EFT World Summit controversy

April 24, 2009 at 1:40 am | Posted in Rantings and ravings | 8 Comments

I’m actually very tired but after reading Gary’s blog about his rejection of the EFT World Summit, so many feelings got stirred up in me (which i have roughly tapped on) that i just had to do some blogging to process it within me.

I had automatically deleted all the email publicity about EFT World Summit cos i knew it would be like the typical internet marketing hype, and while i didn’t think the event was total hogwash, i just didn’t feel like i needed to participate.

And then i decided to open an email by Gwenn B., one of the better EFT practitioners’ newsletters (i like her sincerity and cheerfulness) and was surprised to see a long response from her to Gary’s post, which is when i first learnt that Gary had disapproved of the EFT World Summit. Gwenn gave her thoughts about it, since she was a part of it, and kinda defended Nicholas Ortner, the organiser of EFT World Summit and producer of Try It On Everything, an EFT movie that i truly love.

I haven’t been reading Gary’s EFT newsletters for some time, but when i was going through my emails, i happened to open one and guess what? It is the very issue where Gary posted a link to his blog entry on EFT World Summit.

Needless to say, i went to read it out of sheer curiosity. At first i was shocked by the apparent disrespect that Nicholas has shown to Gary by deceptively packaging EFT World Summit in a way that did not seem ethical and accurate. Then i was disturbed that Gary had asked Nicholas to stop promoting EFT in any way.

More disturbing were some of the comments to Gary’s blog entry, where people were slamming Nicholas, calling him despicable, etc. There were a number who were quite neutral, a few who shared rather loving and insightful thoughts that supported neither party, or both parties, but the majority that felt to me like guru-worship “whatever you say, Gary, is right…And Nicholas is just a scam!”, which just felt wrong to me.

I particularly resonated with Jodi’s (who appeared in the EFT movie, one of the ones i really liked!) reply, where she said that after reading Gary’s post, she now thinks twice about promoting EFT, for fear of being judged as diluting or distorting EFT and being labelled as a charlatan or a quack.

In fact, just before reading this post, i was sharing with Mr Gua Gua my discomfort about this battle between two people who were passionate about helping others. And one of my concerns was, since Gary also refused to even read my book (which i never blogged about because i didn’t want to spoil his name, and neither did i want to blow up my own reaction by venting about it here)… in fact, he kinda curtly told me that he would be having copyrights to EFT very soon, which I was really upset about – it felt like my sincere efforts to share EFT with more pple through this book were coldly misunderstood by the very person who inspired me to go so deeply into it.

And back to what i was saying… since he didn’t even want to read my book, now this fiasco, i am wondering the same thing as Jodi. Would pple just think that i’m trying to sell my version of EFT, which is not REAL EFT. Or would pple think that i’m just trying to make money out of EFT?

The good thing about all this is that one really sees buttons being triggered left and right, and obviously, mine is being triggered as well, though thankfully, i’m more perplexed than agitated. Slightly confused, and slightly disappointed. Well, maybe more than slightly, since i decided to blog about it rather than catch up on my sleep debts.

I’m disappointed that people in the healing community would be so judgmental and caustic towards others in the same community.

I’m disappointed with Gary, whom i admire so much because of his generosity in getting EFT out there, and in his videos, said that if years later people come up witha new system that works even better than EFT, he would be more than thrilled. Now people ARE coming up with new versions or variations of EFT. He doesn’t seem that thrilled at all.

In fact, just like what one person’s reply to Gary’s post mentioned, this fiasco reminds me a little of Gary’s simplification of Roger Callahan’s TAT, Thought Field Therapy. Obviously, Gary got criticised by Roger’s students as well, and he did make very strong statements that kinda invalidated TAT, no matter how respectful he tried to be.

Seems like history is repeating itself… and Gary’s facing the same thing that Roger Callahan faced with him 10 over years ago.

Mr Gua Gua reminded me that we are all still unenlightened, and this includes Gary. If one day i were to write a book about my own experiences and understanding of The Journey, Brandon Bays would probably come after me too. I thought about that. “No she wouldn’t. She would rejoice.” was my firm reply to Mr Gua Gua. “Ya, but her staff and followers would probably comment negatively, saying that you are trying to distort the original work, make it your own, etc, and it will all become political.” Well… that seemed like a possibility.

