Affirmations and prayers

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In a less than positive state today for seemingly no reason, so I dug out an old Edgar Cayce astrological reading for some inspiration. This is a free report, generated by comparing the birth date and time to those who have been read by Edgar Cayce, and filtering the most similar ones. It’s uncannily accurate for me, and i think these suggested affirmations and prayers are def gd for me to take note of and apply in my life.

“I will be helped by the Spirit in consciously controlling my strong independent streak, so that my unconventionality will always manifest as ingenuity in thought and action, rather than reckless or self-righteous behavior. I will slow down my pace so that I may allow myself sufficient time to reflect and receive guidance (through dreams, for example) of the most suitable direction for me to take at a given time.”

“Sometimes I feel uneasy or inept in a social atmosphere, Lord, yet I realize that I may serve your purpose to have me interact with people. Therefore I pray You will teach me how to handle myself better when I am among strangers or in unfamiliar surroundings. Prevent me from feeling nervous, self-conscious, or intimidated by others, lest I allow these fears to stop me from seeking growth through personal relationships. By extending my hand in friendship to those that I meet, I ask that all my apprehensions will cease.”

“Without your help, Lord, I find that I often carry a storehouse of tension inside me. When I am provoked, it explodes with a power that I am at a loss to control. Therefore I pray that You will show me how to handle my emotions better. If I am too swift or too harsh in my reactions, may I learn to practice forbearance in my dealings with others.”

“Lord, when my initial enthusiasm begins to wane and I find myself wondering why I chose a certain course of action or relationship with another, please give me patience and remind me that it takes an extra effort of will to maintain an interest, as it takes unconditional love in order to sustain a relationship. If difficulties arise, show me what You require, when I should proceed, when I should withdraw, when to take decisive action and when to surrender to another’s wishes. In all situations, Lord, may I be helped to eliminate selfish interest which alienate those I really love.”

“Father, please guide and protect me when I feel the urge to be reckless, rash and want to take the law in my own hands. Do teach me self-discipline and respect for the rules of moral, peaceful living. Help me to see the good intentions of those who want to help me focus my energy and to know that their restrictions are good for my overall soul growth this lifetime.”

May I apply the above well!

For those of you who are keen on checking yours out (highly recommended!), here’s the link:

The brightest star in the universe

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Dear little boy,

You are AMAZING!

During these few days when Mummy was away on course and only get to see you in the mornings and at night, it seems like you have grown so much. Since our time this week was so limited, our evening times were especially precious, and you were more than happy to switch off the tv to spend time with me.

Last night we had fun reading Guess How Much I Love You, didn’t we? We would stretch our arms out wide, stand on tiptoes and reach up high. You wanted me to hold you upside down, so your toes would be right up in the air. And together with the little Ian Rabbit (we changed the names a little for a more personal feel), you wanted me to swing you in the air, because Papa Rabbit loved Ian Rabbit as far as his toes could reach. Finally, when little Ian Rabbit was getting tired and ready to sleep, you snuggled into the pillow with your eyes squeezed shut, and your mouth turned into a cutest grin, with two little dimples showing in one side of your cheek, as you pretended to sleep. I wish I could have taken a photo of that!

Tonight you wanted to read the book again, but Mummy was busy having dinner, so in the meantime, you provided dinner entertainment by pretending to be the animals that Mummy called out the names of. Your micmicking was wonderful! You played frog, wolf (your howling was so good!), dog (with tongue sticking out and licking your paw!), elephant (one with 2 trunks!), bird, fish (though it looked more like Jaws with your hand sticking up in the air!), duck, even worm.

Then Mummy had to take down the laundry and hang another batch up, and it was very nice of you to oblige Mummy by driving your fire engine over and fetching 2 big bundles of clothes to the sofa.

After that you pushed the chair over to the sink to get diamond water for drinking. First you used the cup, then when Mummy wasn’t looking, you started drinking straight from the tap. That was fine, except that the chair slid away, and the next moment Mummy glanced at you, you were hanging at the sink on your elbows with your legs dangling in the air! And you were still drinking, as if you were not the least concerned! Thank goodness your arms were strong enough to hold your weight, and you probably knew that, which explained your nonchalance, and you patiently waited for Mummy to push the chair back under your feet, which was followed by us laughing together. My my… what a rugged boy you are!

While Mummy was still busying with the laundry, you climbed down the chair with a cup full of water. With most of my attention on the chores, I just noted with slight amusement your ability to do this so skilfully. You might have a future in the circus one day my boy!

Few moments later, I saw you in the bedroom with the cup and a huge puddle on your floor. I *almost* lost it, and you prob sensed the rising anger in me, so you started to wail. But since my anger subsided even before it reached the surface, your wail also thankfully stopped midway. I calmly but very firmly told you to put the cup back in the kitchen sink, which you did eventually, and ordered you to wipe up the puddle with the towel, which you did as well, using your hands followed by… your foot! You did it quite well… not perfectly of cos, but considering your age, it was a job well done.

