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Few days ago I finally worked up the motivation to send a short and sweet email to a few EFT Masters, telling them a lil about my EFT affirmation cards and the website, and asking them if I could send them a deck of cards for their view.

I sent to about 8-9, and I was very thrilled to receive personal replies from Judy Bryne, Rue Hass and Gwyneth Moss giving me answers in the affirmative! One of them, my fave from Mastering EFT btw, Gwyneth Moss, actually thought it was an interesting idea and sounded really enthu abt taking a look. I was totally bowled over!

I was a lil disapointed by the automated advertising email from Carol Look. In fact, before that I also received a reply from Gary Craig’s email person who just signed off as EFT so obviously it’s not Gary himself, that I felt was rather discouraging. I understood where he was coming from, that Gary cannot just endorse ALL the EFT stuff out there, but the tone is far from warm, and in the first place, I was asking for his view and not his endorsement. Thought the person seemed a bit impatient – maybe he’s having a bad day?

Coupled with the advertising email from Carol Look, I was wondering if this is what success does to pple. I am sure they are def still serving humanity in their own ways, but does fame inevitably cause/cost you to be more unavailable to the “normal folks”? Hmmm… i wldn’t know until I get famous myself, and even then, i hope that with gd time management, it won’t be the case. Ok, honestly speaking, i am rather unavailable right now even to friends, in the sense that I hardly initiate contact unless i really have a reason to. But I will most definitely respond to an email or sms, and in most cases, be willing to meet up. And lemme see… unless I get so famous that I get over 100 email from real pple a day, I shld be able to find the time to write at least a couple of lines to pple who took the time to write to me?

Well, that’s my idealistic thought, and i really hope I will be able to do this… when i get famous that is. 🙂

Couple days later, I was very glad to see a personal reply from Carol Look who told me that she was working on HER own affirmation cards too, and sent me her best wishes for my cards. Yup… i think that really shld be the way. Even if the reply comes later, you do reply! Anyways, will def keep a lookout for new EFT affirmation cards on the market! Far from being competition, I think each version of affirmation cards will have their own kind of appeal, and attract diff kinds of pple, and as i wrote in my reply to Carol’s email, the more EFT products out there on the market, the more pple that will benefit.

So i thought, that’s that… probably these are the only emails I am getting, and i was very glad that I even got any response from these famous pple! (ok, obviously I have some limiting beliefs about famous pple here to tap on!)

Then tonight, I received Rue Hass’s newsletter abt a free teleseminar series that will include Bernie Siegel, author of “Love Medicine and Miracles” that i really must read one day, and herself ( and signed up for it.

Slight digression here. James Rays’ Harmonic Wealth book has really given me some very good ideas about abundance. Here’s what I got from his book. To attract abundance, you have to not only think abundance but to BE abundance, and that includes being the kind of person who deserves abundance. Thus, he advocates spending time and energy (which includes $ of cos) on self-development. That’s what he did to get on Oprah and Larry King. Aside from manifestation, he also invested plenty in upgrading himself through travels, learning, reading, spiritual stuff, etc, and few years later, within months of each other, he got calls from both persons’ offices to appear on their shows. WOW!

Well, TV appearances is def not my thing – for now (in future, who knows!), but his personal example def impressed upon me the fact that when we want the universe to do things for us, we need to show to the universe that we are willing to go out on a mile for those things to happen. Even if it’s the act of writing it down on paper, or verbalising it to supportive pple, though of cos, the major goals will involve much more than that.

James Ray also found out that we are actually worth $45 million EACH, by looking at the insurance companies and how much our body parts are worth. In other words, just by living, we are already multi-millionaires!

If thinking and being rich can bring the richness, and that I am already worth $45 million, this def makes me feel that yes, i want to invest the time and energy to upgrade myself, until my outer and inner environment reflects what I am truly worth.

That’s why I signed up for the teleseminar, which is free, but has the options of downloadable mp3s and transcripts which i paid for US$60+ – a real bargain anyway, since these 12 folks have so much experience, and I will prob be studying what they say, enough to get more than what i paid for it.

I am definitely changing my attitude towards expenditure from “wasting money” (my mother’s term) to “investing in myself”. The latter also reminds me to spend money wisely, that would indeed bring me returns on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Okie, back to what i was saying. Anyway, after signing up, I was reminded to put them on the safe senders’ list, and of cos i went to do that since I don’t want to pay for receiving nothing! I wasn’t quite sure how to do that though, and my first step was to check out my spam mailbox.

That’s where I saw yet another email reply from EFT Master Mair Llewellyn and here’s what she wrote:

Thank you for your email.  I was very impressed when I read about your affirmation cards on your website.

On the 9th of October Tam & I will be travelling to London to present at the EFT Masters conference in London.  There will be around 300 delegates coming to this and I wondered if you could post me details of your affirmation cards, business cards together with a sample deck of your card which may be displayed at the conference.

Boy was I THRILLED! Just imagine… I could have completely missed this email, and of cos, due to all these “chances”, cos I read Harmonic Wealth, and decided I want to invest in myself even more, and signed up for the teleseminar, and went to check my spam, and TA DA… this!

Okie, now i’m going to spend the rest of the night figuring out what to put in the envelope besides the cards, and whether I need a poster for my cards. Unfortunately I don’t have EFT business cards, and it’s not appropriate to provide my current ones… is it? Hmm… will have to think abt that one. Anyway, I will def have to send it off tomorrow to make sure it gets there on time, and am pretty sure that the universe will help me to get the cards to Mair safely, thank you!

In fact, I also found a few potentially impt email in my spam and unspammed them. Yahoo Spam functions are really good, cos i def do not need most of those emails appearing in my inbox, but there are a few misses of cos. I managed to unblock few addresses that I want to receive email from (and that includes you Cindee!), and also found out that I just need to add addresses to my Address Book, to make sure they don’t get filtered out as spam. I’m pretty sure i’m not the only tech-ignoramus out there, so that’s a tip for those of you who didn’t know before too.

Hmm… i wonder if this is the “capital” that the fortune reading Mr Gua Gua got for me from the Japan Guan Yin temple was referring to… or is there more coming up ahead? Anywayz, I’m learning to just trust the universe and going with the flow, and getting better at it everyday! And the thought that my cards are going to be presented in some way at the EFT Masters Conference… WOW! That’s going to keep me on cloud nine for a few days… 🙂

To the universe, thank you thank you THANK YOU! To myself, thank you thank you THANK YOU!


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