7 principles of mindful wealth

November 24, 2008 at 10:19 am | Posted in Pearls of wisdom | 1 Comment

Another good reading on wealth to add to my understanding of S-11, and hopefully that of yours too!

The 7 Principles-For review, here are the 7 Principles of Mindful Wealth, as written by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

Principle #1: Most people limit their wealth by choice. (Either consciously or unconsciously.)

Principle #2: Money is not evil. The way money is EARNED and SPENT is good or evil, depending on the ethics applied to it.

Principle #3: Money shall be accumulated (earned) in service of protecting sustainable life. (It shall also be earned ethically, honestly and without deception.)

Principle #4: Money shall be redistributed (spent) in service of protecting sustainable life.

Principle #5: Wealth shall not be hoarded.

Principle #6: Poverty is not pious. You do not gain bonus karma points for living in poverty.

Principle #7: Natural living advocates have a moral obligation to mindfully attract and redistribute vast amounts of wealth, in alignment with their core beliefs, and with full honesty in their methods.

If you want to read more about Mindfull Wealth you can do it here:

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  1. Hello Lena.
    This about money is something I’d wish my parents begin to understand. Money is not responsible for the evil in this world. Anytime we see people fighting for money, we can see clearly that’s the people who is to blame, not the money. Greed and not money is the culprit. I feel frustrated when my mother starts her rant about just how evil is money and saying that she prefers to not have any money at all. Apparently she is totally incapable to see that it’s greed and not money what’s to be blamed. If you take away any money from any greedy person, that person will not stop being greedy. This might even worsen them. Money is a great good for the world in the right hands and a big evil in the wrong hands; so obviously money is not the culprit, it’s the person who makes use of it.

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