Since your clothes were wet, we had to change it, and to my surprise, when i asked you to take off your shorts on your own, not thinking that you knew how to do it, you actually managed to do that all on your own without my help! I then taught you to take off your shirt by crossing your arms and grabbing onto the shirt edges, then pulling it up over your body. Who would have thought that taking off a shirt would be so complicated! Well, I did help you to pull it up over your head, and then you did your usual clowning with the shirt on your head and arms still in the holes, and i must say, you are really very funny like that. In the end, you took it off, and took the wet clothes to the pink basket. This is a far cry from the old days where you would be sitting there and I was doing everything for you… and i really appreciate your independence and initiative, thank you my dear!

You came pitter pattering back, looking cute with your bulging tummy, and you also wanted to put your shorts on yourself. I had to help you to slip your feet through the right places, but you definitely played a more active role in getting the rest of the job done. The t-shirt, by now, was a breeze, I just had to hold the shirt out and you took over from there… next time, Mummy will let you take over from the start, including getting your hands in the sleeve holes yourself. In no time, you will be getting yourself dressed all by yourself like a big boy!

Speaking of big boy, you told me you were a big boy tonight. Haha… are you eagerly wanting to grow up already? Well, pace yourself my dear… already, you’re such an independent and quick little fella, and you know so many things that perhaps most other kids your age don’t know. You know how to chop mushrooms for me, give Papa his vitamins, offer incense to Buddha, show concern for Mummy with your “what happen?” and “why like daaattt?”, sweep the floor, wipe up spills, clean your mouth with your handkerchief, rinse your cup before using it, board and alight the bus as well as ride the escalator without me carrying you…. and you are doing more and more every day. Last night, when the 3 of us were playing with the camera (and you took a pretty nice shot of Papa and Mummy, and another solo pic of yourself!), and the flash seemed to be not working. The moment you heard the word “repair”, you went out into the living room and brought back the toolbox which was HEAVY. You even knew how to open it, and take out the screwdriver to repair the camera. Well, upon hearing that it was “repaired”, you obligingly carried the toolbox back to its original location. Looks like you are going to be the DIY handyman in the family.

All I can say is that you constantly amaze me with the things you say and do, and you make me so proud! You are also growing more and more handsome each day (which might also account for your popularity with the girls in school!), and seeing your shining face, twinkling eyes and impish smile every day fills me up with great love and joy.

I’m so grateful to the universe for sending their brightest star to me (of course, every mother would say that of their child), and you shine ever so brightly just for being the unique beautiful being that you are. May you continue to shine your light into this world, to remind others of the beauty that lies within them, and of the love that surrounds each and every one of us.

And may you always always remember that you are deeply loved by me, Papa, everyone else around you, and the universe (your original home!).

Kisses and hugs,

Mummy (aka Mee-Mee)

Hallmarks of success

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I’m in the mood for some fantasising cum manifesting today, so today’s topic is, how I would know when i’ve got it made…. and yes, there would be plenty of material stuff involved, but heck, i now subscribe to James Ray’s theory, to satisfy the ego until i’m sick and tired of satisfying it, and ready to transcend it. After all, whatever you resist, persists. So no point resisting the ego and trying to convince myself that i can live like Mother Theresa, cos in all honesty, i really don’t mind living a tai-tai’s life!

So here’s my hallmarks of success:

1) I start purchasing things for their intrinsic value, without looking at the price tag.

I think quality does come within a certain monetary range – it’s not easy to find cheap and good products, and you do pay for what you get. On the other hand, beyond a certain price, the quality doesn’t necessarily increase any further. It would be really nice to start buying things which are not only beautiful and lasting, but also supports right livelihood, such as organic or free-trade goods, even if they may be pricier than average, while not being ridiculously expensive.

2) I only need to work less than 30 hours a week, and 70% of the time doing things which I really love.

Guess i would prob need to spend the rest of the 30% doing more mundane things like admin, marketing, etc to keep the business going, but even that can be meaningful since I know that it just brings me more of the work I love to do, such as doing therapy and giving workshops.

3) I go for week-long workshops or retreats or holidays minimum of 3-4 times a year, and shorter breaks in between.

4) My reputation is such that I keep getting referrals, and my fees and client profiles are such that I am able to give more affordable or even free therapy sessions to the minority who really needs the healing and cannot pay.

5) I live each moment of my life with a deep sense of peace and joy, feeling whole and connected with all.

6) I spend a good portion of my time with Mr Gua Gua and little boy, keeping our bonding close and sweet.

7) I also spend a good portion of my time on meditation and exercise.

8) I am well-known and respected in my field.

9) I know how to have fun, and laugh lots everyday (this is prob something i need to really learn!).

10) I create miracles in my life all the time, for myself and others!

Hmm.. i personally like the last one most.

Well, universe, shall wait for the delivery to come to the door as usual! Thanks v much in advance!

In fact, I’m already fulfilling a couple of the above points… time-wise, and family-wise, definitely already there. Some of the rest, i’m on the way, and the others, I still have some developments to make. But pretty sure it’s all gonna come to pass pretty soon.

What’s yr hallmarks of success? Think about it… so the universe can start giving them to you too. Sometimes, it’s really a matter of knowing what you want. Not that complicated, but not that simple either. Most pple know what they don’t want, and according to the Law of Attraction, that just gives you more of what you don’t want.

So think about what you want… if not anything else, at least it is a better way of passing the time than complaining abt life!

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