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February 1, 2008 at 2:17 am | Posted in Manifestations, Rantings and ravings, The Miracles | 9 Comments

The last few days have been emotionally intense and physically tiring for me, hence the absence from blogging. Had a gigantic row with my mum which was very unexpected, in terms of the intensity of my anger towards her and the huge amt of sadness i felt after that. Even days after, i could still feel the tension running up and down my body, and my shoulders and chest were feeling achy and sore.

I went for an emergency healing session with HS – thank gdness for her aspiration to be a bodhisattva, like Kwan Yin, whose qualities include being able to render help to anybody at anytime, hence despite the last min appointment, she readily agreed to meet me. I didn’t know what kind of session to ask from her – reiki, past life regression, tarot reading or whatever. In the end, she felt intuitive counselling wld be most helpful to me, and i felt likewise too.

Well, it was basically sitting across each other with eyes closed, so both of us could tap into our intuition. I surprised myself by crying very deeply, the kind that came right from the chest. HS said there are many types of crying, and mine sounds the kind of grief. Logically, it shldn’t be, but instinctively, i felt she described my inner state perfectly. I didn’t know what i was grieving for, but HS, as usual, hit the nail on the head when she intuitively felt that my soul was grieving for the loss of inner peace and connection.

Even though at the start of the session, i was pouring out my woes about so many different things to her, just that alone summed up perfectly the essence of the pain i was feeling, that seemed out of proportion to an argument with my mum.

HS also put it very correctly when she said that i reacted so badly to my mum’s criticism because i was already judging myself all along. And because i was judging myself, even if people were not really trying to criticise me but were just giving their views and observations, i wld take it as a judgment. A simple but profound truth, that she stated so well that i immediately realised that i was indeed my biggest obstacle.

Well, i left the session feeling lighter, calmer, and motivated to chant om mani padme hung as well as create a sacred space at home, as suggested by HS. Both of us cld see that i really needed the daily cultivation for i was a much more emotionally stable person during university days when i was actively involved in Buddhist activities and doing daily meditation.

And i’m glad to say that since our session last Sun, i have been taking her advice to heart. My sacred space is now a shawl placed on the bedroom floor, where i sit on a meditation cushion and do my chanting. Synchronistically, just a couple weeks back, Mr Gua Gua bought something that came with a free nightlight. I rolled my eyes when i first saw it, thinking, not another useless product, but i cldn’t deny that its warm glow made the room feel cosy. Still, we only used it the first night. Now, since little boy is sleeping in the room so i cannot switch on the main light, i use the nightlight so i can read from my chanting book, and the light feels both safe and comforting, which helps me imagine the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas shining their light on me, encouraging me to strive on in my practice.

So past 2 days, while my shoulders are still achy and i seem to be slightly more tired, i think i’m pretty much back to my normal self. In fact i have some happy news to share!

Firstly, i think my new year manifestation for meeting like-minded pple have been manifested in more ways than one. First, is the nice mummy staying just one floor below, with a daughter who’s 7 mths younger than little boy. She’s easy to get along with, despite her being Taiwanese and my Mandarin not very good, and we have taken walks with our little ones before, even gone to Alantiscity together once. Second, is a new colleague who just joined us at the beginning of this year. I had a chat with her and out of curiosity, asked her abt her backgrd as i knew she only recently came back from New Zealand. After she made sure my intentions were true, she gave me a pretty detailed account of her history, and i found out that she had so many things in common with me: interest in new age, quit her honours year in NUS, believes in conservation, etc. One amazing thing was she has completed the 5PATH/7Path hypnosis course with the other certified teacher in Singapore (there are only 2) which is the same course i’m currently attending. This course is quite new in Singapore so imagine the odds of meeting a new colleague who has already completed it!

