Reviewers needed for my EFT mini-book

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Whew… been working past midnight, till as late as 3 am for the past few days trying to complete my book. So far so good… it’s about 95% done. Now i really need to find people who are willing to review the book for me.

ANNOUNCEMENT: If you have been interested in knowing more about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and be inspired to use it in your life, here’s a 30-page e-book that you can have for free as long as you can give me your feedback and a reader’s review (any length). I will even mail you a hardcopy once published in appreciation of the time you take to review the book. Please kindly post your email address and I will contact you directly.

Okie… back to my personal life. Coincidentally (whenever i use that word, i really do mean synchronistically… just that the latter feels too long to write and say), little boy has been asking to stay overnight at his grandparents’ place. I’m quite happy with this arrangement. I know that Mr Gua Gua’s parents give him a lot of love and attention, and his sister does a great job of disciplining with love. She is more particular about limiting TV and snacks so i feel quite at ease with him staying there, knowing she is there to set the boundaries.

Of cos, with him over there at night, i no longer need to rush back home. In fact, for the first time in years, i could go shopping after work to get some new shoes for myself since my current ones are totally worn out. Not that i’m a shopaholic… on the contrary, i dislike shopping, for some reason. I think it’s a waste of time and waste of money, and i don’t like having to walk for ages and not finding stuff that i like. So that makes me rather atypical compared to most other women.

But i did need shoes so off to Marina Square i went, hoping that i could get some decent shoes for myself. I reached close to 10 pm and was trying to rope in the universe in my search for the perfect shoes. As i went up the escalator leading to the entrance, i checked in with the universe if i shld turn right or left. The answer i got was left. Being unfamilar with Marina Mall (i don’t shop remember?), i was a bit surprised to see that on the left were only 2 shops, so i decided to walk straight instead. There was a shoes store on the left of the central path, and i thought maybe that is the “left” universe was referring to.

Unfortunately, all the shoes were not to my liking. Heels and open-toed sandels are automatically striked off my list, and the remaining were either ugly or uncomfortable. By the time i came out of the store, almost all the shops were closed and i was thinking, what? I get to do some shopping for once and now i have to return home empty handed??

I was heading back to the escalator when i glanced to the 2 shops that were on the left of the escalator. That’s when i noticed that one of them, albeit being a mainly clothings shop, do have some shoes in the corner. Went in, spotted some very unique and most imptly, comfortable looking AND reasonably priced shoes… and went home a happy shopper. Looks like my intuition was right after all!

Back to little boy. Well, initially Mr Gua Gua was really upset by little boy not wanting to stay home. Thank goodness he got over it, and now i think a part of him also enjoys the peace and freedom at night to do whatever he needs to do. Our relationship also improved in some aspects… for some reason, I enjoy my time with Mr Gua Gua when we are outside, and we talk and laugh a lot, but once back home, i turn into a grumpy naggy wife. Now with little boy at his grandparents’ place, i talk and laugh with Mr Gua Gua at home too… not sure if it’s really because of the temporary relinquishing of “mother” role, or perhaps, partly also due to the fact that I’m feeling supercharged and very connected to what i’m doing i.e. book, gym, The Journey, Borrowing Benefits…. with all these happening for me, i’m super happy these days!

Anyway, less analysis, more going with the flow! Mr Gua Gua and i are leaving tomorrow morning for Melbourne and i’m definitely looking forward to… the plane ride! Haha… he has checked the movie list and High Sch Musical Part 3 is on. Ii’m a fan and missed that in the theatres…so yeh!

Frankly, i think it’s not a bad idea to have little boy stay over at his grandparents’ place. Just weeks ago, HS was telling me about her observations of Crystal children that she know. It seems like many of them stay over with the grandparents and only go back home with the parents over the weekend, and it seems to work very well for them. Then, little boy was still staying with us, but on hindsight, perhaps HS was almost pre-empting me for what would soon happen. Also, couple weeks back, i read in an email that Crystal children often connect better with grandparents than with parents, and it’s good for them not to be restricted in their wishes to be with the caregivers they connect most. Perhaps the universe is reassuring me that all IS well. Little boy gets to receive all the love and attention he needs from his grandparents and aunts. Mr Gua Gua and i get to enjoy some couple time. I get time to work on my book.

As a bonus, my sis-in law is staying there with her baby girl, and they have been encouraging little boy to take care of the baby. Mr Gua Gua told me that he has been patting her to sleep, bringing her the milk bottle, blanket, etc… and my MIL even plans to teach him to change the baby’s diaper.

Haha, looks like the universe is also training him to be a good brother when little girl comes. Anyway, he’s such a sensible and caring fella… i can really see him being the most wonderful brother to little girl. Hmm, i would definitely need to start taking more photos once more, when that happens. To me, the only thing sweeter than photos of babies and toddlers, are photos of siblings loving each other.

Let’s see if little girl would be willing to come and be part of our happy family soon… 🙂

Borrowing Benefits

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I love my most recent EFT activity – Borrowing Benefits! This is a tapping class that allows everyone to work on their issues in their own safe space as they tap along with the volunteer doing demo with me. Even if their issues are in no way similar to the volunteer’s issues, simply by paying attention to the demo and tapping along, they receive benefits for the issues that they have decided to work on at the start of the class.

Why i love it…. firstly, i get to serve more people at one time, secondly, i love doing demos which i think is because there is an entertainer in me (a palmist actually told me that i will do quite well in the entertainment biz!) and thirdly, this is a fabulous way of exposing more people to EFT.

