His first apology

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I just read on another blogger’s page where her 1 yr old (i think) daughter was saying sorry which totally bowled me over, so as i was writing the title, i was feeling almost embarrassed about it. 😛

Still, it’s a first, and let’s celebrate it anywayz!

Little boy loves to fiddle with the things at the altar, since his papa spends so much time there. One evening, after returning home from an outing and as i was bathing with little boy, i heard Mr Gua Gua yell in absolute outrage. Apparently, little boy has broken all his incense sticks in the daytime, and he was both furious at little boy and his parents for allowing this to happen.

He was so angry that he was shouting at little boy through the bathroom door. Guess what? Little boy opened the door and shouted back, which only pissed Mr Gua Gua even more. In my mind, i fastforwarded to a potential scenario that might happen 10 years later, where father and son are having this antagonistic relationship and forever yelling at each other. Delete delete delete! Hope that will never happen.

Well, in the past i would have gotten angry at Mr Gua Gua for being angry at little boy, and rush to little boy’s rescue by shouting back at Mr Gua Gua for shouting at him.

This particular evening, i was in a more enlightened mood, if i shld say so myself. 😛 Flashes of family dynamics readings (triangulation, for those in this field), and spiritual teachings of not adding to negativity with more negativity came into my head, and i decided to keep my peace.

After Mr Gua Gua has finished ranting and walked away, little boy was muttering to himself, as if saying, what’s the big deal, why is Papa so angry, and i thought that was a lil funny, to be honest!

Well, i decided not to give little boy a big lecture, so this is what i said to little boy in a pretty calm and amicable tone, somewhat along these lines, without the repetition that i tend to do with little boy.

You see, Papa is very angry with you. Very angry. And you know why? Because you break all of his incense. You cannot do that. Do you know how angry Papa is? You should say sorry to him. Remember Johnny and the Sprites? Rem the sprite did something wrong and he said sorry? He promised to do something and he didn’t do it, and immediately he said sorry, and he tried to fix it. Later, you go and say sorry to Papa ok?

Little boy didn’t respond, but he didn’t continue with his muttering either. After his shower, i carried him, still dripping wet and wrapped in a towel, to Mr Gua Gua who was doing his prayers at the altar. And this is what transpired.

Me: Say sorry to Papa.

LB: *look at Mr Gua Gua with a rather apologetic look*

Me: Say sorry.

LB: Sor-wee… (the first time i hear him say sorry!)

Me: Say, sorry that i break the incense.

LB: Sorry… break incense… (obviously the sentence was too much of a mouthful!)

Me: Tell Papa, i’m sorry that I break the incense and I won’t do it again right? *shake my head as i was saying this*

LB: *shake head together with me*

Me: Say, i won’t do it again.

LB: Wont… again…

Me: Give Papa a kiss. (this was the test of his sincerity as little boy almost never initiate kisses with Mr Gua Gua)

LB: *leans forward to give Mr Gua Gua a kiss on the mouth*

Well, Mr Gua Gua was very much appeased after this very sincere apology, and both hugged at the end. Even i was surprised at how sorry little boy looked and sounded, and his coorporation from beginning to end. Perhaps he understood what i told him in the toilet after all. It’s a nice coincidence that the episode of Johnny and the Sprites that we caught that morning had to do with making mistakes, apologies and fixing mistakes, and that i caught that part and managed to explained it to little boy during the show, as sometimes i’m too focused on feeding him to watch the show with him.

Well, I was so proud of little boy and i told him so. That’s my boy!


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