I shared with her in email after our chat, that the moment i saw her, i felt she would be a positive presence in SY, and indeed, after our chat, i totally confirm my suspicion, cos she’s that kind of do-gooder, raise the world consciousness kind. Not sure if she knows of the term lightworker, but to me, she is a lightworker through and through! As she told me so much abt herself, i shared with her abt my booth in the upcoming holistic fair and gave her an EFT demo, and she’s kind enough to say she will come and visit me at the fair to give me a her support. That makes her the 3rd person so far, and it’s really nice to have such support, since this is my virgin experience. Even though her cubicle is across the office, and somehow, i feel a bit shy about chatting with her in office, i have a feeling that with time, we will become very gd friends. In fact, i forwarded a few pple including her,  an email about the upcoming Ruth Eedy past life regression and she was the only person who was interested in attending. Well, i have been telling Mr Gua Gua about her so i’m looking forward to him getting to see her in person. Sure looking forward to the past life regression workshop!

The 3rd person is someone who read my entry on EFT DVDs and asked me to burn the DVDs for her. Turned out she lives in UK, so i gotta ship it to her – all 70 of them, after i’m done with the copying! I almost succumbed to the temptation of trying to make profits from this, totally forgetting my initial altruism in just wanting to spread the word on EFT. Thank gdness Mr Gua Gua reminded me of my original intentions, so i’m just gonna charge her for the cost of the blank DVDs and a little more for the time involved, cos burning 70 DVDs is no joke! Anyway, we exchanged a few emails and it seems like we have a few things in common too. Aside from EFT, she is also a psychotherapist, and her fave books include Conversations with God, plus she is also inclined towards Buddhist teachings, and she liked my email signature which happened to be a verse from Diamond Sutra. We have agreed to become EFT partners, and exchange sharings and feedback about our EFT learnings. Yeh!

Another gd news is that I have managed to get SY to sponsor my booth for the holistic living festival, and i just need to promote SY on top of my EFT, which is not very different from what i intended to do anyway. This means i can now give free EFT demos without worrying about breaking even and all those tedious money business, and this means more people will be attracted to know about EFT, which also means more potential clients for SY. Talk about win-win! My initial proposal to the MC was for them to sponsor half, if i were to promote more about SY as well, so it was really a surprise to get their full sponsorship instead, especially when the night before, i dreamt that i got an email from the president who expressed disinterest in both EFT and the holistic festival. Guess that was one of those dreams where the opposite happens in reality. Whew!

I’m really in high spirits these days, and a lot of it is thanks to another book i’m currently engrossed in – In the Presence of High Beings: What the Dolphins Want Us to Know. This book popped out at me in the library and i wasn’t even browsing that section, and while i’m not particularly into dolphins, this book seemed intriguing enough for me to add it to my collection on the spot. It is turning out to be such an inspirational, mind-boggling read, for the author described so many amazing personal encounters with these spiritual masters in animal form that involved forming of DNA helixes with bubbles, telepathy communication, the dolphins’ love for music and children, their healing powers, etc. Now i wish to be able to one day swim with wild dolphins as well.

As i was reading the book, i recalled that during my 7 Path session where we are supposed to look out for thoughts that come after we state an affirmation in our minds, one of the first images that i got was a dolphin jumping out of the water. I wasn’t a dolphin lover, though i do appreciate their beauty and intelligence, so this was an unusual image for me. My teacher was impressed to hear about it, and she said something about the significance of dolphins which i can’t rem now, except that it’s a gd thing, and a sign of spiritual awakening.

I have a feeling that it’s all connected somehow – the image i got, this book that found me (not the other way rd!), and guess my excitement when i came to a chapter in the book where the author actually mentioned energy therapies i.e. tapping/EFT. She have been observing and wondering about the dolphins’ healing abilities, and she also noticed their ability to transmit sonar energy. She also noticed that she would often feel tapping sensations on her body when swimming with them, so she started to wonder if the dolphins were sending out sonar energy to the merdien points of those swimming with them, with the intention of healing their physical and emotional ailments. After finding out about energy therapies, she was astounded by how similar it seems to be to the tapping she got from the dolphins which made her a believer of energy therapies, especially since the results gotten from the latter was comparable to the healing effects from swimming with dolphins, in both extent and efficacy.

Well, i don’t need any more convincing abt EFT, but reading this definitely gave me a tremendous sense of thrill. Imagining having a tool in my hands that is comparable to the healing abilities of these wonderful creatures!

