Goodnight little boy!

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Dear little boy,

These days, Mummy hasn’t been spending much time playing with you – i have been so busy with household chores, preparing good food for you as well as for myself and Papa, work, courses, her own stuff, that it’s been some time that we really played together. So today after my course, i decided against my original plan of going swimming and came home earlier to spend some time with you instead.

It was a great decision, for we ended up having so much fun! First we played the fishing game, where you still hooked your fish the same way (pull out from the “sea” and then hook it onto your fishing rod), and then offered your fingers as bait as well, so in the end, you had “fish fingers” – 4 fishes biting all the fingers of your hand. You insisted Mummy do the same, so we fooled around like this for a while. When we had enough, it was nice that you helped Mummy put the fishes back into the sea.

After that you went to Mummy’s bag to do some treasure digging, and you found my “umbre-ah”. You asked me to open, and fortunately Mummy never believed in those superstitions where it is considered unlucky to open an umbrella indoors (from The Bookworm Club series… doubt you would ever get to read it!). We had fun playing umbrella peekaboo after that. You were extremely tickled by this game and Mummy kept playing just so i could hear those adorable peals of laughter coming from you.

Next, you wanted to nurse ALREADY and as usual, it was self-service – you just unbuttoned Mummy’s shirt and helped yourself to what you wanted. I know it’s no longer milk you want (doubt there’s much left!), but just the feeling of closeness and warmth, and i suppose you wanted to make up for the days of not really being able to play with me. So we just did it in your little boy room, and for no reason, i had the urge to sing Green Tara’s song and i did. It was quite a sweet moment, with you hugging me tightly while you nursed, and me feeling Green Tara’s energy around us. Then i suddenly asked you if you would like to have a little sister, as Green Tara is bringing you one very soon (no less than 9 months though!), and if you would like to be a kor kor. You smiled, and i really wonder if you understood my question, but you know what, i think you would make such a fantastic kor kor, and your mei mei would probably love you to pieces. Hopefully Green Tara will bring mei mei soon, yeah?

Well, the delivery guy with Papa and Mummy’s dinner brought an end to our nursing session, and afterwards, we were going to start on a book when Papa came home. These days Papa has managed to get back into your good books by spending quality playtime with you after coming home instead of switching on the tv or doing his own stuff. Before, you used to ignore him or refuse to give him hugs and kisses at bedtime, but in the last 2 days, after just a simple play session with Papa where you really giggled and laughed together with him, you willingly gave him hugs and kisses at bedtime, and that’s after you very reluctantly ended your play session with Papa cos you were having the greatest fun.

After realising how easy it really is to make you happy, Papa has been putting more effort in spending quality time playing with you, and this evening, he decided to teach you how magic tricks. For Mummy, watching Papa’s magic tricks was ridiculously and hilariously absurd but i think you were both amused and amazed! Papa managed to teach you how to wave the magic wand (a screw driver) over whatever prop he was using while giving the appropriate sound effects. After a few times, you wanted to try doing the magic tricks yourself, and while Mummy found Papa’s magic tricks very cheapskate, i must hand it to Papa’s creativity in distracting your attention and even with his standard of sleight-of-hand abilities, he was still able to sneak in and out the prop to complete the illusion of appearance and disappearance. It was hilarious watching the 2 of you! Mummy should have taken a video but i was busy eating dinner, and i must say, this was really good dinner entertainment, better than watching tv!

During the evening, there were moments of misbehaviour, like hitting and throwing. However i would give you a 80% genuine horrified look, and when you realised i was seriously turned off by your behaviour, you would come over and throw yourself into my arms, either apologising or showing repentance and asking for forgiveness. Of cos i couldn’t stay cross at you after that! I would hug you tenderly and then tell you not to do it again, and you would look into my eyes sincerely. Well, boys would be boys and i wldn’t expect that your misbehaviours would not repeat, but for now, i’m satisfied that you obviously care too much abt Mummy for your misbehaviours to last long. Thank you!

It was finally bedtime and this evening, like the previous 2, you very willingly gave Papa, and of cos Mummy, hugs and kisses. Your bears wanted a hug too and you gave them big hugs. Then you made a bed for Pooga Bear to lie upon and you started patting him to sleep which is a first for you. You wanted Mummy to lie down on the designated bolster as well, and then you started patting Mummy to sleep, just like how i think Popo or Mak Mak pats you to sleep during your daytime nap. Papa and Mummy were so touched by the sweetness of your actions, and it took us a couple of minutes to realise that you were also singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to make me sleep, cos you went “tinkle tinkle ee-er TAR”. Papa sang along with you, and you managed to catch the words “how” and “up”… i think very soon, you would be singing the entire song with perfect pronunciation! Next, it was Papa’s turn, and you walked around Mummy to pat him to sleep as well. I started to sit up but you came back and with a few firm pats on the bolster, ordered me to go back to sleep, and you started patted me and singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star again. I have to say, it was sure nice having the tables turned in this manner and i felt so nurtured and cared for with your patting and singing that if it continued long enough, i might just fall asleep for real! I told Papa that you would make such a great kor kor, and he whole-heartedly agreed. We can already imagine you doing this for your little sister, and i guess Mummy can handover this job to you (on top of diaper changing, bathing, etc etc…. haha, just joking!).

You were so happy patting and singing us to sleep that you forbade us from rising and it looked like you were going to have another super duper late bedtime. Then Mummy told you to “drink milk milk” and thank goodness, it worked like a spell. Immediately, you came to me wanting your milk milk (now this is the REAL magic :P), so it was goodnight Papa and byeeeeeee…..

Good night little boy! Papa and Mummy love you so very much…. may you have the sweetest of dreams!




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