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January 20, 2008 at 3:59 am | Posted in All in a day's work | 6 Comments

A homework I need to complete before March, in time for Holistic Living Festival ( which I will be participating as an exhibitor for the first time (!!!). Right now I’m still not sure what exactly i wld be doing, aside from providing EFT services. But the latter is something i’m very excited about! While I’m still not 100% confident about doing this, i guess i still have over a month to psyche myself up for it (perhaps with the help of EFT too), and aside from confidence, there are also plenty of logistics to prepare – signages, flyers, registration lists, etc.

Today I thought I would start with the flyer, which i decided to be simply an article about EFT, and since i’m giving out my namecards from work, so people can actually look me up at SY if they need actual counselling, I have decided that the article would even include something abt SY and its focus on MBM which stands for Mind Body Medicine – aside from increasing my exposure and connecting with new age folks, this first-time endeavour might help increase SY’s clientele number, and at least I would feel that I have done my part in repaying SY’s kindness to me. A win-win for all!

Again, was deliberating between writing my article on word processor and on blog. I chose the latter (at this point, i see the number 222 word count – not sure what it means but hope it’s a gd sign!) as i always feel more connected to people here, knowing that anyone can be led to my blog, and perhaps this would help me present the information in a more accessible, reader-friendly way.

Well, here goes!

Have you ever experienced a flash of anger that ended up ruining your whole day or even your entire week? Or perhaps you might have experienced a sense of loss that permeated all other areas of your life? Have you ever felt that your emotions tend to get the better of you, making it almost impossible for you to make good decisions that would benefit yourself and others?

Are emotions bad? No! Emotions are not only natural, but might even be necessary as they inform us about our unfulfilled needs. When you are feeling angry, it might mean that you feel that you have been unfairly treated which might be true or otherwise. Hence, acting upon this anger in a constructive manner can help you become more assertive with others and set healthy boundaries.

However, many of us get stuck when emotions become excessive, and instead of letting emotions guide us in taking positive steps to improve ourselves or the situation, they become obstacles to our spiritual growth. We become disconnected with our inner wisdom, make choices that increase our own misery and even that of others, and our energy gets drained by the resultant never-ending cycle of negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and the world.

Often, people come to therapy wanting to know how they can solve their problems. Yet, they neglect to see that staying in a state of anger, depression, guilt, etc would not enable them to solve their problems in a positive way. When the mind is confused and the heart is not peaceful, one will not be able to analyse the situation accurately or make the right move. Wanting to solve the problem is like trying to get rid of the weed by cutting it with a shear. As the roots are still growing, the weed will reappear after sometime. The best and most permanent way of solving the problem is by getting to the root of it – which is the negative beliefs and emotions.

Well, how do we clear those negative beliefs and emotions? There are MANY methods of doing this, and one method is by using Emotional Freedom Technique, or EFT for short, developed by Gary Craig from US, and fast growing in popularity around the world because it’s:

  • simple – even a 6 year old child can do it for him/herself!
  • effective – beginners can often have an over 50% success rate, while seasoned practitioners can have up to over 90% success rate
  • works on almost everything, from physical ailments e.g. chronic pains, wounds, to emotional or psychological symptoms e.g. depression, anxiety, phobias, to relationship troubles
  • natural – this technique allows the body to heal itself
  • shows rapid results that is nothing short of miraculous at times – a problem that has lasted for decades and where years of traditional psychotherapy has not helped, can be cleared within a few sessions, and at times, even within a single session or even a few minutes!
  • does not depend on the person’s belief in the technique – even skeptics have found great results with EFT
  • produce permanent results when done correctly

So what exactly is EFT and how does it work?

The principle behind EFT is that “the cause of all negative emotions is a disruption of the body’s energy system”. EFT is often described as “emotional accupuncture without needles” as it involves using the fingers to gently stimulate (by tapping, rubbing or touching) the main meridian points of the energy system, hence correcting any energy disruptions that is causing the emotional blockage. During this process, the person should be focusing on one specific problem as well as using the phrases involving self-acceptance, others-acceptance, positive affirmations, etc. Contrary to popular belief, this is not merely a “distraction technique” as millions of people who have tried it have obtained immediate and lasting results, which distraction tactics cannot achieve.

While EFT was first used for emotional problems, it was discovered that it works for physical problems too. This makes sense as we intuitively know that our emotions can manifest on a physical level and in recent years, science has caught up with this ancient wisdom, with studies that prove the mind-body connection. Today, most people know that chronic anger can lead to heart attacks and chronic depression can lead to cancer.

Here is a diagram of the meridian points used in the shortcut version of EFT which is just as effective as the original version.



1) Rate the intensity of your problem* on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the highest intensity.

2) Perform the Karate Chop by hitting the sides of your palms against each other, while focusing on the phrase “Even though (describe the problem), **I deeply and completely accept myself”  three times

3) Tap on the 9 meridian points (as shown in the diagram) while focusing the problem in your mind (it may be helpful to say it aloud if your mind tends to wander)

4) Rate the problem on a scale of 1 – 10 again to evaluate the improvement, if any.

5) Repeat the procedure until the problem reaches zero, or your preferred number.

*The problem that you do EFT for can be a physical sensation, emotion or belief. It has to be specific enough for you to see a significant result, as general problems such as “low self-esteem” would take much longer for results to show, simply because those general problems comprise many specific causes, all of which could be EFT-ed individually. An example of a specific problem would be “feeling angry because he called me names”, which includes both the emotion and the specific event causing the emotion.

