Rhythms of the Heart (Guan Yin)

April 7, 2008 at 5:34 am | Posted in Pearls of wisdom | Leave a comment

Just received this from Judy Satori’s e-newsletter and i really love this artwork of Guan Yin!

Rhythms of the Heart

   A time of much change lies ahead.  The capacity of the body, mind and spirit to adapt to the energy changes that will be occurring in increasing magnitude on Earth is of great importance.The human heart is the organic structure that keeps the fluids of life circulating in the human body.As the human body changes form, so the capacity of the heart to pump the blood around the body must increase.The heart must beat faster and change its pulse rhythm slightly.

Kuan Yin by Lisa

    As the rhythms of the heart speed up, this will activate a release or clearing of energetic blockages – karmic miasms – that are lodged energetically within the cells of the heart muscle itself. These energy patterns, crystallized into forms that are the outcome of past fear and grief, distort cellular function and block the efficient conduction of energy thru
the heart chakra. They need clearing
now. This clearing of the heart can only take place
at this time – the frequencies coming into the Earth are now at the correct calibration for this to occur. 

Channeled message from Quan Yin

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