Body Mind Spirit Festival

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These 2 days were simply fantastic!

Aside from the fact that I sold a pretty substantial number of my new book and EFT affirmation cards, and also had a gd number of mini sessions as well, i got to meet a few lovely people and reconnected with some old faces.

The turnout was wonderful as well. Much much better than the previous fair. There was a heavy rainpour on Sun afternoon, but the moment it ended, there was a huge flow of crowd coming in and it was quite a challenge to walk in and out of the place. Yet, the overall energy is not overly chaotic (nothing like what you will find in the GSS!). Intense, but in a good way.

What i love about this particular fair, is that there is this sense of community and fellowship. Not sure if everyone experienced it, but i certainly did. Had the good fortune to be neighbours with Clarice again, the fengshui lady whom i was neighbours with in the fair before last. I connect really well with her, and she was nice enough to rearrange my table when i went for a toilet break to allow better energy flow. Sure enough, the business picked up after that, thanks to her!

I also connected with this wonderful guy whom i envision to be like a tree man. Cos he has longish curly hair, much like the leaves of the tree, and he moves and talks in a slow, gentle way. There is a very grounded, solid feel to him. He was selling crystals at his table and at one point, he came over to share with me something wonderful that had just happened to him. A little child fell in love with a crystal at his booth. Her parents decided to browse the other booths with her. After one round, they came back as the child still wanted the very same crystal.

At this point, “Treeman” opened up his hands and said, the child told him, “This is all i have.” In his hands, was a pile of 1-dollar and 50-cent coins, probably $15 or so. Treeman told me the crystal was worth much more than that, and he let her have it anyway. His eyes twinkled with joy as he jingled the coins in front of me, and my heart rejoiced with him. Such a lovely story, and i felt so glad that he had chosen to share it with me! He put the coins in his pants pocket and jingled it as he walked back to his booth. I’m sure those coins are not gonna be used for ordinary purposes…

I also finally met Lee, co-founder of Cosmic Lighthouse Magazine. After that long series of email exchanges, we met at long last! It’s like meeting an old friend… very nice!

The exhibitors this year seem to be of much higher standards than previous ones. Someone told me that the organisers were very selective this time round. I really feel good about most of the exhibitors, if not all. Of cos, i don’t know most of them, but the ones i do know, i definitely know they are of a certain standard.

Anyway, the impt thing is that i feel like we are all here to support one another, not compete against. As i was sharing with Clarice, before this event, i read about geese flying in a V-shaped direction, because the movement of the wings create a force that propels the neighbouring geese so that as a group, they fly faster and for longer periods. I just feel like this particular event is like that.

In fact, one of the exhibitors whom I know came over to give me a little snack. Another one whom i don’t really know personally bought a copy of my book in support. Another one that i got to know went around offering the exhibitors free massages. I received mine on Sun evening at the end of the festival. A much needed massage… and it was wonderful!

At the first time i participated in the Holistic Living Fair (as it was previously called), i learnt to apply EFT in a very simple and effective way since i was doing demos all day long, and had to come up with a line of questioning that allowed me to get results without doing much talking or probing. This time round i came up with yet another process that helped me to get results even with emotional issues that seemed more complex. If the number wasn’t budging, or seemed to be moving more slowly, i simply asked them to complete the sentence “I cannot/do not want to go down to a zero because…”

To help them feel comfortable, i just asked them to have the answers in their heads, and i would then get them to tap on “da da da da”. This worked really well, so it seems like i have another mini break through in doing EFT therapy with pple. Also came up with a new affirmation, which is “I allow this emotion to be my teacher.” Used that with several pple and it seems to allow them to get a greater shift. I am only guessing cos i didn’t check, but i definitely like this affirmation, and may include it in future editions of EFT affirmation cards!

Another one that worked well is to ask the person to guess what is the emotion in the physical symptom. Gary has something similar “What is the emotional reason underlying this physical issue”. This is the first time i’m seriously using this question and surprisingly, it really works. There are those who claim they don’t know. Yet, when i ask them to give themselves the permission to be wrong and just guess, they manage to come up with an emotion anyway. When we incorporate that into the Setup Statement, the SUDS reduces even more.

I also got the chance to try out a mini-channeling session by Toni Ann Winniger, the author of Masters of the Spirit World. Lee told me on Sun morn that she was fully booked for the day. I told him to just put me in the waiting list, and to be open. Sure enough, he came by later to tell me that there is a slot after all! Well, there isn’t much to blog about the session cos it was so short, and there is certain info which is not bloggable. The only thing i feel like blogging about is the response i got to my question on whether i should spend more time with little boy.

