Past life regression

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The Ruth Eedy one didn’t turn out so good after all and i pounced on this one when i saw it – a $60 full-day intro to past life regression workshop by Andy Tomlinson, whom i have never heard of but is supposed to be one of the best in UK.

Today was the workshop and it was a day of synchronicities. I was running late and i tried not to create anxiety for myself and rehearsing my apologies for being late. I just focused on my affirmation of radiating love and peace and when i got to the lift, i saw a tall guy coming out. My first thought was, he’s here for the workshop too, but i dismissed this thought thinking it’s my own projection, assuming that everyone i see in this building is coming for the same purpose as me.

When i reached Hypnae Centre, they were having a meditation and i couldn’t go in. I was like shucks, as i thought the class would start late, cos usually that happens when i arrive late. In a few moments, the tall guy from the lift came, so i was right. As we both had to wait, we started talking and i told him i was a counsellor. He said, oh you might be interested in this process…. blah blah blah, i was eagerly waiting for him to give the name of this process, and when he finally did – The Journey…and it’s coming to Singapore in June, i nearly fainted.

I mentioned The Journey in this blog only very briefly but this book which i read a few weeks back (in 2 days cos i couldn’t put it down) made a huge impact on me and i swore to myself that i would meet Brandon Bays, the author, in a The Journey Intensive Weekend workshop this year. I went to check the schedule and the two most likely ones which were conducted by her were in Thailand and London sometime this year. I already told Mr Gua Gua and was very ready to save the money, borrow, whatever, and get necessary arrangement for little boy, go all the way there to do The Journey process and meet Brandon in person so i could give her a hug. I even took the time to print out the picture from the website (which involved cutting and pasting different parts together), which is now pinned up on my office cubicle wall, and i wrote abt my gratitude to the universe for the opportunity to meet Brandon Bays in 2008 (double underlined!).

But even for a manifestation freak like me, i was simply amazed by this synchronistic encounter, and the news of the possibility of doing The Journey right here in Singapore simply blew me away.

That’s not all, when we finally walked into the room, we had to take the row of chairs at the back where there was one guy sitting there. During the break, the lift guy, whom i’ll call S, talked to him, whom i’ll call R, and it seems like they were in the same bus, though S got lost and came much later. The 3 of us went for lunch together and i felt extraordinarily comfortable with these 2 guys despite having just met. S had many stories to share about The Journey and other healing modalities he came across on his extensive healing journey (that included a 9 months’ backpacking trip!), and i was milking him for more info about The Journey, which thankfully got his rave review as he compared it to the many other modalities he has encountered and felt it to be the most comprehensive and effective. This only confirmed that my strong urge to participate in The Journey workshop came right from the universe, one that i HAVE to answer to, no matter what.

During lunch, before we started on our food, we decided to play an intuition game by guessing each other’s ages. Unfortunately, both of them guessed my age to be 27. Awww…. haha….guess i do look more mature for my age. Anyway, i found out that R is actually my NUSBS great grand senior. Later, i also found out that R has been a SY volunteer before and works quite closely with VWOs. Cool!

Since R is around HS’s age, i asked him if he knew her, and he didn’t remember the name. After all, it’s been a long time. But surprisingly, (or maybe on hindsight, not so surprising since S seems like an expert in knowing all the healing modalities around) S knew HS and he has actually recently attended the Transformation Journey conducted by HS. Well, Mr Gua Gua and i just did one session with her on V-Day! The synchronicities were simply never ending…

Even later, at the end of the workshop, there were only a few of us left to find out more about the training offered by Andy Tomlinson. I came to chat with another young girl that i thought was still schooling. One of the first questions she asked me was, do i know about EFT. Geez… do i know EFT? It’s my PASSION, i told her. Turns out, she bought the entire library of DVDs too and *gasp* have already finished watching it last year and onto her second round. These DVDs consists of hundreds of hours, so this is no joke. However i think she’s not working, so i guess she prob has much more time for me to watch the DVDs. Nevertheless, we exchanged contact and i guess i have made yet another new friend. We had to bid farewell when someone was calling her Mummy. It was a 3-year-old little girl. Her husband and daughter came to meet her. I guess she’s not as young as she looked after all. Wow… an EFT enthusiast and with a girl 1 yr older than little boy. Guess the universe has answered my call for meeting like-minded pple by getting me to come to today’s workshop. 🙂

My call for meeting spiritual teachers was also answered today. Andy was amazing! He’s British (i just decided officially that i love the British) with the typical wry, quiet humour that elicits genuine chuckles from the audience, and he reminds me of Santa Claus with that twinkle in his eyes and wise, kindly look, albeit without the paunch and the white hair and beard. I also felt like i was meeting an older version of Brian Weiss, cos what he said was very similar to what Brian Weiss talked about in his books, with regards to the truths from the Masters/Elders that he encountered while doing past life regression work with clients. In fact, he described the soul journey, the contract stage, etc with such detail and in a matter-of-fact way, that i felt like he really KNOWS what it’s all about.

