Another love letter

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Dear little boy,

There are so many sides to you…

Often enough, you are a total clown, coming up with all kinds of funny antics, really hamming it up with your natural sense of humour and impeccable comic timing, that makes everyone laugh their heads off. For example, Mummy doodled that picture of you receiving an injection in your butt that was sticking up in the air (with Papa looking happy and Mummy looking resigned), and Papa insisted on laminating it for safekeeping. It seems like nobody taught you, but somehow, whenever someone showed you the picture, you would poke yourself in the back, and give a ear-piercing cry, as if re-enacting the injection scene. The strange thing is you received your injection on your arm, so we are still wondering who taught you to “inject” yourself on your back, or if you were trying to imitate the picture and just couldn’t reach your buttock. Whatever it is, it’s a hilarious sight, especially with that convincing shriek of yours, and it never fails to make Mummy and Papa double up in laughter.

You can also be a real tease. When we beg you for a bite of your food, you would purposely say NOOOO with playful insistence. The more we ask you for a bite (just ONE bite pleasseeee), the louder and loooonger your NO would be, and you would be looking so mischievously pleased with our painful expressions of rejection, with your two front teeth peeking from your lips.

There is also that serious side of you, such as when you are reading your books on your own. You looked as if you were really absorbing the contents of your books, and in your own world. Mummy loves to watch you during such moments… there’s little else that would make me happier than to see you loving to read, cos books are definitely the most wonderful teachers – one reason being that if you don’t enjoy the book, all you need to do is to close it up! Yet, with the well-written ones, there’s a whole treasury of knowledge and gems that you can gain from reading them in your own time and space. So go on and be a bookworm if you will… we just need to build more shelves at home that’s all!

Of cos, while you can be terribly obedient, just like this morning when you helped to bring the piles of your neatly folded clothes to your drawer, holding it in the right way without any help from Mummy, and to Mummy’s surprise, you didn’t drop a single one!

However, there’s definitely that side of you who can be rebellious and stubborn, where you purposely do the very things we ask you not to. Papa and Mummy can get really angry at you at times, when it seems like you are deliberately going against us, but then I remind myself from time to time that what seems like outright rebellion could really be just your way of asserting your own boundaries – a very natural and important part of the process of developing your own sense of independence. And i must admit that Mummy can be terribly bossy at times. I suppose even I myself wouldn’t like to be ordered around, and be told what i must and mustn’t do, even if it’s “for my own good” (as what all adults like to say). As it is, you are already very coorporative most of the time, such as keeping your belongings and eating your food (even when it doesn’t taste that good to you), so i guess you are already doing your best to be a good boy – which you are! But you know, Mummy is also doing her best to be a good Mummy, and no matter what, i’m still human too, and how I treat you is no different from how i treat even some adults (like Papa!). 

So i do ask for your patience and understanding, while I learn to differentiate between the truly important and the not-so-important (the majority!) and be willing to compromise the latter whenever possible so that you do get your way (without having to force your way) enough to feel that your needs count too. They do! But at the same time, I will do my best to explain to you when things cannot go your way, instead of just telling you no, so that you will understand that other things need to be taken into consideration too, such as other people’s feelings and convenience, practical constraints, etc. Let’s just try our best together yeah?

You can be such a sensitive fella. The moment you hear Papa and Mummy raising our voices (which is really not always a cause for alarm – we are just naturally loud talkers! :P), you will run over to make sure we are not having a fight. When Mummy gets angry at Papa, you would look at me, mutter stuff with Papa’s name in it and gesture at Papa…. i don’t know if you are just trying to speak on his behalf or empathising with me, but whatever it is, thanks to you, somehow Mummy couldn’t quite stay angry for long! You are also sensitive to our anger towards you – when Papa and Mummy are both looking at you sternly, tears will run down your cheeks for real. However you would seek me out for comfort, and refuse to accept Papa’s comfort cos you would be angry at him for scolding you. Still, you don’t hold grudges for long, and you often accepted Papa’s apology in the end, sometimes even responding to his hugs and kisses in a somewhat happy but bashful manner. 😛

You also have this natural way of bonding people together, directly and indirectly. Both your grandmothers have become friends cos of you. And when you are not in your teasing mood, you love to offer your snacks to people around you, and sometimes, you would even offer food to people who are not around, such as Papa, Popo, Mak Mak, forgetting that they have gone to work or gone back home. You also love to get everyone involved in the same activity as you are doing. When you are singing along with the tv, and Mummy is singing too, but Papa is engrossed on his computer, you would shout Papa, Papa, most insistently, until he joins in the singing too. The same with other things like exercising, riding your rocking horse, playing bubbles in the bathroom. Thank goodness you don’t insist fully all the time, cos sometimes it’s just not possible for us to do all these things together…. but you definitely try your best to make sure that Papa and Mummy and whomever else is around are part of the activity, and while sometimes inconvenient, it also adds so much fun to our family life.

Most of all, my dear, you have such an affectionate side to you. You usually oblige our requests for kisses (wonder how long that wld last!) and hugs, and you love sitting next to me or in my lap. My favourite moments are when you are nursing and you wrap your arm tightly around my waist, sometimes even pulling me closer to you so i can feel your warm cuddly body snuggled up tightly against mine. Your arm may be short (for now) but your hugs are indeed the best and Mummy gets warm tingles inside all over. You also love to hug your soft toys too… and whenever they hug you back, there is a such a beautiful look of happiness on your face. I don’t know if all boys love soft toys the way do… but i think it’s a lovely thing!

So many sides of you, little boy… and so much of you to love!

Love you lots,



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