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Ever since his diarrhea, little boy’s habits and behaviour has gone through quite a lot of changes, e.g:

  • Used to be really fussy and doesn’t enjoy his meals – now, a total glutton who eats everything we offer him, and even asks for his porridge by crying out his “mum mum” mantra (emphasis on the mmmm….). And he has learnt to express his enjoyment of the food by going Mmmmmm…. (learnt from yours truly), music to my ears!
  • Used to love drinking water, now hardly drinks enough. Mr Gua Gua’s theory is that little boy would have bouts of diarrhea everytime after drinking water, so now he associates drinking water with diarrhea. May have to try EFT on him for this!
  • Used to enjoy his baths, now detests it and will protest strongly against bathtime. Thank gdness he’s such a food/snack lover now, and i can still tempt him to go into the bathroom with some rare nutty toasted brown rice snack, which he can surprisingly chew thanks to some new molar teeth.
  • Used to be super active and climb everywhere. Now a lazy bum who prefers lying and slouching on his fave armchair (which has become his throne and anyone who takes this seat would often be asked to “GO” in a not so polite manner by him). He used to climb up the bed without any problem, straddling up almost effortlessly. Now i can almost see him pant and grunt as he struggles his way up. And his once scrawny but toned arms are starting to look flabby but meaty. Not sure if i shld complain abt this though. ūüėõ

I think i need to start taking little boy out more frequently to make sure he gets his exercise and that he doesn’t spend all his time binging on food.

Aside from these changes, little boy continues to amuse and amaze us with his ability to pick things up very quickly. Some of the new things he has learnt recently:

  • Eat yoghurt all on his own without any assistance at all. Ends up with yoghurt all over his face but nevertheless, it’s a pleasure for me to just sit there, watching him enjoy every spoonful of yoghurt, sometimes going Mmmmmm, and finish up almost every scrap of yoghurt. Too bad my digicam is spoilt or i wld take some cute pictures of him. Definitely going to start making yoghurt once the Yoplait stock at home is gone – much cheaper and definitely much healthier too.
  • Sits on the sofa and flips through¬†the newspaper like a grownup, and sometimes “reading out loud” to us, in that funny musical way he has.
  • Can identify his knees and his elbows (which he pronounces as Elmo?!)
  • Can climb up his rocking horse all by himself
  • Knows which button to press to switch our living room fan on and off
  • Knows which button to press on the remote control to switch the TV on and off
  • Drinks water from his own water bottle which is just a tupperware bottle without straw or teat (my mum took him to visit my paternal relatives and they were very impressed to see him doing that)
  • My mum got a free¬†piggy bank¬†for him from some bank.. POSB?, which supposedly encourage kids to save by giving a free Chicken Essence bottle if we bring the completely full piggy bank back to them. Little boy has been having fun putting our spare change in his new piggy bank… looks like it will be filled up in no time, then little boy can have his first taste of Chicken Essence which he has “earned” all by himself.
  • And one of my faves… recently¬†starting to drink milk from a glass, all by himself and without the need for persuasion from us! Yeh, i can finally say bye bye to spoon-feeding, something which we had to do since he was a baby and refused to suck from bottle. I thought this day would never come!

My mum taught him some exercise moves from her morning exercise classes, one of which being swinging your arms from side to side. This evening when i came home, little boy insisted that all of us stand up to exercise together with him. Nobody was spared – he would come to whoever was still sitting, push our legs, and demand for us to GO. Once i purposely told him no, thrice, and he actually opened his eyes big big at me, and his face almost turned red as he threatened me with another GO! Wah, can imagine him to be one of those scary fitness instructors one day, those who doesn’t take no for an answer. ūüėõ

So imagine me, my mum and my dad all being forced to stand up and swing our arms side to side, with little boy standing in the centre leading us. After a few minutes, he would decide that he had enough and climb up the sofa to continue his snacking, and the rest of us would take the chance to sit down too. When he felt it was time to start exercising again, he again asked all of us to GO and it was another round of exercise. Hmm…. think little boy shld be Mr Gua Gua’s fitness coach from now on since Mr Gua Gua has been procrastinating on this much-needed activity.

Little boy is definitely entering the infamous “terrible twos” phase. He can swing from one extreme to another in seconds, one moment crying his eyes out cos he didn’t get what he want, or was forced to do something which he doesn’t want (like give up his snack which he has had way too much of!), and the next moment smiling and laughing, even before¬†the tears in his eyes are gone. This morning, Mr Gua Gua took little boy with him to buy some things from downstairs. Before they came back, i could already hear little boy crying in the distance, and his insistent “there, there”, and it didn’t take much to guess that little boy was outraged about being taken home before he had his fill of fun. Mr Gua Gua came back with sweat running down his face from having to carry stuff AND a struggling, crying little boy, and he told me that little boy even laid on the ground crying. Gosh…

So far little boy hasn’t done that to me yet, or maybe during such times, i have somehow managed to distract him before he got himself agitated to that extent. The other day i took him down for a walk and it was a good over an hour walk where i really allowed him to choose where to go, and i was just following behind to make sure he was safe. I let him play with the charcoal in the barbercue pit, lie on the ground, pat some neighbourhood cat (which eventually got fed up with little boy when he started touching sensitive spots like its tail and feet), which i thought was more than what most parents would allow. Of cos, little boy didn’t know that, and gratitude prob didn’t mean much to¬†him, and finally when it was past dinnertime, he howled and yowled when i picked him up and marched him back home.

Well, i couldn’t stand his screaming, but i was also tired of walking ard and it was past dinnertime. So i spinned him around, and thank goodness, that stopped the crying¬†cos he enjoyed it and asked for more. Spun him around 2 more times, got dizzy, and fortunately by then¬†he was over his tantrum and was able to walk on his own. I reminded him it was “mum-mum” time, and since nowadays, he’s very enthusiastic about mum-mum, he agreeably headed home with me. Whew. Guess i was lucky this time round. Need to start keeping a lookout for tips on how to handle temper tantrums from kids his age, cos i’m sure this won’t be the last of it.

Coming to the end of a library book “So you’re thinking about homeschooling” which gave a fabulous compilation of homeschooling experiences of families from diverse backgrounds that¬†the author¬†interviewed. I learnt so much from this book, and i was really impressed by the fact that different things can work for different families, and there’s really no one “best way”. Homeschooling seems to be more and more a viable option for me, and while Mr Gua Gua still have his doubts, i have been sharing with him snippets here and there, by reading aloud some short para whenever he’s around, or smsing him a quote or two, and these days, he seems to be more receptive to the idea of homeschooling (hopefully he won’t read this and decide to be anti-homeschooling just to prove me wrong!). Well, i have gotten him to agree to at least educate himself on this subject by reading at least one book… but his condition was that i find a book with pictures for him, cos he reads too many stuff in the office and has no energy to read anymore wordy stuff. Geez… any tips on homeschooling books with pictures anyone? Universe? May i be guided to find a¬†homeschooling resource material¬†that Mr Gua Gua wld actually be compelled to read.

Btw, read a really cool phrase by a homeschooled kid. Homeschool = home’s cool!


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