When Toni felt little boy’s energy, she laughed. “Oh, he is happy wherever he goes!” She told me that little boy knows i love him and that i have my things to do, which he understands. While he gets lonely at times, he doesn’t hold it against me. I asked her if there is something more i can or should do for him. Her reply was that i just need to make sure he knows he can come and talk to me anytime. I wonder if Toni knows that little boy is only 3 years old… not some older kid who can actually talk about their problems. Then again, Mr Gua Gua and my mum are always saying that little boy is like a little adult, and he does talk and behave like one. Guess when we spend time together, i need to listen to him more consciously, both to what he is saying and NOT saying.

The other blog-worthy thing is that i got tremendous support for the festival! I had wonderful friends who came to volunteer their time, helping me to distribute flyers and promote my stuff. My family, aunties and 1 uncle came on Sun to attend my talk, and one aunt bought 15 books (!) to distribute out. Few of my previous workshop participants and regular clients also came to support me. One in particular came with her friend just 1 hour before the festival ended. Breathless from the super long climb up to the place, she told me that she came just to buy my book. Wah… so touched! And of cos, Mr Gua Gua was around to help too. Thanks Mr Gua Gua!

Overall, for this round, i don’t feel as excited as i was during my first Expo, nor am i as drained as i was during the 2nd. What i do feel is a sense of connectedness with the pple around me and groundedness in my own energy. While i know that i can definitely improve in my ability to facilitate the healing of others, i feel that i have come such a long way in the past 6 months.

May the good that was done in these 2 days continue to ripple out in the world, leading to a massive shift in global consciousness!

EFT World Summit controversy

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I’m actually very tired but after reading Gary’s blog about his rejection of the EFT World Summit, so many feelings got stirred up in me (which i have roughly tapped on) that i just had to do some blogging to process it within me.

I had automatically deleted all the email publicity about EFT World Summit cos i knew it would be like the typical internet marketing hype, and while i didn’t think the event was total hogwash, i just didn’t feel like i needed to participate.

And then i decided to open an email by Gwenn B., one of the better EFT practitioners’ newsletters (i like her sincerity and cheerfulness) and was surprised to see a long response from her to Gary’s post, which is when i first learnt that Gary had disapproved of the EFT World Summit. Gwenn gave her thoughts about it, since she was a part of it, and kinda defended Nicholas Ortner, the organiser of EFT World Summit and producer of Try It On Everything, an EFT movie that i truly love.

I haven’t been reading Gary’s EFT newsletters for some time, but when i was going through my emails, i happened to open one and guess what? It is the very issue where Gary posted a link to his blog entry on EFT World Summit.

Needless to say, i went to read it out of sheer curiosity. At first i was shocked by the apparent disrespect that Nicholas has shown to Gary by deceptively packaging EFT World Summit in a way that did not seem ethical and accurate. Then i was disturbed that Gary had asked Nicholas to stop promoting EFT in any way.

More disturbing were some of the comments to Gary’s blog entry, where people were slamming Nicholas, calling him despicable, etc. There were a number who were quite neutral, a few who shared rather loving and insightful thoughts that supported neither party, or both parties, but the majority that felt to me like guru-worship “whatever you say, Gary, is right…And Nicholas is just a scam!”, which just felt wrong to me.

I particularly resonated with Jodi’s (who appeared in the EFT movie, one of the ones i really liked!) reply, where she said that after reading Gary’s post, she now thinks twice about promoting EFT, for fear of being judged as diluting or distorting EFT and being labelled as a charlatan or a quack.

In fact, just before reading this post, i was sharing with Mr Gua Gua my discomfort about this battle between two people who were passionate about helping others. And one of my concerns was, since Gary also refused to even read my book (which i never blogged about because i didn’t want to spoil his name, and neither did i want to blow up my own reaction by venting about it here)… in fact, he kinda curtly told me that he would be having copyrights to EFT very soon, which I was really upset about – it felt like my sincere efforts to share EFT with more pple through this book were coldly misunderstood by the very person who inspired me to go so deeply into it.

And back to what i was saying… since he didn’t even want to read my book, now this fiasco, i am wondering the same thing as Jodi. Would pple just think that i’m trying to sell my version of EFT, which is not REAL EFT. Or would pple think that i’m just trying to make money out of EFT?

