A miraculous EFT session III: Meeting a samurai warrior

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This entry is gonna make some people’s eyes pop, cos it’s a bit out of this world.

For those who remember the 1st 2 parts of this so-called series, which is about my sessions with a client whom i’ll give the name Sue, well, it just gets more and more bizarre.

I didn’t blog in detail about one of the recent sessions when i actually got to talk with Sue’s spirit attachment. Here’s a bit of background about Sue first. She came in with symptoms resembling that of schzophrenia, as she was all paranoid about pple spying on her and all. She’s a very sweet and pretty girl, who is also very timid looking, although she was able to open up to me. During the first 2 sessions, i managed to use EFT to help her clear some childhood traumas that involve her father, which was the first time i went so in-depth with a client. She also spontaneously recalled a past life which explained her stomach troubles. With her, i often do EFT on her all the way in our sessions, and i wonder how much of her spontaneous going into trance and doing deep recall is a result of the EFT.

I was beginning to realise from our sessions that Sue has tremendous potential to be a channel/medium, cos she would slip in a trance easily with her eyes closed, and can easily talk to me from her subconscious. I can usually find out a lot of information by speaking to her body parts that were experiencing some kind of discomfort.

That’s how i got to discover her spirit attachment. She was experiencing some heaviness around her head, so i talked to her “head”. When the other party started talking about Sue as a 3rd party e.g. “her family”, alarm bells rang in my head, and i immediately asked Green Tara to surround us in a light for protection. I’m not into ghost-hunting and since young, i would scare myself silly by conjuring up imaginary spirits appearing behind me. I also hate horror movies, so this encounter with a spirit attachment is definitely not something i manifested for.

To cut a long story short, the spirit was the baby that her mum aborted, and would have been Sue’s younger sister. I was unable to get it to go to the light as it felt too bright for the spirit. It told me it needed merits, and it was very angry at Sue’s mum for costing her the chance to have a human rebirth. It attached to Sue because it wanted to know the feeling of having a human body, and when i asked if it was a partial factor of Sue’s depression, it hesitated for a while before saying yes.

I have absolutely no experience in such things, and only read bits and pieces in spiritual/new age readings that are not focused mainly on this topic. I didn’t really know how spirit attachments are like, whether they have a personality, if they can only tell the truth or they can be dishonest, and most of all, if they are all supposed to go to the light automatically. So i was surprised that the spirit told me it couldn’t go to the light, and it needed merits first. I asked how could i help it, and it said it is not for me to be involved. In any case, i did EFT tapping for the spirit for its feelings of anger towards the mum, sadness for not getting its human body, lost, etc. Fortunately i have come across in the EFT newsletter sharings from people who use EFT on spirits as well, so that was at least something i could do for the spirit.

Btw, during our debrief in that session, Sue told me now she knew how come at times, she would suddenly feel a great sense of hatred towards her mum, and on occasion, even called her a murderer without knowing why.

I thought that was going to be the end of it, though i also knew to expect the unexpected in my sessions with Sue. However, as our last session focused on her relationship with her bf, i thought perhaps our sessions would start becoming more conventional. I was wrong.

In my session with her yesterday, we started off talking about her relationship, which to me, was one that is not worth having. We weren’t going anywhere (something rather common in talk therapy i find), so i asked Sue to close her eyes and focus on the physical sensations she get when thinking about this relationship. Sue told me pain in her stomach would arise, so i decided to try talking to her body parts again and see what comes up. I find that the body’s wisdom is a tool that is very reliable and useful, and since Sue was so good at “channeling” messages from her body, which is seldom seen in most pple, i grabbed at the chance to make full use of it.

Sue’s stomach talked, and again, it started off as a 3rd person, so alarm bells rang again. It told me it hated Sue’s boyfriend cos he treats her so badly, and it knows that it is wrong for it to feel this way. I asked if it is a part of Sue. Its answer was yes and no. I asked if it was physical or non-physical. Long pause. No response. Somehow, i couldn’t bring myself to ask if it was a spirit attachment (would this offend the spirit?). Thankfully, it started talking, and it told me it knows it was being selfish. That confirmed for me this was a spirit attachment, a 3rd party. I asked why. It revealed to me HIS identity.

