Watching the water boil

October 9, 2008 at 10:55 am | Posted in Rantings and ravings | Leave a comment

Sometimes i feel like i’m watching the water boil.

Checking my email accts a few times a day, to see if I get any new orders coming in, or enquiries about the cards.

These days, my time operates at a different track from most. A day seems forever to me, esp when I am off from work in the mornings and my off days. Maybe i’m just too free, though i do keep myself occupied with reading, chanting, planning, watching the EFT DVDs… well, ok, i guess i am more free than most pple. 😛

I have to admit that I am a little perplexed about the lack of response abt the cards. The moment I published my website, I was getting comments, enquiries and orders. I have been making changes and new additions to my website, and i thought, surely that would bring in even more response, and yet the result is opposite. In fact it’s been… brrrrr… rather cold, and i’m still waiting for the water to boil.

If any of you can pop to my website and give me any possible reasons why it would not make a person wanna buy the cards, that would be greatly appreciated.

Of cos, i was also pondering over the more philosophical aspects. There is a time and season for everything, and ups and downs in all aspects of life. Guess i can’t and shldn’t exactly be expecting responses to come every single day. The thing is, a big part of my life now revolves around this new EFT affirmation cards business, and perhaps a big part of me wishes that the world can revolve a lil more around it too.

Haha, kinda absurd, but that’s human isn’t it?

Anyway, I am also counting my blessings that a few gd news have popped up recently. First, is Mair Llewellyn’s blessings and promise to present the cards at the next EFT Masterclass Conference in UK, and that’s just superb of her to do that. Second, is the offer from this lady who is starting an online EFT shop and is rather eager to promote my EFT cards as well.

Perhaps some of you may think these are excellent prospects for business, and why am i not delighted. Well, that’s why i say i’m like a child waiting for the water to boil. I KNOW the fire has been turned on, and the bubbles will eventually start rising to the surface and start popping. It’s the w-a-i-t-i-n-g that is oh-sooooo-sloooow……

Maybe i shld just get myself busy huh? Well, i do have some things lined up. Holistic Living Fair is this weekend, and alas, I am the only staff going down this time round, with the help of some volunteers, so it looks like i have to transport the things to and fro on my own. I’m pretty sure i can manage, it’s just that the first time round, everything was nicely taken care of, and i miss that kind of treatment!

But then again, if success means i need to put in some hard work, then do it i shall! I think one incredibly great insight i got from James Ray’s Harmonic Wealth is that success brings with it its pros and cons, and as long as i am aware of what those pros and cons are, the appearance of the cons is counted as something to rejoice, cos that shows that success is happening!

That’s such a positive way of looking at things, cos most pple just want the good parts of success and not the bad. Yet, if you have determined that the value of success is something that brings you so much fulfillment, that you are willing to accomodate and sacrifice certain aspects that are lower on your priority list, then in a way, it’s all good.

Well, maybe this process is also teaching me abt patience, and that’s certainly a virtue that i can have more of. I guess while the water is still getting heated up, i will run off and have some fun in the sun first… till the kettle starts whistling!


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