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I dug up my journal from JC which was the time where my creative juices flowed endlessly and I came up with songs, drawings and poems almost every day (which is why i did badly for all the tests and had to mug like crazy in the last 3 months!).

Some of the works… well… are what u would expect from a teenager, but i still find some of them rather sweet and touching. And there is a particular list which I came up with, that i think is worth going through over here… the list of things i want to do by the age of 40 (what i consider to be midlife). Would sure be interesting to see which are the ones I have completed so far, and which, i no longer wish to complete.

(Cancelled ones means completed. Those with ???… maybe don’t need to complete anymore.)

1) Go overseas by myself
2) Learn to ride a horse
3) See the pyramids in Egypt
4)Visit Europe for at least a month (so far, only 2 weeks)
5) Own my dream car (???)
6) Have two wonderful kids (one more to go!)
7) Go skydiving/parasailing
8) Become a qualified psychologist (???)
9) Find my soulmate and marry him
10) Sleep beneath the stars
11) Learn to meditate or do yoga
12) Taste snow
13) Go on a hot air balloon ride
14) Do modeling (just a short stint!)
15) Party all night long
16) Go to New Zealand
17) Be a wild, succulent woman (inspired by SARK)
18) Live in another country
19) Speak in front of a really LARGE audience without a script
20) Live in a house I furnished myself
21) Write a book of songs and poetry and stories (didn’t say have to publish)
22) Master Buddhism (???)
23) Get my handwriting professionally analysed
24) Go canoeing
25) Experience autumn
26) Climb mountains
27) Grow flowers
28) Watch a sunrise/sunset with a loved one (glimpses obviously don’t count here)
29) Watch musicals at Broadway (only 1 so far, and it’s a plural here)
30) Converse with total strangers
31) Get a dog/cat
32) Go on a Carribean cruise
33) Read ALL my books (??? cos i no longer think it is possible)
34) Wish upon a shooting star
35) Have a satisfying career
36) Go to a health/beauty spa
37) Go for a religious retreat
38) Get a makeover with photographs included
39) Trek in a rainforest
40) Make love in public
41) Make a radio dedication (???)
42) See a chick hatch from its egg (live and the whole process)
43) Take self-defense classes
44) Stay in a local hotel
45) Go berry-picking
46) Get toned abs
47) Get drenched in a natural waterfall
48) Swim in a freshwater lake
49) Flirt – outrageously! (too bad i’m not allowed to do it anymore)
50) Take care of the poor, sick, lonely and handicapped
51) Learn to make lagsana
52) Get an oven, do baking
53) Paint portraits in watercolours
54) Learn pottery making
55) Form several life-long friendships with men and women
56) Learn to appreciate fine wine
57) Study astrology (at least read enough to know I had enough of it)
58) Take dancing lessons
59) Love myself 100%
60) Collect scented candles and oils (???)
61) Go on a safari
62) Become a multi-millionaire
63) Manage my own homepage
64) Learn roller-blading/ice-skating
65) Touch a dolphin
66) Donate generously to charity
67) Go backpacking
68) Volunteer counselling services
69) Learn the art of massaging
70) Be blinded by the splendour of nature
71) Walk down the Grand Canyon (at least as near as was allowed!)
72) Eat fresh raw oysters with lemon or lime
73) Own a wardrobe of expensive lingerie
74) Wear a dress I designed myself (my wedding evening gown!)
75) Stop procrastinating
76) Indulge myself in facials, massages, manicures, etc (done before, enough)
77) Take up photography – take EXCELLENT photos (good maybe, but not excellent)
78) Splurge on expensive body/face products (at that age, i gave the example of The Body Shop… argh)
79) Go for a movie marathon
80) Have my 15 minutes of fame
81) Go jet-skiing
82) Get something published
83) Perform on stage with a max of 2 other people
84) Have a walk-in wardrobe (???)
85) Be buried in sand (my feet, which is enough!)
86) Make friends with children – learn from their wisdom
87) Have an aura scan
88) Lie down on grass in the sun and dream
89) Tell my friends and family I love them
90) Sleep in a hammock

Hmm… surprisingly, for a list made at age 17, most of the items still appeal to me, and reading this list makes me remember that at heart, i’m really someone who loves the simple sensual pleasures of life.

I think i’m progressing pretty well.. and taking a look at the items i have not covered, looks like I need to take more holidays, hah!

Well, since i still have 13 years to go, here are more things to add to the list:

91) Write a book that inspires millions of people
92) Become internationally known and respected
93) Be debt free
94) Go organic living
95) Sponsor 10 children in developing countries
96) Visit rural communities at least once every 2 years and contribute to the people, at the same time, learn the art of happiness and contentment from them
97) Manage an inspirational biz newsletter with readership of over 5000
98) Facilitate Borrowing Benefits sessions to groups from 10 to 1000.
99) Teach my children to be happy, useful human beings by example
100) Have a maid and chef/quality food catering so that I am freed from mundane chores and the household still gets taken care of
101) Empower thousands to heal their issues and maximise their potential
102) Have a close relationship with a spiritual master
103) Have a harmonious family life
104) Have a marriage that is satisfying on ALL levels
105) Ability to travel all over the world for holidays and to attend seminars/retreats
106) Only need to work 30 hours a week
107) Have a network of holistic professionals who can support my physical and emotional health based on spiritual principles
108) Look like i’m only 29!
109) Meditate/chant daily
110) Own an eco-friendly house
111) Be good friends with others who are masters in their fields and/or are highly evolved spiritually

If some sounds rather ambitious, well, i am ina jubilant state after finishing the book The Instant Millionaire, and I believe everything stated in the book, most of all, that the universe will give you anything you want, you just need to know what you want!

Amazingly, so far my manifestation box has been working miracles for me. Everytime i sort through the stuff I’ve got inside, I clear away stuff which have already appeared in my reality. I got my beautiful namecards and website (almost up!). I got my successful EFT workshops. I even got my organised, clutter-free home and stress-free successful CNY spring-cleaning (which is REALLY a miracle!). I got my funds to go for the Journey practitioner programme. I got my regular exercise routine. Some things have been there for a longer time and have not come into reality yet… but that’s fine by me, cos the larger the order, the longer you would expect the processing and delivery time to be.

All i can say is THANK YOU to the universe that keeps providing for my needs and more!



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  1. Sorry, was not able to call u..u know I am stuck in complete hell in the US, and never had felt so miserable… 😦

  2. hi

    nice blog you submit.


  3. Wow, you made that first part of the list when you were 17?? Reminds me of my youthful ambitions. You are actually adding to the list too! I loved most of your “things to do”. Thanks for reminding me of my “list”

    • U’re welcome! Most of us probably have goals and fantasies when young… always good to think of them every now and then, and still hope that they may happen someday. 🙂

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