You’re two!

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Dear little boy,

This is a belated birthday letter to you as I have been busy with work lately. Sometimes i’m grateful that there are so many people who shower you with so much love, because it makes Mummy less bad about not spending enough time with you, since she knows that you are well taken care and well loved by many other pple.

And this was clearly evidenced by your birthday. It was a simple birthday celebration, where Popo, Gong Gong, Yi Yi, Mak Mak, Ye Ye, Xiao Gu Jie, Da Gu Jie and Gu Jiong all came over to celebrate your birthday with you. You were obviously excited, so much so that at first you were practically ignoring all of us, and just going about doing your own things. I guess all that attention was a bit too much to take, and we were indeed all giving you our attention. After all, you were the VIP of the day!

In preparation of this special day, we taught you how to gesture number 2. So by the time this day arrived, when you were asked how old are you, you were able to proudly hold up your 2 fingers and say 2 years old (though it sounded more like 2 er O)! The night before, Mummy also rehearsed the birthday song and birthday cake cutting with you. Using your drum and drumsticks, we practised singing the birthday song together, both English and Mandarin version, and you kept on wanting to blow the candles way before the songs ended. Mummy practically had to punctuate each line with, WAIT, because your cheeks were already puffed out with air, ready to blow the imaginary flame on your pretend candles. You just love blowing candles! But you did wait, and when Mummy finally finished singing the birthday song and told you, NOW, you happily blew. Then you practised cutting the cake, using a fan as the knife, and we went through this whole routine a few rounds because you enjoyed it so much, so you got the whole routine hands down.

Needless to say, when it came to the real thing, your face glowed with excitement, and i was pretty excited myself, so i’m not quite sure, but i think you managed to wait for the singing to end before you blew the candles. Well done!!! Isn’t it interesting that we can prepare so much and so long for something special, and when it happens, it seems to happen in a flash? But it’s the magic of the moment that counts, and even though it only lasted for a minute of two, i know that it was something that would always remain in your heart – another happy memory to add on to the whole big bag that you prob already have! You were indeed very happy my dear… and if you don’t remember by the time you are able to read this letter on your own, i have the photos to prove it!

p1010051web.jpg  Surrounded by love



You really enjoyed your cake too. It was a delicious chocolate fudge cake, and I thought i would just share your piece of you, thinking you prob wouldn’t want more than a bite or two. Who knows, you actually ate about half by yourself. You even managed to feed Mummy a few pieces with the fork in the most skilful way. Your self-feeding skills are really getting good, and i’m sure it was a big thrill for you to be eating your birthday cake on your own. We are glad you enjoyed your cake!


And the presents… wow, the presents! You were just overloaded with so many presents that night. Here are the presents you received:

p1010097web.jpg p1010196web.jpg You received from Xiao Gu, a microphone that comes with its own applause and acoustics, that you were initially paiseh (shy) about singing into…though in no time, you were singing opera, little boy style, with it!

p1010108web.jpg p1010144web.jpgA fire truck from Ye Ye and Mak Mak which you really loved (and the tune is so catchy that Papa and Mummy can’t stop singing it these days! I am a fire truck, a big and shiny fire truck… i am a fire truck, coming down the street… i hear the noisy siren wailing on the truck!),

p1010125web.jpgA book and puzzles from Popo, of which the latter i think will be used only months later as they seem a bit advanced for you, but you loved the book of nursery rhymes with its colourful pictures.

An Elmo throwing board from Yi Yi for you to practice your throwing skills. The bean bags can be matched according to colour, first alphabet, or number – so far, you have been pretty good with the colour matching, though you are still throwing from a mighty distance of 1 inch away!

p1010134web.jpgp1010179web.jpg You have one of those magnetic drawing boards already but Mak Mak felt it was too small for you to fully utilize your drawing talents, so Da Gu Jie and Gu Jiong bought this ultra big one for you which even comes with 3 types of stamps! Here, Gu Jiong drew a special underwater picture for you (that big black blob is supposed to be a garbage bag!).

p1010150web.jpgp1010152web.jpg Papa bought you the classic toy – Lego – and stacking cups which are numbered 1 to 5, and i thought it would be a great teaching tool, so you understand 2 is bigger than 1, and 5 is bigger than 4, 3, 2 and 1! The latter was peanuts for you, and within the next couple minutes, you had the cups nicely stacked up. Well done! He also bought a guitar for you, to add on to your already quite large musical instrument collection, and you decided to make Papa strum the guitar while you sing along.

p1010172web.jpg Last but not least, Mummy bought you a wooden toy made up of pieces that can be made into different structures, as well as a family of dolls. Obviously not your fave toys of that day, but hopefully they would intrigue you one day into making a mountain, where those dolls can live in, or whatever your imagination comes up with.

Needless to say, with so many toys, you hardly wanted to go to bed that night, and you finally went to bed at 10+ pm, one of your latest bedtimes so far.

My dear boy, you’re indeed a very blessed boy, and it is also our blessing to have you come into our lives. As you can see from the photos, everyone is so happy to see you happy – you have brought us much joy in these 2 years, and i’m sure there’s infinite joy and blessings to come!

May you continue to shine your light on all those around you!

p1010206web.jpg Hey, i’m 2 now, that means i am big enough to wear Papa’s shoes!

Loving you very much,




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  1. Happy birthday to little boy and congratulations to you both for surviving two full years of parenthood! 🙂

  2. Happy 2nd birthday, little boy!!!

  3. On behalf of little boy, thank you! 🙂

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