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January 20, 2008 at 3:59 am | Posted in All in a day's work | 6 Comments

A homework I need to complete before March, in time for Holistic Living Festival ( which I will be participating as an exhibitor for the first time (!!!). Right now I’m still not sure what exactly i wld be doing, aside from providing EFT services. But the latter is something i’m very excited about! While I’m still not 100% confident about doing this, i guess i still have over a month to psyche myself up for it (perhaps with the help of EFT too), and aside from confidence, there are also plenty of logistics to prepare – signages, flyers, registration lists, etc.

Today I thought I would start with the flyer, which i decided to be simply an article about EFT, and since i’m giving out my namecards from work, so people can actually look me up at SY if they need actual counselling, I have decided that the article would even include something abt SY and its focus on MBM which stands for Mind Body Medicine – aside from increasing my exposure and¬†connecting with new age folks, this first-time endeavour might help increase SY’s clientele number, and at least I would feel that I have done my part in repaying SY’s kindness to me. A win-win for all!

Again, was deliberating between writing my article on word processor and on blog. I chose the latter (at this point, i see the number 222 word count – not sure what it means but hope it’s a gd sign!)¬†as i always feel more connected to people here, knowing that anyone can be led to my blog, and perhaps this would help me present the information in a more accessible, reader-friendly way.

Well, here goes!

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