It turns out that this was a spirit of a samurai warrior in ancient times, who loved the Sue of that lifetime very much, and yet didn’t not get her love in return, hence, it committed hakakiri. I didn’t catch the word and asked him to repeat it. He explained to me, rather patiently that this was an ancient method of commiting suicide. I immediately recognised the word and wanted him to go on, but i knew that i marvelled at his English proficiency which seems to be slightly better than Sue’s. Do spirits learn languages or does the ability to converse in any language come automatically? Do spirits retain their intelligence of their previous lifetime, or are they all intelligent?

I asked him if he has taken a rebirth since. He told me that he has actually escaped from hell before, and he doesn’t want to leave Sue’s body because he wanted the feeling of the physical body (same like the other one – perhaps, something common to all spirit attachments) and he doesn’t want to go back to hell cos he knew punishment awaits him. In my mind i was thinking, so hell does exist after all, and it’s not some story made up to frighten us into leading a righteous life. He mentioned that he wanted to kill Sue’s boyfriend, which kinda freaked me out, knowing i was talking to a hell convict and an ex samurai warrior and was expecting him to jump out at me any moment (this is why i hate horror movies), so i kept reminding myself of Green Tara. Thankfully, i felt the warmth and light and i knew she was present, which gave me the confidence to proceed calmly.

He also didn’t want to leave Sue because of his great attachment to her, even though he knew it was wrong. With his permission, i tapped for him on his feelings of sadness, loneliness, attachment to Sue, etc etc, and included some preaching too e.g. If he really loved Sue, he would leave her, and his stay in hell would only be temporary as he would eventually get liberated, and by leaving Sue, so would she, and perhaps they would meet again in some future lifetime. When i finished, and asked him how he felt, he didn’t respond for a very long time. I repeated the question and he said, he didn’t know what to say. I repeated the question once more, before he said, he just felt empty.

Remembering the previous spirit attachment’s aversion to light, i asked him if he could go to the light. The answer was the same: too bright. Fortunately, just the day before, i exchanged notes with a couple of hypnotherapy classmates who have experience in dealing with spirit attachments, and i realised i could chant mantras for the spirit. Being very timid of such phenomena, i tend to be on the cautious side. As i don’t want to have a client go crazy in front of me from a bad reaction to a mantra, i asked him for permission to chant a mantra to see how he feels. He gave the permission (he’s really quite a nice guy), and i chanted om mani padme hung ONCE. He felt ok with it. I went ahead to chant it at least 100 times, knowing that this mantra has the power to clear heavy negative karma, and hoped that he might be more willing to leave Sue’s body after that.

After i finished chanting, i told the samurai warrior spirit that i will be sending Guan Yin to guide him to the light. That was pure intuition, and i sent out the request to Guan Yin at the same moment that the words came out of my mouth. So when i asked him if he could see Guan Yin, and he said yes, i was pretty thrilled. I asked the spirit to leave with Guan Yin. Sue’s face responded with a slight wry smile, and he said, just like that? So simple?

I reminded him about his eventual liberation, if he could leave Sue now, and i also explained to him the power of om mani padme hung, and that Guan Yin would protect him too. In the end, i striked a deal with him. If i chant another round of om mani padme hung for him, he would go off with Guan Yin. He said yes.

When the chanting was done, i decided not to drag it any longer by asking him to say any last words to Sue (which might be more romantic in a movie perhaps) and firmly asked him to go with Guan Yin. In the next few seconds, i thought i saw a slight shudder go through Sue. I decided to chant a while more as he leaves, to alleviate his punishment as much as possible.

Then, came the question. Was he really gone? What if he lied to me? I was a bit stuck for a while, before i finally remembered that i was originally talking to Sue’s stomach before i came into contact with the spirit. So i asked Sue’s Stomach, if he was gone. To my great relief, the voice that came out of Sue’s mouth was much gentler and softer in tone, and only then, did i realise that there was a slight difference between the samurai warrior spirit’s tone and Sue’s original tone. Sue’s Stomach seemed to have a different tone from that of Sue’s too, though i’m not very sure about that. Maybe next time i should do a video/audio recording for review purposes.

Anyway, Stomach told me it felt relaxed now, and i was like, whew! Then i checked with Sue’s Head which Sue reported feeling heaviness in at the beginning, thinking perhaps i may need to check in with the 1st spirit attachment. Surprisingly, Head reported it felt relaxed too.