And it’s really interesting, what he talked about, that actually upon a person’s death (or in new age terms, crossing over), the person is greeted by his members of his soul group who may manifest themselves in forms that are familiar to the person (e.g. family from the most recent lifetime) to make him feel welcome, and they have a big reunion celebration. So death is really a reuniting with your soul group, a returning to your true home. Whereas birth, is the only thing the soul feels “sad” about (if they really do feel sad at all) cos it means having to leave the soul group and enter Earth which would be a challenging place to live in.

He talked abt many other things that seemed more like a spiritual teaching of what Earth and the spirit realm is all about rather than an intro to past life regression, and everything he said resonated deeply in me. One thing he said that i have never heard before was, in response to a question of what it means by an old soul, he said he doesn’t like to use the term old soul or advanced soul because it seems to mean that that particular person with an old soul is more special than others, which is not the case in the spirit realm. There, they just perceive it as some souls having more experience than others, and those with more experience have more to share but this does not make them better in any way. This comment, and many others he made, made me feel like he’s the wisest and most non-judgmental teacher i have ever met.

He also said that the biggest challenge facing humanity today (a question he asked the Masters while in touch with them during his work) was focusing too much on the materialism and not looking into the spiritual side of things. He also said, that in the next 4 years, it is very impt to awaken as many beings as possible (this confirmed yet again what i believe abt the year 2012), and this past life regression work can be very powerful in achieving that cos of the insight and healing that is possible from doing such work. When i heard that, i was like yes, yes, YES…. and i knew that no matter what, i am going to take up his training, and the universe is just going to send me the 5K in one way or another.

As a interesting side note abt my own experience of my past life experience. I saw myself in China as a beggar orphan girl walking in the marketplace begging for food and eventually starving to death. Well, this would explain why is it that i am always anxious about how my next meal is going to come and putting in special effort to make sure it IS going to come, and why i am such a glutton, and why there was a period of time when it seemed like i couldn’t stop eating and would be VERY happy whenever it was meal time (and no i wasn’t depressed, perhaps only very mildly). And now Mr Gua Gua, you can understand why i would get so mad at you whenever you procrastinate on buying me food or eat more than what i perceived to be your share. Though i wonder why is it that YOU are very happy just to watch me eat. I didn’t experience enough of that past life (or others) for this aspect to be explained. Hmm…

Well, i can’t wait to see Andy again when he comes back to Singapore to give the training this end of May. I have never experienced this wish to just be close to a person before, in a teacher-student way. He seems like this kind father who is wise and has many things to teach, and there are times when he seems to be looking straight into my eyes for a long time as if our souls recognise each other.

Well, my next step is certainly to find the chance to ask SY whether THEY are ready for past life regression, because i know that this is next in line for me (hah… i just remembered that only a few days ago, an affirmation i received from the cards was, i am open and receptive to my next step in life), and i’m doing this, whether in an organisation or in private. I manifest that by the end of this year, i would be doing past life regression and helping to awaken many many others even more powerfully, and everything i need would be given for this to happen. And so it is!


Goodnight little boy!

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Dear little boy,

These days, Mummy hasn’t been spending much time playing with you – i have been so busy with household chores, preparing good food for you as well as for myself and Papa, work, courses, her own stuff, that it’s been some time that we really played together. So today after my course, i decided against my original plan of going swimming and came home earlier to spend some time with you instead.

It was a great decision, for we ended up having so much fun! First we played the fishing game, where you still hooked your fish the same way (pull out from the “sea” and then hook it onto your fishing rod), and then offered your fingers as bait as well, so in the end, you had “fish fingers” – 4 fishes biting all the fingers of your hand. You insisted Mummy do the same, so we fooled around like this for a while. When we had enough, it was nice that you helped Mummy put the fishes back into the sea.

After that you went to Mummy’s bag to do some treasure digging, and you found my “umbre-ah”. You asked me to open, and fortunately Mummy never believed in those superstitions where it is considered unlucky to open an umbrella indoors (from The Bookworm Club series… doubt you would ever get to read it!). We had fun playing umbrella peekaboo after that. You were extremely tickled by this game and Mummy kept playing just so i could hear those adorable peals of laughter coming from you.