The good thing about all this is that one really sees buttons being triggered left and right, and obviously, mine is being triggered as well, though thankfully, i’m more perplexed than agitated. Slightly confused, and slightly disappointed. Well, maybe more than slightly, since i decided to blog about it rather than catch up on my sleep debts.

I’m disappointed that people in the healing community would be so judgmental and caustic towards others in the same community.

I’m disappointed with Gary, whom i admire so much because of his generosity in getting EFT out there, and in his videos, said that if years later people come up witha new system that works even better than EFT, he would be more than thrilled. Now people ARE coming up with new versions or variations of EFT. He doesn’t seem that thrilled at all.

In fact, just like what one person’s reply to Gary’s post mentioned, this fiasco reminds me a little of Gary’s simplification of Roger Callahan’s TAT, Thought Field Therapy. Obviously, Gary got criticised by Roger’s students as well, and he did make very strong statements that kinda invalidated TAT, no matter how respectful he tried to be.

Seems like history is repeating itself… and Gary’s facing the same thing that Roger Callahan faced with him 10 over years ago.

Mr Gua Gua reminded me that we are all still unenlightened, and this includes Gary. If one day i were to write a book about my own experiences and understanding of The Journey, Brandon Bays would probably come after me too. I thought about that. “No she wouldn’t. She would rejoice.” was my firm reply to Mr Gua Gua. “Ya, but her staff and followers would probably comment negatively, saying that you are trying to distort the original work, make it your own, etc, and it will all become political.” Well… that seemed like a possibility.

And then i wonder, if i had invented my own healing system and it got so famous that people started fine tuning it and having their own takes on it. Would i start to feel like i need to take control over it somehow? The answer right now is no, but who knows? When i was a child, I used to tell myself i would never ever think the way those stupid adults do. Well… i can still think like a child at times (childishly!), but i sure think like an adult too!

Of cos, this is impermanence… we may subscribe to a belief or practice today, and yet subscribe to a totally different one 10 years later.

And it’s true, we are all human. We still have our egos, our fixed perceptions of the world, our dogmas and religions. My religion is that people who want to serve others should not judge, and should not forget your own principles. Yet, i do judge from time to time, and i do lose my integrity as well… like going back on my word, or being lazy to keep my promises, even though i tell myself that integrity and honesty is very impt to me.

So it seems like no matter how “correct” our beliefs are, ultimately, it’s the way we cling onto those beliefs that indicates the level of disharmony in our being, the amount of separation from Oneness.

So i say… it’s very interesting to see how this controvery stirs up such a big buzz among so many EFT-lovers, especially for myself. It does give me a chance to see what are the buttons inside me that are being triggered.

Who knows, maybe the higher selves of Gary Craig and Nicholas Ortner are actually sitting side by side with cups of tea, laughing to each other and saying, “We really had them fooled huh? Look at how we are bringing all their issues to the surface!”

Heehee… now wouldn’t that be funny!

Anyway, guess i will need to do some tapping before Body Mind Spirit Expo, so that i can share about (word count: 1111!) EFT in the true spirit of love, harmony and healing.

May this weekend bring about love, abundance and enlightenment for everyone involved!


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I have no idea what to blog about tonight, so i’m blogging cos i feel like blogging.

As i was thinking, what to blog, and listening into my soul for any tiny whispers of suggestions. The suggestion came… “write about what you have been learning”.

Yes, that’s a gd suggestion, cos i feel that i am evolving and growing so much everyday for the past 2 weeks or so.

I am learning to listen to the quiet guidance of my intuition. I now know that my intuition can speak to me in a myraid of ways. Sometimes i hear it, sometimes i see the words Yes or No (like poker cards being dealt out), and sometimes i just sense it like a presence nodding or shaking their head. I use my intuition most often when i’m with clients. Whether to ask a certain question, whether to go in this direction, whether to persist or whether to move elsewhere for now.

Of cos, i’m pretty sure that most of the time i use my intuition to guide the session in a spontaneous unconscious manner. But during times when i feel a little stuck, rather than just ham-tam-ing (trial and error), i’m beginning to check in with my intuition. And so far, it has been working well for me.