**As not everyone is comfortable with the phrase “I deeply and completely accept myself”, using variations or add-ons can be helpful. Examples are:

  • I try to accept myself anyway
  • I am open to forgiving myself and other people who have contributed to this problem
  • I choose to feel confident/healthy/etc (any positive qualities that would help you manage this problem better)
  • I thank God (or any other higher power) for the resources I already have to manage this problem

While the technique is simple and can be used as a DIY technique by almost anyone, its extent of effectiveness will vary according to the person’s skills as there are certain tactics that differentiate the amateur and the advanced practitioner. A free 80-page beginner’s manual can be found on the main EFT website created by Gary Craig: On his website, you will also found thousands of testimonials and articles containing tips that will be helpful in improving your effectiveness in using this technique.

Beginners would find it a thrill to use EFT on simple problems that happen in everyday life because of its often instantaneous results – try it! However, it can be challenging to use EFT on ourselves for problems that are more deep-rooted due to our own blind spots and resistances. If you are unable to use EFT on certain problems, working with an experienced EFT practitioner can help to bring about much better results because of his or her objectivity, skill, and the synergy between 2 people.

You are welcomed to visit Booth 33 at the Holistic fair at Fort Canning Centre on 22 & 23 March 08, where I would be pleased to give you a demo and explain any queries that you may have. You may also email me at to find out more.

For private sessions, please visit Shan You Counselling Centre, a non-profit organisation that provides counselling services to the public, regardless of race, religion and ability to pay for our services. Aside from EFT, our trained counsellors at Shan You also uses other Mind-Body therapies such as breathing techniques, guided imagery, autogenic training, etc, to complement the therapy in a way that is best suited to the client’s unique needs and preferences, hence helping the client to achieve his or her goals for conselling.

About me. I firmly believe that the universe has led me to EFT so that I could use it to fulfill my life purpose of awakening others to the truths that lie within them. My understanding is that all problems can be traced back to one problem – the lack of self-acceptance, which is why I feel EFT works so well and why I am so passionate about using it in my work. I majored in social work at National University of Singapore and have been working at Shan You Counselling Centre since graduating in 2005. I am married to a frog and have a wonderful little boy.

Hmm… i was kidding about that last line, but then again,why not? Mr Gua Gua wld be happy to be finally recognsed… 🙂

Wow, have spent 2 over hours on this, and really don’t know if it works as a promotional article. To the readers of my blog, it’s time to stop being so silent. I love feedback and this is when i need it most. Please do drop a comment and tell me how you found this article. Which are the parts you found useful and interesting; which are the parts you found boring and unnecessary; how do you think it can be improved even more? Most importantly, does this article make you want to find out more about EFT, or try it out for yourself? Please please please DO make a comment… whether or not i manage to reach out to others successfully might depend on your input! 🙂

Btw, managed to find out what 222 stands for:

222–related to Ascension and resurrection itself, and is a sign that you are in the middle of a very important process relating to ascension, so look around you in your life, and pay attention to what is happening. It is important to you.

Well, i take it that participating in Holistic Festival this March is a gd sign!  


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  1. Ok, no one has left any comment so I will comment on myself first. It feels like it flows TOO well, that it doesn’t seem catchy enough. Maybe i need to bold/italicise/box up some parts or something so the info doesn’t seem so mundane. Somehow this article seem to be more suitable for a newsletter than a flyer – wonder if pple will actually read it at the festival if i pass it out there. May need to work on a more concise version.

  2. It sounds fine to me; but I’m a very poor reviewer of an advertising article; I usually don’t credit too much anything that comes to my hands unless some little guy that lives in the back of my mind tells me there might be something on it. Yet it has failed sometimes and maybe I have let go something good because it never sounded good enough to me. Ohhh wellll. There is the little fact that I already use EFT on myself and I know it is a powerful technique for emotional healing; so whatever is written about EFT is good for me. Aside from that I should only comment that it might be useful to point out that even though EFT has worked much better than conventional therapies on most cases, it is still at the experimental phase and any use of it should be at the sole risk of the person using it. I don’t know the people of Singapore, but right here, that kind of honesty brings more credibility to the technique.

  3. Thanks Bet. Was beginning to resign to the fact that no one will be replying despite my almost desperate cry for feedback (have tapped on the feeling of rejection!). I never tot of the point you mentioned so thanks for bringing it up. But is it really still at the experimental phase? I know Gary encourages experimentation with EFT, but i tot that only shows the power of EFT. I guess for me, this kind of statement would turn me off from the technique, cos i wldn’t want to risk trying out that is still in the experimental phase. Each to his own, but i’ll consider adding what you said to my article cos there will of cos be other pple like yourself. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. >Each to his own, but i’ll consider adding what you said to my article cos there will of cos be other pple like yourself.<

    Well, it’s not because of me. I only use what feels right for me. It’s about other people. I once saw that commented on one of Gary’s videos. One member of the audience made that comment, I don’t remember which one of the videos was it. But again, people at Singapore might have other ways, so this might be detrimental on an article right there. You might know better than me whether this is good to add or not.

  5. I believe diff pple, regardless of which part of the world you live, would have diff beliefs, but come to think of it, Gary emphasises often enough that pple can just try EFT out but he makes no promises about its results, and he also stresses that he’s not a licensed therapist. Ya, this makes me more convinced abt EFT than ever, so perhaps you’re right on this note, though i didn’t realise its effect on me till u mentioned it. Thx again!

  6. It was nice reading someone else’s blog on the effectiveness of EFT. I tie it in with organizing and other aspects of life.
    I use EFT almost daily to help me with any physical or emotional issue.
    Nice job but I didn’t see the diagram that you mentioned in the blog.

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