet all the while,
nothing can brighten the world like their smile
And no greater treasure has brought homes more joy
Than a curious, active and lovable boy

Heartfelt kit by Krista
Stitches by Natali
Stencil Alpha (creator unknown)

However, it seems like little boy is no longer such a little boy anymore.

He took care of his Mak Mak who had food poisoning today – apparently he was very well behaved and was standing by his Mak Mak who was lying on the sofa, talking to her and looking very concerned.

He climbed up the playground slide (the Big Boy Slide) and went down all by himself. As if that wasn’t adventurous enough, he actually walked UP the slide all the way to the top. My heart did leap a number of times, but i convinced myself he’s not going to do something stupid like climb over the slide and fall down… and after seeing how steady he was on his feet, i was even more relaxed in allowing him to climb up and down.

I had to go to work early today and Mr Gua Gua had to handle his breakfast on top of his daily morn chores and preparation to go to work. He explained to little boy that Mummy had to work early and Papa had to go to work soon, and little boy actually sat in his chair watching TV, not making the slightest fuss, so Mr Gua Gua was able to get ready for work.

He kept his toys on the shelf without being told.

My little boy may have 2 “loops” on his head, but it seems like he’s turning out to be quite a sensible and thoughtful boy after all… i’m proud of him!

The word that says it all

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According to books, the most powerful word that toddlers learn and love to use all the time is none other than the infamous NO.

Well, little boy is unlike other toddlers. At least for now, he doesn’t say no at all. Maybe it’s cos we seldom use that word with him. Instead we say cannot, or in Mandarin, bu4 ke2 yi3, or other alternatives to no which is a lot harder to pronounce, and little boy hasn’t quite mastered it yet. However he can still express no, and that is by waving his hand quite firmly, like when he doesn’t want any more food, or he doesn’t want his tummy massage, or whatever. He wld wave his hand in a very serious manner, and if the stubborn adult (very often yours truly) dares to even try to make another attempt, he will wave his hand again, like, don’t you get it already? Haha…

Well, the powerful word that my little boy has learnt is none other than… THERE! And it is a powerful word indeed. With just this word alone, he can make us do his bidding by bringing him to places, bringing him things, all that and more.

I think there was a time when he was starting to say new words, or at least make new sounds that sounded as if he was trying to pronounce an English word. Well, ever since he mastered the word there, all those other words kinda went down the drain. Cos THERE, says it all. So all day long, he goes around pointing his finger and saying, there, there, there… and we will be like, where??? There where??? And the little boy continues to point and say his there, there, and we have to carry him in the direction of his little finger, until we have finally reached “there”.

Geez… i’m beginning to wonder if we shld act dumb from now on, and pretend we don’t know where his “there’s” are, so that little boy is forced to learn the proper nouns for things. Seems like we are letting him get away with it too easily, yeah?

Alas, little boy is needing less sleep these days and his bedtime has made a tremendous leap from the magical hour of 8 pm to the very adult hour of 10 pm, and sometimes beyond. So bye bye to my evenings of enjoying my dinner in front of the TV with nothing else to distract me (except Mr Gua Gua if he comes home early), cos if i only eat after little boy sleeps, then it wld be after 10 pm which is not a gd thing for my tummy paunch that is already starting to bear some kind of resemblance to Mr Gua Gua’s… NOT a gd thing at all. 😛 So i have no choice but to have my dinner with little boy’s company today, i.e. have him climbing up and down and all around me, pressing down onto my arm which is connected to the hand holding my spoon, etc. Oh well… i guess the day wld come, when little boy can eat proper adult food on his food and perhaps we can sit down at the table and have dinner together in a somewhat civilised manner. Till then, dinner wld just become another activity to get through quickly so that i can get back to little boy. :/

The cough virus that has been going ard has finally gotten to me. Little boy’s cough seems to be improving, and now it’s my turn to have a sore throat and the kind of itchy throat that makes my eyes water and cough till i feel like throwing up. Now i know how little boy felt and why he threw up those 2 times right after his meals in the past week.

On the bright side, i did plenty of EFT-ing today and while the cough is not completely gone, i think i’m in much better shape than expected, based on my experience of how this cough usually progresses. At least the sore throat and flu is gone and there doesn’t seem to be much mucus. Hopefully, i wld be recovered in the next day or so, in time for the Sentosa holiday this weekend. 🙂

I must say, little boy amazes me sometimes with the amt that he really understands. I have gotten him to keep his books and toys back on the shelf when i asked him to. During bedtime, he gets the environment ready, from closing the bedroom door, switching on the cooler and air purifier, to climbing up the bed on his own. One time, when he was on the bed already before i came into the room and joined him on the bed, he climbed down the bed… turned out the cooler wasn’t turned on so he went to switch it on!

It’s much easier to get little boy to coorporate when he gets to feel useful in the process. The other evening, after he took his medicine, he started playing with the 2 medicine bottles and actually took them to the altar, and i don’t know what he was intending to do next. So i quickly asked him to help keep the medicine and i went to the kitchen hoping he wld follow. He did, holding the two bottles, one in each hand, with a look of anticipation. I opened the fridge for him, pointed to him the shelf to put the medicine back on, and he went up like he had this important mission to fulfill. He couldn’t reach the shelf so i covered the remaining distance for him, and got him to close the door. He looked SO pleased with himself after that! And so was i….

I have also gotten him to help me bring the dried laundry from the kitchen to the living room sofa on a few occasions. Usually it wld be one piece at one time, as i thought that was all he could handle. Most recently, i decided to let him try a whole bundle. He didn’t grab it well at first so i stopped him before he dropped everything on his way to the living room and got him to wrap both arms around the bundle properly. And he managed to carry it all the way to the living room sofa without dropping a single piece! Well, the journey was really less than just 5 metres… but still, what an accomplishment, my little boy!

And today, after i finished my dinner and hurried to get ready for his bedtime, i asked him to switch the fan in the living room off for me. Immediately, he went towards the fan. I knew he knows what fan is, and i suspected he wld also know what switch off means, but i wasn’t sure if he wld know how to switch it off and expected him to press another button which wld just set the fan at a different speed. To my surprise, after he pressed something, the fan gradually slowed down to a stop. Wow… my little boy sure knows a lot more than i give him credit for.

I have also been trying to teach him to take off his shoes. He already knows how to open the Velcro straps, but he still doesn’t know how to use his hands to push his shoes off his feet, though i have shown him a few times. Well, big deal, he figured how to do it his own way on Sunday, which was to simply kick his feet till his shoes come off. Now why didn’t i think of that? Hmmm…. silly Mummy. Haha…. Guess this reminds me that there’s always more than one way to solve a problem.  And prob this won’t be the last time he wld be reminding me this too. 😛

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