I guess i really have to thank the universe for giving me such undeniable signs about my path in using EFT to help others. I will never ever forget that moment when i saw EFT written on a piece of paper in a changing cubicle in the reflection of the mirror. What was really written was the number 773, but both 7s were written in different ways, so that when reflected, looked like F and T. That was my surest sign that the universe is calling my attention to this technique. And they made it easy for me to start training myself in it, by getting Mr Gua Gua to buy it years ago (and never watched it himself!), which i found out only after i mentioned EFT to him. Then, when i got discouraged with my lack of results with EFT on myself, the universe sent dear Betsemes to my aid, who somehow said the right words to inspire me to give EFT a second chance.

And now? My dreams are getting bigger every moment, and it seems like they are being realised one by one, starting with my wish to have EFT recognised by the centre, and to have people looking for me specially to have EFT work done on them, which may happen very soon, after my holistic festival booth.

Well, this dolphin book has a section specially dedicated to steps to actualising your goals, and the very first step is to select and yearn for your dreams, which basically means define your goals clearly and have the strongest wish for them to be realised.

So, it’s manifesting time! Here are my most updated goals for the very NEAR future. 🙂

  • Have fun at the holistic festival and radiate the most positive kind of energy so that countless of pple would be drawn to my booth and want to know more about EFT as well as try out the EFT demos
  • Present EFT to my colleagues, again in a fun but informative way, so that they know more about it aside from the fact that it’s got to do with tapping and i’m crazy about it.
  • Give EFT workshops, so that people can learn the basic recipe, some good tips to go with it, experience results with it with the help of Borrowing Benefits (tapping along with the person having the demo to obtain relief for your own problem… somehow it works!) and be inspired enough to go home and use EFT on themselves and others
  • Be confident enough to use EFT with EVERY client, even if they have never heard of EFT before and i think they may be skeptical about it. After all, I gotta give the skeptics a chance so that they can give me a chance. 🙂
  • Training my fellow colleagues to do EFT on their clients. It’s such an easy technique, that even when i was starting out with it, i cld see some results, though of cos i’m seeing much better results now with added knowledge and experience. So i’m hoping that when the EFT name grows and clients start coming in wanting EFT, colleagues would like me to hold proper training sessions for them, and i wld be super happy to. (Of cos there wld be ego related issues here, but i’m not gonna focus on that, and hopefully they would naturally be whisked away to somewhere faraway)
  • Become an EFT trainer who gets invited to external agencies to do training for their counsellors and therapists. I know… this is a BIG dream, and some pple may raise their eyebrows reading this, but it’s ok. It’s gd exercise for the eyebrows… and gd exercise for my own mind. I always believed that you gotta reach for the moon, and even if you miss, you will get the stars. But of cos, i AM gonna get the moon… after all, i AM the moon (refer to old entry).
  • Hold support groups where EFT is used, for trauma victims, violence perpetuators, basically those with deep-rooted wounds who would benefit in a group setting. I just got this idea today, as my colleague recently shared about a course he attended, on groupwork with violent men. Some limitations of groupwork such as having to admit your problems in front of others, which is especially taboo in our culture, can actually be overcome with EFT, cos you don’t even need to voice out your problem to be able to use EFT on it. Gary Craig has demonstrated so many times that he could help the person find relief even without knowing that person’s problem, which i must say is millions better than certain therapies where you spend session after session digging for details, and perhaps the client has more “insight” into why he is the way he is now, but still lives his life the same as before, cos knowing isn’t the same as being, and until those emotional blockages are removed, it can be very hard to connect to our wise, compassionate being.
  • Of cos, my ultimate goal is to be a EFT Master, but i have also been thinking if this is just an ego thing, wanting a big title, to be recognised by others to be the best of the best. I guess my ego does want that, and well, isn’t that the nature of ego? At least this still serves to benefit others in some way, though of cos, my higher self knows that whether or not i become an EFT Master, it’s enough to be able to help others with EFT. I may or may not attract more clients even after becoming an EFT Master, cos it all depends on how well-known EFT becomes in Singapore. Of cos, with my plans, i do believe that EFT will become a household name in the next 10 years, right next to SFT and CBT and other popular therapies.

