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Papa bought some D24 durian (the best kind) back home and since you were still awake, he decided to give you a lil’ durian treat. You had durian before and the moment you saw these succulent fleshy pieces, you got all excited and opened your mouth eagerly. Well, we knew you like durian but it was such a hilarious surprise to see your fantastic reaction to the durian in your mouth. First you gave us such a HUGE beam, then you clapped your hands in sheer delight, and when we asked you if it was good, you gave us a big “index finger up”! Guess these boxes of durian passed the little boy test with flying colours!


Adorable Mummy kit (creator unknown)

Stitches by Natali


It gladdens Mummy’s heartto see how much you seem to love reading your books. At any hour of the day, you would pick a book from your

shelf and go to one of us, asking for the book to be read. I love these special moments when you make your way to my lap and we would read together – though you would often be flipping faster than i could read the page! Sometimes, you would take your book, climb up the armchair and spend some time reading by yourself. Read on, my boy – this is one thing that you can’t do too much of!


Country Grunge kit by Marcee J. Duggar

Heartfelt kit by Krista

Hanging Grunge Alpha by Cleo Fitzgerald

Leather Goodies Alpha by cafe DIGI

When little boy saw this photo of him reading, and i pointed him our armchair, and then the one in our photo, telling him, this is little boy sitting on the armchair and reading the ABC book, he smiled. The next moment, i saw him climbing up the armchair with the same ABC book as if to reenact the scene. So cute. 😛

I’m so behind on my scrapping… these days i seem to have so many things to do, that i haven’t been blogging and scrapping much. The latter may seem kinda frivolous and i sometimes think this just takes a whole lot of time away from doing more meaningful stuff, but then i look at other mummy scrappers, and i wish that i am doing a lot more scrapping cos these are such precious memories that would slip my mind sooner or later, and then i wld be grateful for all my LOs to remind me of them.

In fact, i’m also a little regretful that we don’t take mini videos of little boy. This morning Sesame Street had a segment featuring walking, showing scenes of a little baby learning to walk, and then a child, followed by older children and finally adults. One of the scenes of a toddler walking his first wobbly steps was so cute and reminded me how far little boy has come along since those days! If only we took videos of little boy back then, when little boy is a little older he wld prob be very amused at how small and “blur” he was when he was young. 🙂

Oh well, at least i take plenty of digital photos so that’s something! Anyway, i may go on and on about needing tangible reminders of the past but frankly, i hardly read my old diaries, and seriously wonder if i’m really much of a reminiscing sort of person. Though it’s hard to say… since the major part of my life is still ahead of me (i think!).

I’m very pleased with little boy’s appetite these days. Not sure why, but mealtimes have been a breeze lately, and we are usually done by 20 min if not less, with the bowl empty and little boy’s tummy nice and round. A couple of neighbours just commented this evening how much little boy has grown, and i didn’t realise it until he was standing next to a little girl staying one floor below us, 3 months older than him. She used to tower over him and now he’s just almost the same height as her! Finally, i can heave a sigh of relief about little boy’s eating and growth… whew!

Little boy is also finally saying many new words. I was very surprised when one evening, while i was in the bath and little boy were outside in the living room with his grandparents, he said loud and clear, hammer, while looking at the H for hammer in his ABC book. And it was a very nicely pronounced hammer too! He’s getting good at repeating after us, trying to find the correct sound that resembles what we have said. So far i have heard him say or try to say the following: clock, nana (banana!), open (with great emphasis on the O!), car, pig, mouth, eyes, eyebrow, milk, teeth (even with the -th sound), drum, book, bag, bye bye (though he says it this way… bye bye-OH!) etc. I’m really very bad at remembering such things, and there’s one particular word which i was very impressed when little boy said it cos the pronunciation was quite good… can’t recall now. But anyway, little boy is definitely learning how to talk!

Even without the normal Eng vocab, he is talking lots already in his baby language. And when i respond to him with sounds, he wld respond back like we are having a proper conversation. I love it when we are lying on the bed and having our musical conversation, with his eyes wide open and looking right into my eyes, earnestly trying to convey some message to me. Little boy’s eyes always amaze me during such moments… it’s like looking at the moon up close, astoundingly beautiful in a mystical, hypnotic way.

He’s also getting gd at matching things. One of the books has a picture of a robot, so i pointed out to little boy his real robot which looked quite similar, albeit different colour. To my surprise, the next day, he came to me with the same book in one hand, and his robot in the other hand. And he flipped to the page with the robot and pointed to it, then to his robot, like telling me they are the same. Today he happened to notice the robot on the shelf, and immediately he picked out the exact same book with the robot out of the many books he has. Cool!

On another occasion, little boy picked up Mr Gua Gua’s shirt which was lying on the sofa, and i told him that’s Papa’s shirt. Later in the afternoon, we were reading together and i pointed him to a picture of a baby swimming. He was more interested in the father who was supporting the baby, so i pointed to the father’s hairy chest and cos his figure was quite similar to Mr Gua Gua’s (ahem), i told him, that’s Papa, Papa naked, not wearing clothes. When he heard that, he went into the living room and i was half-expecting it but still pleasantly surprised when he came back with the same shirt in his hands and put it on the book, like, here, Papa can get dressed now!

Talking about recognition of Papa, little boy has taken Papa to be a generic term for all young to middle-aged guys. Who does he call Papa? A smiling guy in the last scene of the national anthem, a picture of a tibetan monk (whom i must admit looks a little like Mr Gua Gua), and here’s the most hilarious one… the Darlie toothpaste guy!

I’m disappointed that little boy still doesn’t call me Mummy, though he says Mama a lot and sometimes i really can’t tell if he is referring to his grandmother or to me. Maybe nobody really trains him to say Mummy, though he can definitely say Papa, Mama and Yeye, and maybe Popo. He doesn’t say auntie, uncle, korkor, and all the other stuff either. Anyway, today when we were out, there was a bus with an advertisement of 3 ladies, so i decided to test him and ask where is Mummy. Sure enough, he pointed to the bus advertisement. Humph… :/ Just to console myself, at least they are pretty ladies… 😛

Well, more to update abt little boy for sure, but have to dig it out from my brain. Hopefully will have some time to scrap again later!



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  1. Hey Lena, wow, you have been coming up with lotsa LOs. Great job! And LB is definitely growing up strong and healthy.

    I see that ur cooking must have improved tremendously just like that of LB’s appetite 🙂 Keep up the good job, lady!

  2. Thx KH! 🙂 Nah, the food i give him is still the same old same old, but his thrush has improved a lot and the doc said thrush cld affect his appetite (back then i didn’t really believe), so maybe that’s why. Anyhow, it’s a relief! 🙂 And i also enjoy cooking his meals more now that i know he’s going to eat it up… 🙂


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