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I got the title from KH’s LO of her little boy also doing squiggles with crayon(http://figgys-world.blogspot.com/2007/09/drawing.html). It’s such a fantastic title i cldn’t help it! As they say, imitation is the best form of flattery… hope you don’t mind KH!


Journaling: Mummy took out the Crayola crayons and pieces of paper pasted together for you to express your artistic self. You had fun doing all kinds of squiggles, and when you had enough of that, you decided to start drawing on yourself, the floor, as well as Mummy’s thigh – and you looked pretty pleased with your work by the end of it all!

All torn up kit by Tracy Collins
Hanging grunge alpha by Cleo Fitzgerald
Tag alpha (creator unknown)
Stamp frame by Sunstream Design
Mini grunge frame by scrappypony
Burlap flower (creator unknown)

We finally took little boy to view the lanterns at Chinatown – last day tomorrow if i’m not wrong. Mr Gua Gua and i used to go to the Chinese Gardens one every year, but we missed the one last year cos it was obviously not possible to bring little boy along. The one at Chinatown is surprisingly impressive. Within a pretty small enclosed space, they managed to put beautifully crafted lantern displays of famous buildings ard the world. Some of the lanterns looked familiar, like the pandas, monkeys and cranes, but they were lovable sights anyway, and little boy recognised the monkeys and butterflies. The details were so intricate, they were really works of art! I cldn’t believe that the butterflies even came with legs, and some of the monkeys were in such cute poses that reminded us a bit of little boy’s own antics. Haha!

Coincidentally, at the time we were there, there was a balloon performance, where the man blew up this enormous balloon and went inside to do a few tricks. The first time he appeared, little boy jerked in shock. Perhaps it was the horrendous clown hairdo, or the wiggly balloons he was holding. But he was ok after that, and clapped very hard at the right times, albeit with a rather serious expression on his face.

Later when it was time to give out those twisty balloons, i took little boy up to the stage to make sure he gets one too. All the children were crowded up in front, raising their hands and wanting a balloon. I always wondered how stressful it must be for these balloon performers, having to conjure up balloon shapes as quickly as they can for the impatient crowd of little folks in front of them. Well, he gave out a lot of balloon swords, which to me is an ingenious creation cos it’s both easy to do and fun for the kids to play with. Thank gdness though, he didn’t make a sword for little boy – little boy got a little purple dog. Well, nothing very original, but little boy kept clutching to it, even protesting when i took it away so i could hold his hand. Guess he would rather hold his balloon doggie than Mee-mee’s hand!

So it was another new experience for little boy. It’s always nice to watch little boy take in a new experience which Mr Gua Gua and i used to enjoy together. And of cos, there is much more to come in the future. In fact, we are going on a Genting holiday this Sunday, together with both sets of grandparents. Mr Gua Gua and i used to often go to Genting, cos he likes the cold and the cheap and good food. For me, it’s just a nice getaway though i got a bit sick of it after a while. Nevertheless, we haven’t been there for over a year, and i’m looking forward to it. Especially since there will be so many pple to help take care of little boy (assuming my parents don’t spend all their time at the casino!), i am also looking forward to some couple time with Mr Gua Gua. :). Just hoping that we would survive the long bus journey – keeping my fingers crossed!

Guess there will be more LOs to do when we are back! It’s really hard to catch up with LOs when there are so many opportunities to take pics… including those simple mundane moments, which can sometimes be the most memorable. And since i always take so long to do my LOs, being a perfectionist, scrapping time also means sacrifice of spending time with Mr Gua Gua (who ends up watching TV or reading, and sometimes making strange gua gua expressions and noises just to get my attention…and then get scolded for being such a distraction 😛 ) and beauty sleep. But i guess as long as i don’t overdo, it’s still worth it for these will be precious momentos that i will cherish dearly in future. And little boy will definitely enjoy looking at these pages when he’s older… these are gifts to him and everyone who loves him, esp myself.



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  1. I enjoyed viewing your layout and agree that it is worth it to take the time to preserve the memories.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to say hello. I love your blog page! Fun Fun Fun! I am just learning to blog and I think it is addictive.

  3. nice layout! like those photos in the stamp form. 🙂

  4. now, this is a REALLY beautiful masterpiece!

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