So what else? I decided to check in with Sue’s Higher Self. During a previous session, i contacted the Higher Self by asking Sue which body part felt wise to her, and she said the eyes. This time round, i just asked to speak to Sue’s Higher Self directly, since she was already in channeling mode. Higher Self responded, and i asked H.S. if there are any more spirit attachments. Thank goodness, H.S. confirmed there are no more. I asked H.S. how come Sue was so prone to having spirit attachments, and H.S. told me that was because Sue was physically and mentally weak. I asked H.S. for advice on preventing future occurences, as H.S. warned that it was possible, and H.S. said to lead a righteous life and do volunteer work at a particular worship place that Sue has visited few days ago.

The rest of our conversation was not very significant. To me, H.S.’s advice was nothing out of the ordinary, but it did mention something interesting, that actually everyone’s higher self is located at the 3rd eye (which corresponds to the 3rd eye chakra which is linked to the intuition), and Sue could connect with her higher self just by focusing on her 3rd eye or visualising Buddha/God, which i believe applies to everyone.

I was wondering if i dared to ask general questions on spiritual topics, well, i didn’t. 😛 Somehow i am very afraid of offending such beings (for the lack of a better word), if they could be offended at all. And i was also aware that this session is for the client’s benefit, and i didn’t want to take advantage of this for my own curiosity. Then again, i know pple like Brian Weiss and Andy Tomlinson, both past life regression experts, have conversed with spirit guides on existential issues during sessions with clients – perhaps this is something i can ask Andy about when i see him in June.

I allowed Sue to come out of her trance in her own time, which took a whole 5 minutes, and in the meantime, i hurriedly jotted down as much as i could remember, the H.S.’s advice and the encounter with the spirit attachment. I wonder how would NCSS pple react if they happen to read this case file on the next NCSS audit. 😛

Sue was tired as usual, and she was asking me in bewilderment, how come like that, referring to the spirit encounter. I asked her how much she remembered of it, and she said she was going in and out, and there were times when she could not hear anything, which sounded to me like how it should be for a client who has been taken over by another entity. She wanted to hear the details, so i told her quite briefly, as i didn’t want her to think too much about it, putting more emphasis on the fact that he has left. She was more present during the dialogue i had with her H.S., and she told me she found it very funny, that i could talk to her H.S. in this manner. I asked her if she had visited a place of worship few days ago, and she confirmed it.

On hindsight, i should have asked her if she knew the term hakakiri, cos i doubted that she did, and it would confirm without a doubt that i was speaking to a genuine spirit attachment. I personally don’t doubt this, but then, i seldom doubt. 😛

I also asked her if she still felt the 1st spirit attachment’s presence. She thought about it and realised she hasn’t felt it for a few days, possibly since her visit to the place of worship, where she and her mum participated in a prayer and dedicated merits to the spirit. Hopefully the spirit has gained enough merits to be able to take another rebirth. Anyway, i’m glad that both spirits have left Sue, and at least now, we only have her own issues to clear, without the disturbances of spirit attachments.

Well, did i make any of your jaws drop? Mine sure did during the session, and my skin creeped a little too. I don’t know why during the session, from time to time, i scare myself with an image of Sue suddenly opening her eyes and jumping at me with her hands aiming my throat. Too many horror movies? Or did i have some unresolved past life issue too? Hmm…

Whatever it is, i believe that the universe sent Sue to prepare me for the upcoming past life regression course with Andy Tomlinson. I really need to spend some time to write down all the questions i want to ask him with regards to spirit attachments, intervening with them, etc. Am so looking forward to meeting him next month!

Symptoms of spiritual awakening

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If you are a sucker like me, it may not be a gd idea to read this link as you may subconsciously start looking out for the symptoms, which i’m not sure is a gd thing. A little like how psychology students start psychoanalysing everyone… But then, if you are going through a tough period, you might want to check this out, cos it’s very possible that it’s not just you going bonkers.


Very long list, i hardly got through halfway, but i definitely feel that this article feels very “truthful”. Then again, it’s written by Karen Bishop, and her articles always give me such feeling.

Blogging thoughts

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My entry on what therapy/EFT can do for you was, in a way, inspired by someone’s blog. I wrote it, partly for her sake, and unfortunately, she was far from being receptive. But i’m still glad i wrote it, cos it nicely summed up my thoughts about healing based on my work experiences and my readings (thanks to spiritual teachers like Caroline Myss, Eric Pearl and others), and i think it can be of help to people who chance upon this entry.

So i’m quite pleased to see from my blog stats that pple actually have been reading that particular entry, so i guess pple are chancing upon it while surfing or googling around, or perhaps, though less likely, they actually have been recommended this entry by pple who have read it?