While i’m at it, i might as well list other goals:

  • Have my intuition open FULLY so that i can connect to my inner wisdom and that of my clients, and be able to go with the flow with ease and joy
  • Same as my New Year manifestation, to be part of a spiritual community whom i can trust to support my spiritual evolution. I have been thinking about this and it seems like right now, it’s really unlikely i can take out even more time of my life to join any spiritual groups, so perhaps my spiritual community would have to be at my workplace. My current colleagues are a pretty spiritual bunch, though with their own beliefs and practices. One day, i wld suggest organising a daily meditation session, optional of cos, at the start or end of the day, or maybe even lunchtime, where we could just sit and meditate/pray/relax together as a group. Wldn’t that do wonders for the office atmosphere and team bonding? Well, this is def something worth looking into… if my spiritual community are indeed my colleagues, my work would be something close to heavenly work!
  • Work on my issues and get them cleared on by one. I know i still have many fears, irrational but nevertheless very substantial in their presence, which really hinders me from being the best that i could be. Too bad i’m lazy to use EFT on myself… EFT really does seem to work better with the support of another person. So praying for plenty of abundance from the universe so i could afford self-devt/spiritual courses, as well as praying to meet teachers (not necessarily in the form of a teacher of cos) who would, with wisdom and compassion, help me overcome my delusions.

Well, due to time constraints, i gotta stop here. But one more thing to share. I was thinking all about my booth while nursing little boy to sleep, and i decided to do EFT for the lack of inspiration on how to set up my booth. Just after one round of EFT, which i’m not even sure i completed cos i did it in my head and my mind tends to wander, i got this amazing idea of having some kind of manequin or doll displayed on the table, with the EFT points indicated on them using stickers or something. Of cos, i asked myself, where to find a manequin, and i was also thinking the kinds used in wig shops can be kinda scary looking. Then i thought of our very own Tickle Me Elmo, whose arms can be moved up so i could indicate the under armpit point. I can’t believe such an idea came to me, so it must be due to EFT. Elmo sitting on my table with EFT points indicated on him wld definitely attract quite a few pple to the booth! But i may use another blue robot toy, cos some pple actually don’t like Elmo, and the blue robot has eyebrows, which makes it easier to indicate the eyebrow point. Haha…hopefully little boy wld allow me to use his toys for the holistic festival. 🙂



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  1. >>Then, when i got discouraged with my lack of results with EFT on myself, the universe sent dear Betsemes to my aid, who somehow said the right words to inspire me to give EFT a second chance<>Of cos, my ultimate goal is to be a EFT Master, but i have also been thinking if this is just an ego thing, wanting a big title, to be recognised by others to be the best of the best.<>Become an EFT trainer who gets invited to external agencies to do training for their counsellors and therapists. I know… this is a BIG dream, and some pple may raise their eyebrows reading this, but it’s ok. It’s gd exercise for the eyebrows…<<
    It’s a good exercise for MY eyebrows.
    Just kidding 🙂 Go for it!

  2. It deleted my comments!!! Grrrr!!! let me do it again.
    “Then, when i got discouraged with my lack of results with EFT on myself, the universe sent dear Betsemes to my aid, who somehow said the right words to inspire me to give EFT a second chance”
    Wow, I’m glad of having helped you.

    “Of cos, my ultimate goal is to be a EFT Master, but i have also been thinking if this is just an ego thing, wanting a big title, to be recognised by others to be the best of the best.”
    Have you thought on doing EFT on this?
    Even though my ultimate goal is to be a EFT Master, but this is just an ego thing…..
    Even though I want a big title…..
    Even though I want to be recognised by others to be the best of the best…..
    “Become an EFT trainer who gets invited to external agencies to do training for their counsellors and therapists. I know… this is a BIG dream, and some pple may raise their eyebrows reading this, but it’s ok. It’s gd exercise for the eyebrows…”
    It’s a good exercise for MY eyebrows.
    Just kidding 🙂 Go for it!

