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I’m up at 3 plus am after a 5 hour-nap that i unintentionally took while nursing little boy to sleep. I woke with an oh-no, cos Mr Gua Gua and i rented a DVD to watch for the evening and now the evening was gone. He was happily watching TV when i came out and when i asked him if he minded that our plan went awry with my nap that took too long, he said all that mattered was that i got a gd sleep. How sweet… of cos, he learnt from past experience that it was never a gd thing to wake me up from my nap.

Anyway, i’m wide awake now and will prob be up for the rest of the night, after such a long sleep. Think i’ll spend some time blogging abt little boy before i catch up on my EFT DVDs.

From time to time, without any reason that i could see, little boy likes to chant his “loved ones” mantra, where he names all the people whom he loves and who loves him e.g. papa, mee-mee (since my MIL is ma-ma, guess he decided to call me mee-mee, and i wldn’t change it for the world), mama, yeye, popo, and sometimes kor-kor (never gong-gong, cos my dad seldom plays with him). Just now when he woke up and i was nursing him back to sleep, he was already more or less in dreamland, when suddenly he (with my nipple still in his mouth) began his mantra again – papa, mee-mee, popo! And not long later, he even laughed in his sleep. Guess he must have had a fun day today. 🙂

My mum was swinging little boy on her leg today like a bouncer chair, and he was having lots of fun. He looked around at us, wanting to share his fun, and suddenly, he called in an insistent tone, PAPA! We wondered why, and upon examining the situation, we realised he wanted Mr Gua Gua,who was doing puja, to look at him having fun. We all found it hilarious and my mum asked us to pretend not to watch him as she continued swinging little boy. So little boy started calling each of us in turn – Mee-Mee, Gong-Gong, Papa – and kept swinging his head left and right, making sure that we are watching him having fun. How cute!

Something related to the previous moment: Sometimes, when little boy is sitting or walking btw Mr Gua Gua and me, he likes to look up at me with a huge beam, wait for me to return his smile, and then look at Mr Gua Gua, who will then return his smile as well. It was as if he is cherishing that moment of togetherness and closeness and wanted us to know that too, which i find very endearing and sweet.

As little boy is growing up, he’s also starting to assert his boundaries, and be very protective of things he considers as his. As i mentioned before in the previous entry, if any of us take away the bottle of banana biscuits while in his hands, he would give a teary protest, and cry as if there’s no tomorrow (Mr Gua Gua agrees totally abt the use of this expression).

Today he saw my food jar that my mum put in her bag cos little boy will be with her tomorrow. He dragged the entire bag to me and pointed to the food jar, insisting that i take it out and keep it cos it was ours. I took it out, passed it to my mum when i thought he wasn’t looking it, but he somehow knew and then started crying very indignantly and wouldn’t stop until the food jar was returned to him. In the end, i told my mum i will just bring it to her tomorrow. Sigh… sometimes it’s really easier to let little boy win, cos the way he cries is really dreadful. In any case, kids his age are supposed to be very self-involved, so why let him “suffer” unnecessarily, esp since he doesn’t have the mental capacity to understand many things that we adults know, such as concepts of sharing, doing the right things at the right time.

My experience and way of handling such matters is either to let him have his way, if it’s really not a big deal, or ignore his tantrums totally and walk away or continue doing what needs to be done in a calm way, such as when he doesn’t want to take a bath. For the latter, either he will calm down very quickly or he won’t, and even so, the activity that he dislikes would end in a few minutes time and he would be back to normal, even to a good mood afterwards. I guess kids his age are just easily prone to emotional mood swings and temper tantrums, since they don’t have the ability to manage their emotions, and i have to watch myself and not let myself get triggered by him, but set a good example in managing my own emotions. Easier said than done, but at least i have EFT to help me in this regard!

Talking abt EFT, cos he often sees me using it, he has begun to do his own version of tapping too. Hahaha… when he is old enough to talk and understand what’s going on, i will teach him the shortcut version of EFT which is just as effective. I love that i can give him this valuable tool at such a young age, and i’m sure it would benefit him tremendously, esp when coping with all the big and small dramas that can happen in children’s lives. Even now, i can see the benefits of surrogate EFT for him. Whenever he falls down, or gets upset for some reason, i would give him a good hug and with my free hand, quickly tap on the shortcut points. Sometimes, while tapping, i wld tell him out loud, all the people who  loves him (papa loves you, mee-mee loves you, popo loves you, etc) , which is kinda the children’s version of “I accept myself” (a very impt element of EFT work), and almost always, he would calm down in less than 3 minutes, and be totally happy afterwards. Before using EFT on him, i have had little boy cry for as long as ten minutes before, even with the same type of comforting from me, so i know it’s definitely EFT that accounts for the difference. Hurray for EFT as a parent! (the word count was 1111 at the exact moment i ended the previous sentence – looks like the universe definitely agrees with me on that one!)

Ok, i always seem to procrastinate on my EFT videos but i guess with the above para and looking at the clock, it’s EFT watching time now. Hopefully i can finish my Ultimate Therapist DVDs today, finish my basic and advanced exams tonight (then i can get my certificate for EFT! Not a certification showing level of skill of cos, only level of knowledge in how it works… but so far, this is the only certification, while EFT master is a different league altogether), and then i can wait for the rest of my EFT DVDs to come (placed the order today!) and prepare to watch them.

Hmm… think i’ll make a commitment myself to watch at least up till to the Borrowing Benefits DVDs by December, so that i can clear myself as much as possible before going for mani retreat, where hopefully, i can then do even more major clearance. My goal is to spend the remaining part of the year, really work on myself, and then start the new year ready to embark on a new phase of my counselling career. Wish me luck. 🙂


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