The purpose of my blog are multi-fold. It is a detox activity for my mind and spirit, as it allows me to springclean my thoughts and sort them out into material that i can process more easily and more meaningfully. It is also a form of sharing to the readers, both regular and occasional, as i believe that i have a lot to share. In fact, all of us have lots to share, as we all have valuable experiences that come in all forms. But as a counsellor, a young mother, and one who seeks to progress on the spiritual path, i believe that my experiences, my analytical mind and writing ability (while neither eloquent nor poetic, i think it’s easy enough to read?) are gifts that allow me to share in a way that can be inspiring, thought-provoking, and meaningful, perhaps not to everyone who reads my blog, but hopefully, to the majority (otherwise why wld u be reading?).

To me, my blog is a vessel of light and inspiration, and i hope that everyone who visits this place, albeit for a while, would gain something from here. I have never put my intention like this as clearly as i am doing now, but it has been there in my subconscious. Hence, i also put inspiring and light-filled articles that i happen to read, in this blog, and hopefully more pple would get to read them as a result.

But most of the time, when i write, it comes right from the heart. I usually don’t consciously write to inspire or impress, and i think i seldom think about possible reactions of others to the content. I put my heart out here, cos to me, this is my safe place, where i can be myself, and i unconsciously manifested this blog to a place of light (not just the computer screen light mind u!). So i write with the intention of lightening my spirits and clearing my mind. Any inspiration or useful information that it brings to others, would be a bonus. And i think it is because i’m not trying to be inspiring or anything, that makes pple feel inspired most.

Because i seldom censor myself here, when i see what are my top posts, top searches (thanks to wordpress that provides all these wonderful state), or when pple comment on a particular entry, i just gotta click on that entry and re-read it, so i could guess what effect it might have on pple, whether positive or negative, truthful or possibly misleading. So far so good… i haven’t written anything that i deem as negative or misleading, since i usually edit my posts right after reading, and i hope this continues.

It’s been interesting to see what my top posts are. The grand winner is my love letter to little boy, 10 reasons why i love you. It’s amazing how many pple google for 10/100/1000 reasons i love you, why i love you etc, and i guess my blog got thrown up in the search results. I wonder if they get disappointed by the absolute unromantic nature of that entry, cos i suspect most of those pple are searching with their other half in mind. So i re-read that post, to see how it might appear to pple. I just feel good reading it. Just reading it makes me feel a rush of love i have for little boy and every single word of that entry is true. That’s got to be one of my favourite entries ever, and i guess it’s not too bad for pple to stumble upon it, cos that entry is just filled with love and magic and everything good.

Other popular posts are surprisingly my entries on Zi Wei Dou Shu and Schema Therapy. Those are more informative in nature, though they include my personal insights of cos. I was particularly concerned about the latter, as those impressions i wrote about were formed from only 2 days of the course, and i wasn’t sure if my entry would mislead those people who want to find out more about it. My reread of it still felt satisfactory enough, and i’m glad that i got a couple of affirmations from pple i don’t know, so i guess it’s safe for pple to read this entry if they want to know more abt schema therapy, esp since i am writing for a layperson’s point of view, and it’s extremely accessible to those who prefer less technical language.

Why am i writing this? Hmm… i guess, blogging can be an oxymoron, cos it can be so private, and yet you are allowing the whole world to peer in. It is also such a powerful activity that can accomplish purposes of healing, understanding, sharing, teaching, etc. You can tell so much about a person from his or her blog, because a blog is a place where you present your inner world, which can often be drastically different from the facade you present to the world daily.

A part of me enjoy the knowledge that pple want to read my blog. I won’t deny that i sometimes get disappointed when my readership drops, and i sometimes feel a sense of satisfaction when it peaks. In times of disconnection, this place helps me to keep connected, both to myself and the world out there. It thrills me even more whenever i receive comments, which makes me feel understood, affirmed, supported, appreciated, etc. One of the greatest joys, i feel, is to be able to express your authentic self, and receive love for it. Conversely, one of the greatest pains, if not the greatest, is to fear expressing who you truly are because of fears of rejection.

That’s why i’m a die-hard blogger, and would sacrifice my beauty sleep for blogging. And it feels good that people are dropping by to get en-lightened, cos this is my place of light and as i mentioned above and just wanna mention again, i hope that all who come here, including myself, would leave feeling lighter in spirit.

That’s my wish for you… 🙂

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