There is also the possibility of earning more money, but only if there is a certain no. of pple who come so this is not the main reason for organising Borrowing Benefits. Take 2nd session of Borrowing Benefits for example. Only 2 pple came, so they borrowed benefits on each other and it turned out to be a whole lot of fun.

The great thing about demos is that i get to do EFT for issues that pple don’t normally come to counselling for. In this particular BB session, one of the ladies wanted to work on her procrastination in doing exercise. We were totally in sync with each other and we laughed throughout the demo as i whacked out all the negative thoughts i knew she would be having e.g. i’m such a lazy bum… oh i should… but the more i should the more i don’t want to…

By the time we got through halfway, she was already coming up with ideas to make exercise more fun for her. We then touched on the common theme of having to move out of one’s comfort zone and i came up with this analogy of a snail that grows too big for its shell and needs to look for a bigger shell, which means there is a short period of time when it’s without a shell and extremely vulnerable to predators’ attack.

I drew the parallel btw this analogy and her having to leave behind her old pyjamas and going for the classic Little Black Dress (ahhh… all those magazine browsing in my teenage years actually comes in useful!), and the uncomfortable transition in between.

Turns out that she really liked the image of the Little Black Dress, so i capitalised on it by having her imagine her fears being a wall that keeps her from having that Little Black Dress. Within one round of tapping, she was visualising herself punching a big hole through the wall and pulling the LBS to her! In theory, once you feel that you can, then you can, and i thought this was a very good indication that the demo has created a significant shift in her.

That was such a fun session! She totally enjoyed it… and she promised me the next time we see each other, she would be in that LBS!

The other lady was also a memorable character who shared with us many of her own stories. She’s an ex-principal and i could see that she really loves her children. She told us that she would make a big batch of pancakes in the morning and bring them to school, so that students who could not afford to eat a proper meal could come to her office for free pancakes! One boy even made a recipe for her pancakes, whereby the first ingredient was a ton of love…. Awww….

I was most impressed by her school DnDs, where the guest of honour would be none other than…. the school cleaner! She would get the school cleaner to sit at the VIP table, with other big shots, and to give out the awards to the top scoring students.

Another wonderful anecdote was of her hearing on the news about this Malay man Adam who offered to exchange his flat unit on the 7th floor with his same-block neighbour who stayed on the 4th floor. The latter was an elderly and had trouble taking the stairs. Adam’s flat unit was on the same floor of the lift and he took the trouble of moving house so that the elderly neighbour had an easier time going up and down. This ex-principal was so impressed by Adam’s act of generosity that she begged him to be the speaker at the sch assembly talk. She was rejected as this Malay man was very shy, so she actually begged him for a month till he finally agreed. “Now my students know that the principal’s idol is Adam!”

What a wonderful principal this lady was! I think the students were indeed blessed to have a principal who went to such great lengths to ensure that the students are taught about the impt things in life. I personally feel blessed to have encountered this amazing lady, who must be over 60, but has the complexion of a 40 year old, undoubtedly due to her zest for life and love for her work. I sure hope that when i’m her age, i would still be contributing and participating in life with energy and passion!

Perhaps the person who benefits most from Borrowing Benefits is none other than me! Money is one thing…. but i also get to do what i love, and connect with lovely folks who themselves have so much to share. Yehhh… i sure hope the universe continues to send people to my Borrowing Benefits classes, so that this postive and healing energy continues to be circulated around and built upon.

For those of you who wish to be exposed to EFT and work on a few issues (which you can keep confidential) in a fun group atmosphere, do join me! It’s held on every 1st and 3rd Sat 4 – 6 pm, $20 per pax. Just drop me an sms at 96715709 to register your attendance. 🙂

Once again, th

What you can find out from a driving license

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Got this from e-newsletter from local organic farm Green Circle. Usually the jokes are all pretty good (though sometimes sexist), but this one in particular really made me laugh, so i just had to share with u guys…

A mother is driving her little girl to her friend’s house for a play date.            
   ‘ Mommy ,’ the little girl asks, ‘how old are you?’                                   
   ‘Honey, you are not supposed to ask a lady her age,’ the mother replied. ‘It’s not    
   ‘OK’, the little girl says, ‘How much do you weigh?’                                  
   ‘Now really,’ the mother says,                                                        
   ‘those are personal questions and are really none of your business.’                  
   Undaunted, the little girl asks, ‘Why did you and Daddy get a divorce?’               
   ‘That’s enough questions, young lady! Honestly!’                                      
   The exasperated mother walks away as the two friends begin to play.                   
   ‘ My Mom won’t tell me anything about her,’ the little girl says to her friend.       
   ‘Well,’ says the friend, ‘all you need to do is look at her driver’s license.         
   It’s like a report card, it has every-thing on it.’                                   
   Later that night the little girl says to her mother, ‘I know how old you are. You are 
   The mother is surprised and asks,                                                     
   ‘How did you find that out?’                                                          
   ‘I also know that you weigh 130 lbs.’                                                 
   The mother is past surprised and shocked now. ‘How in Heaven’s name did you find that 
   ‘And,’ the little girl says triumphantly, ‘I know why you and daddy got a divorce.’  
   ‘Oh really?’ the mother asks. ‘Why?’                                                   
   ‘Because you got an F in sex.’    

Btw, if your family cooks, do support the environment and your own health by ordering from Green Circle. They provide free delivery for orders above $30 and the veggies are priced very reasonably. Still pricer than usual, but considering that they are grown organically, it’s worth it. Check their website out at

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