  3. >Wow, I’m glad of having helped you.
    >Have you thought on doing EFT on this?
    You did, and you still do. Your EFT suggestions are always a needed reminder- somehow it is not always apparent to me that all my doubts can be tapped on. Duh! But i guess that’s the point about needing EFT partners, to help each other see blind spots. Though you have def been the more active one in this partnership… sorry abt that, and thanks v much! 😛

  4. Actually, you are in disadvantage on this partnership since I constantly am reading your blog while on the other hand I keep everything to myself. But I actually am used to set aside a time for TAT (the technique of my choice) and I then revise my goals and my day while on the pose. So I might not need reminders, althought I might actually need them and just cannot see the need (a blind spot).

  5. Really? Well, as long as we both see benefits from having this partnership. 🙂 I guess we have diff needs. You’re a lot more motivated than i am in working on own issues, so perhaps we inspire each other in our own way. I have yet to really go into TAT yet. Will explore more on that when i’m ready to.

  6. Hmmm, now that I read your last comment, I can say that I do take something from reading your blog. You constantly are blogging about your life, your goals, and projects; and that makes me more mindful of my own life and goals. Reading your blog is fascinating. It allows me to view life through a female’s perspective and I find myself many times relating with your feelings and attitudes. Maybe you know already that I usually don’t relate with what most men think or feel while I do with female thoughts and feelings even though I’m a man. Sometimes that brings some slight depressive feelings to me since I feel I was forced to fit a mold for which I was not made. Usually I confront those feelings with TAT and I do long TAT sessions to clear them up. Maybe I would be much happier if people would be able to understand me; but I’m too much afraid to explain myself and I doubt whether that would make any difference at all. Your last post on the visit of two little girls left me a bit depressed again. I’m sure this will be the main subject of tonight’s TAT session. I know I might be sounding as complaining, maybe I am. And maybe I should tap on “being embarrased of complaining and voicing my feelings”; well, with TAT we don’t tap, but that’s the idea.

  7. Hi Bet, i don’t know if i think like the typical woman cos i have been told more than once that i’m more masculine than feminine. Anyway, the gender diff is overhyped. We are essentially all the same, the stuff we think and feel are all what makes us human beings, though maybe in this culture, women are more open to talk abt them, whereas men are taught to repress them so they won’t be taught as weak. But it doesn’t mean they don’t have the same thoughts and feelings too!

    Still, i don’t know your life experience and i don’t wish to invalidate your experiences. But do see your awareness of your feelings and thoughts as a strength. I also wish to be understood by pple, and i guess this is why i blog so damn much! At least i know whoever visits actually wants to read. I too have the problem of being embarrassed of complaining and voicing my feelings… but blogging is fine cos i don’t feel like i’m imposing on anyone. You can feel free to “bleah” in email to me… i can’t promise that i can commment on everything you say, but i’ll be happy to provide a “listening ear”.

  8. Hello, seems like you are more masculine than average for a female and I’m more feminine than average for a male. I have read this is an indigo trait. I don’t think I have ever had a time when I was unaware of my feelings althought I’m now more aware of them than ever. Maybe I see myself too much feminine because I’m male and I “should” be masculine; but maybe I’m more inbetween both genres. This makes me think that this is maybe why I relate so frequently with what you write on your blog. I’m also aware that I have things in common with males too, so maybe it’s just that I’m noticing my female side more frequently because that’s the side that wants to show up and be recognized, maybe sick of being hidden away. At least, I often feel hurt when females can do some things while males cannot.

    I find it interesting that I prefer TAT over EFT. I once read that EFT is like yang while TAT is like yin. EFT is more active and goal oriented while TAT is more contemplative and passive.

  9. Hey that last part is really interesting. Very reflective of the founders’ personalities too, don’t you think, at least from the few minutes i got of the TAT lady from the EFT DVDs. Maybe this explains also why we prefer one to another. Well, it’s gd that we have this partnership that has the yin and yang balanced up and hopefully harmonized. 🙂

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