The Children of Now

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I saw this book that was just published in 2007 publicised in a new age newsletter for parents (The Children of the New Earth). Decided to do an NLB search and to my pleasant surprise, saw that it was actually available in Bedok and Bishan library. Synchronistically (my preferred word to coincidentally since i believe there is no such things as coincidences), the mani retreat was held in PKS which is in Bishan, so i managed to visit the library during that period and got hold of the book. As an aside, Bishan library is HUGE! And i was so impressed that there was quite a gd variety of books on new age/paranormal/healing/etc, which is quite uncommon in most libraries. Too bad this library is so far away from home or i wld visit it more often.

Anyway, back to the book. Once i started reading, i was intrigued by the fascinating experience of the writer with the so-called star children, which included indigo children (i am indigo myself), crystal children, rainbow children, etc. These children came to earth very much aware of their divinity and the mission that they came here to fulfill. They shared their knowledge and wisdom with the writer which was so simple in their profoundness, that i had to share it here.

“You know Mom, God is not a man or a woman. God is a great big ball of light and when you are born, he takes a little piece of that light and gives it to you” (this reminds me of the story The Sun and the Little Soul which i posted here before – when i read this statement, i felt so happy that i couldn’t stop smiling)

“I remember what it was like before I came here. Everyone told the truth and no one ever got hurt.”

“Nothing on Earth is as impt as everyone thinks. Those are the little things. Forever is what really matters.”

“How come people don’t remember when things were perfect? They still are, you know”

“I wish people could see what they are doing to each other. Maybe then they would learn to treat each other better.”

“Being love is a lot different from thinking about it.”

“So many people seem unhappy. That is because they don’t remember who they really are…”

 “Think about this: What if yesterday was now and tomorrow was too? Wouldn’t that mean that now is always? It is, you know.”

“Life is not about things and stuff. It is about loving ourselves and each other as much as we can.”

“I wish people could understand that when they get mad or happy or sad that they really share those feelings with everyone around them. Feelings are energy and energy moves.”

“If God is in me, then I must be God too. That means that I am really the master of all my creation.”

For a few months, i was in a dilemma about the use of EFT and its apparently too-good-to-be-true effectiveness in washing away emotional traumas of the past. Are emotions really all that bad? Do we really need to get rid of them? I have read and heard that all emotions are good, and they are important. Buddhism teaches us to be mindful and accept them, not try to get rid of them. So is EFT something like a way of “drugging” ourselves from the pain to escape from it?

Now i’m in a clearer state about EFT and its use with emotions. I learnt from the book The Secret Language of Feelings that emotions are merely an expression of unfulfilled needs. However, excessive emotions can deter us from moving forward with our lives in a positive way, so in this sense, EFT can help to clear those excessive and unbeneficial emotions.

But still, i have not yet found a fully satisfying answer to my question which is, how are emotions seen from the spiritual perspective. I think i have finally found it from this book.

“Emotions have nothing to do with creation or destruction except when you use passion to fuel your intention to manifest reality. A good example is when  you pray. You pray with all of your heart and soul, and your prayers are answered. That isn’t really emotion. That is creating from pure love. With emotions you can’t hold the energy of higher vibration because you aren’t in truth.”

Once i read this, I immediately recognised the truth in this message and the image of Buddha and other wise saints came into my mind. These awakened beings are not what you would describe as emotion-less. They do laugh and smile, they do look stern at times, but despite it all, they seem to have this unaffectedness and without a doubt, this accounts for their clarity of mind and unconditional acceptance of everything around them. Thank you, universe, for finally providing me with the answer i have been looking for. With this, i can feel even more certain about using EFT as a way of helping people awaken to their true selves.

Frankly, there are so many modalities, techniques, products that are sup to benefit people these days, but it’s really not easy to differentiate those that are ego-based, and those that are of the heart and spirit. It’s also not easy to differentiate the teacher from the teaching – sometimes the teaching seems true, yet the teacher seems egoistic (or is that my own projection?), and conversely, sometimes the teacher seems true, yet the teaching/product seems doubtful. Right now, i’m still exploring the value of 5PATH & 7 Path which i have already signed up for with my hypnotherapy teacher (another big hole in the wallet!) as well as the Quantum Pendant. I don’t doubt the benefits of these 2 healing tools, as there have been people who have been helped by them. But I want to be sure that the benefits also include spiritual ones, and would last over time. May I have the wisdom to discern the value of these healing tools and may the universe guide me to finding the answers once more. May the universe also lead me to all the healing tools and resources that would help me help more people.

For those who love children, work with children and have children, i highly recommend that you loan this book from the library. Even if you don’t believe in the label of star children (which is just a label, and labels can be limitations), then believe that all children are born with innate wisdom, and this is a wonderful book that showcase the wisdom of children which can inspire and open up your mind. Check it out! 🙂

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