Next, you wanted to nurse ALREADY and as usual, it was self-service – you just unbuttoned Mummy’s shirt and helped yourself to what you wanted. I know it’s no longer milk you want (doubt there’s much left!), but just the feeling of closeness and warmth, and i suppose you wanted to make up for the days of not really being able to play with me. So we just did it in your little boy room, and for no reason, i had the urge to sing Green Tara’s song and i did. It was quite a sweet moment, with you hugging me tightly while you nursed, and me feeling Green Tara’s energy around us. Then i suddenly asked you if you would like to have a little sister, as Green Tara is bringing you one very soon (no less than 9 months though!), and if you would like to be a kor kor. You smiled, and i really wonder if you understood my question, but you know what, i think you would make such a fantastic kor kor, and your mei mei would probably love you to pieces. Hopefully Green Tara will bring mei mei soon, yeah?

Well, the delivery guy with Papa and Mummy’s dinner brought an end to our nursing session, and afterwards, we were going to start on a book when Papa came home. These days Papa has managed to get back into your good books by spending quality playtime with you after coming home instead of switching on the tv or doing his own stuff. Before, you used to ignore him or refuse to give him hugs and kisses at bedtime, but in the last 2 days, after just a simple play session with Papa where you really giggled and laughed together with him, you willingly gave him hugs and kisses at bedtime, and that’s after you very reluctantly ended your play session with Papa cos you were having the greatest fun.

After realising how easy it really is to make you happy, Papa has been putting more effort in spending quality time playing with you, and this evening, he decided to teach you how magic tricks. For Mummy, watching Papa’s magic tricks was ridiculously and hilariously absurd but i think you were both amused and amazed! Papa managed to teach you how to wave the magic wand (a screw driver) over whatever prop he was using while giving the appropriate sound effects. After a few times, you wanted to try doing the magic tricks yourself, and while Mummy found Papa’s magic tricks very cheapskate, i must hand it to Papa’s creativity in distracting your attention and even with his standard of sleight-of-hand abilities, he was still able to sneak in and out the prop to complete the illusion of appearance and disappearance. It was hilarious watching the 2 of you! Mummy should have taken a video but i was busy eating dinner, and i must say, this was really good dinner entertainment, better than watching tv!

During the evening, there were moments of misbehaviour, like hitting and throwing. However i would give you a 80% genuine horrified look, and when you realised i was seriously turned off by your behaviour, you would come over and throw yourself into my arms, either apologising or showing repentance and asking for forgiveness. Of cos i couldn’t stay cross at you after that! I would hug you tenderly and then tell you not to do it again, and you would look into my eyes sincerely. Well, boys would be boys and i wldn’t expect that your misbehaviours would not repeat, but for now, i’m satisfied that you obviously care too much abt Mummy for your misbehaviours to last long. Thank you!

It was finally bedtime and this evening, like the previous 2, you very willingly gave Papa, and of cos Mummy, hugs and kisses. Your bears wanted a hug too and you gave them big hugs. Then you made a bed for Pooga Bear to lie upon and you started patting him to sleep which is a first for you. You wanted Mummy to lie down on the designated bolster as well, and then you started patting Mummy to sleep, just like how i think Popo or Mak Mak pats you to sleep during your daytime nap. Papa and Mummy were so touched by the sweetness of your actions, and it took us a couple of minutes to realise that you were also singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to make me sleep, cos you went “tinkle tinkle ee-er TAR”. Papa sang along with you, and you managed to catch the words “how” and “up”… i think very soon, you would be singing the entire song with perfect pronunciation! Next, it was Papa’s turn, and you walked around Mummy to pat him to sleep as well. I started to sit up but you came back and with a few firm pats on the bolster, ordered me to go back to sleep, and you started patted me and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star again. I have to say, it was sure nice having the tables turned in this manner and i felt so nurtured and cared for with your patting and singing that if it continued long enough, i might just fall asleep for real! I told Papa that you would make such a great kor kor, and he whole-heartedly agreed. We can already imagine you doing this for your little sister, and i guess Mummy can handover this job to you (on top of diaper changing, bathing, etc etc…. haha, just joking!).

You were so happy patting and singing us to sleep that you forbade us from rising and it looked like you were going to have another super duper late bedtime. Then Mummy told you to “drink milk milk” and thank goodness, it worked like a spell. Immediately, you came to me wanting your milk milk (now this is the REAL magic :P), so it was goodnight Papa and byeeeeeee…..

Good night little boy! Papa and Mummy love you so very much…. may you have the sweetest of dreams!



Saint Francis Prayer

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Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.

Where there is hatred, let me sow love;

Where there is injury, pardon;

Where there is doubt, faith;

Where there is despair, hope;

Where there is darkness, light;

Where there is sadness, joy.

O divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek

To be consoled as to console,

To be understood as to understand,

To be loved as to love;

For it is in giving that we receive;

It is in pardoning that we are pardoned;

It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.


Saint Francis of Assisi

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