I am learning to LOVE myself. I have known the importance of this a long long time ago. But of cos, knowing is one thing, doing is another. I think it’s only after experiencing the Journey seminars that i really started to love myself. After all, i’m part of the Source. So how could i not fall in love with this energy that is as magnificent and divine as the rest of the universe? I’m starting to laugh at words and phrases such as “self-centred” and “in love with myself”, which of cos, usually have negative connotations. Now i can honestly and genuinely say that i’m self-centred and in love with myself, and be really pleased with it!

I don’t think i run the risk of loving myself TOO much. People who are known with being in love with themselves, in my opinion, are really people who don’t know how to love themselves. That’s why there is the need to brag, to swag, to show off. There was definitely a show off in me in my younger days. I was a mix of wanting to impress others and not wanting the limelight. In fact, that was me only until very recently. Now, i feel powerful, and i feel it being expressed in a very quiet and steady manner. I no longer feel the need to impress others, to receive compliments, to be applauded, etc.

That’s of cos the wonderful result of loving myself. I am learning to tell myself everyday, a few times, that i love myself, and i am a powerful magnificent being of love and light. I am learning to appreciate myself, thank myself for little things. I am learning to be ok with expressing my negative emotions, and be comfortable with my flaws.

The more i do any of the above, the more i find that my power is growing, cos i cease to depend on others for confirmation of my own strengths. The less i need to receive (though of cos, i continue to love receiving!), the more i am able and willing to give.

I sense it in the way i’m speaking these days. I no longer hesitate before speaking. I feel my words coming from me, neither timid nor too loud, but strong, firm and confident. Even my voice is taking on a resonance, that i believe is due to the fact that it’s coming from a deep place within me. And i look less to people for their reactions to my words. There is simply no need to.

I am learning that it’s true that what people think of me is really NONE OF MY BIZ. We are all projecting our own stuff onto the world. If they think i’m a bitch, hey… sorry that you have this bitchiness aspect inside you. If they think i’m beautiful… well, thank you for your beauty too. This way of living is truly liberating. Every encounter becomes an opportunity for learning and growth. I do not need to be held back by criticisms and judgment, or repeat certain behaviours to receive praises and applause. Every step is simply a new step to be taken, to move me forward on this journey of enlightenment.

I am learning to see the beauty in others. Today when i was sitting on the bus, i noticed this man who is a little physically different. His eyes are rolled upwards, his teeth are crooked and protruding, and he had a very short body with a belly. Normally i don’t even notice such people, and when i do, i would be too embarassed to look even more, for fear that they may be offended and think i was judging them. And the truth is, i was. A part of me pitied them, and in other words, i looked down on them.

Today something in me gave me the impulse to look again, and to look more closely. I realised that his forehead was shiny, and despite the protruding teeth, his mouth was turned upwards into a seemingly permanent grin. He was listening to music, just like i was, and i was wondering, was he smiling cos of whatever he was listening to, or was he just a very smiley person. Then it occurred to me, he seems genuinely happy. Happier than most people on the streets. Possibly the happiest person on the bus tonight.

Well, i looked away before he realised i was staring, and i honestly didn’t want him to know i was observing him. But not before i realised that all along, i have only been judging pple by their looks. While i don’t outwardly make mean comments, there is a critic inside me that rates everyone on their physical beauty. Tonight, the critic stayed silent. And i learned to look closely enough, to see the inner beauty of this man, that wasn’t hard to see actually. It was all about paying attention and using my heart to see.

So I am learning to see the beauty in everyone, and that they are also walking Gods, just like me. Majority really don’t realise it, and that’s why they are so glum. The ones who somehow know it, whether consciously or subconsciously, are a delight to see. If everyone knew who they really are, everyone would be dancing and singing and smiling…. all the time.

Well, maybe not all the time. I’m definitely not doing that all the time, cos i still don’t want people to think i’m crazy. Haha… but i am still enjoying my walking with grace meditation. I would also like to imagine myself surrounded with light, and whoever walks nearby would be healed in some way.

What else am i learning? Well, i’m learning that i am truly blessed with wonderful friends. Friends who are there to nurture, encourage, inspire, advise, and most importantly, LOVE me. From someone who have always been labelled (by others and by myself) as anti-social in primary and secondary sch days to someone who chose to be a hermit from time to time in university days… i am finally blossoming into someone who cherishes connection with like-minded souls, and looking forward to meeting more in the near future!

Goodness knows how many times i have seen “magic numbers” appear when i was writing this post. 111, 11:14:14, 666, 1212…. i guess the universe is really happy about me writing this!

Okie, time for a late night movie and snacking… 🙂 (haha, no magic number here!)

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