And then i wonder, if i had invented my own healing system and it got so famous that people started fine tuning it and having their own takes on it. Would i start to feel like i need to take control over it somehow? The answer right now is no, but who knows? When i was a child, I used to tell myself i would never ever think the way those stupid adults do. Well… i can still think like a child at times (childishly!), but i sure think like an adult too!

Of cos, this is impermanence… we may subscribe to a belief or practice today, and yet subscribe to a totally different one 10 years later.

And it’s true, we are all human. We still have our egos, our fixed perceptions of the world, our dogmas and religions. My religion is that people who want to serve others should not judge, and should not forget your own principles. Yet, i do judge from time to time, and i do lose my integrity as well… like going back on my word, or being lazy to keep my promises, even though i tell myself that integrity and honesty is very impt to me.

So it seems like no matter how “correct” our beliefs are, ultimately, it’s the way we cling onto those beliefs that indicates the level of disharmony in our being, the amount of separation from Oneness.

So i say… it’s very interesting to see how this controvery stirs up such a big buzz among so many EFT-lovers, especially for myself. It does give me a chance to see what are the buttons inside me that are being triggered.

Who knows, maybe the higher selves of Gary Craig and Nicholas Ortner are actually sitting side by side with cups of tea, laughing to each other and saying, “We really had them fooled huh? Look at how we are bringing all their issues to the surface!”

Heehee… now wouldn’t that be funny!

Anyway, guess i will need to do some tapping before Body Mind Spirit Expo, so that i can share about (word count: 1111!) EFT in the true spirit of love, harmony and healing.

May this weekend bring about love, abundance and enlightenment for everyone involved!


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  1. Hello,

    interesting read there

    it’s great you have alot of passion,

    totally agree we are all human beings with egos….

  2. Totally agree with some of the things you said there.
    Gary has given a wonderful tool but I too am fed up of this hero worship that people do without looking at both sides of the coin.When Gary is right , he IS right , but when he IS wrong then why can’t people say so!!
    He is right in asking people to differentiate their version of EFT if it is mixed with other healing modalities , to avoid confusion.
    He is right in saying that we need to put disclaimers on our sites.


    He is wrong in saying that ADV and CC be removed from our names.
    He is wrong in saying that ‘ people with these certificates have gotten their money worth over time’.
    He is wrong in saying that we cannot publish books now with EFT on it.
    After all he took 9 Gamut from EMDR without even giving credit to it and Movie technique from NLP , again without giving credit to it.And EFT from TFT by giving credit to Roger Callahan but in a derogatory way..that TFT doesn’t work but EFT does..that is unethical!! You cannot slam another procedure just because you believe in another!!

    So who is to decide here.If Gary, since he himself is a human, has made mistakes why can’t he be more tolerant towards what others are doing? He has made EFT -cert levels as a new form of credentialing procedure but why is he slamming the CC, ADV and level 1, 2 , 3.

    DID HE NOT GIVE PERMISSION TO PATRICIA TO GO AHEAD WITH THESE TESTS EARLIER…then how can he just wash his hands out of the whole thing now???Why didn’t he wait to develop the rigorous tests in future. What was the hurry??

    The hurry was to spread the EFT word. And now that it has spread by the very people who took these certifications earlier, he wants no part of them….amazing!!!

  3. Hi Sal, there’s truth in your words, but lots of emotion too… tap my dear, keep tapping. This is a good opportunity to clear your own stuff. 🙂

  4. Yes tapping is always good. But it will not change Gary’s open hand policy!!

  5. Still, when we change the way we look at the world for the better, we have a greater chance of changing the world for the better. Anyhow, he does have his reasons for what he does, and there’s probably a lot of things going on in the background we are not aware of, and won’t be able to understand. Live with it and tap anyway!

  6. I agree .
    Everyone has reasons for what they do. But when it affects other people’s lives then they can be questioned and must be.Things go on in everyone’s’ personal lives which we will not be aware of but when it is a question of the decisions affecting other people then they will be questioned.
    So tapping is not a solution for this. At least for me. I’m not venting out my anger here but simply putting my opinion regarding Gary’s decisions. And I have every right to do so just like he has every right to give his opinions.
    Thanks for your advice .

  7. Great read there..

  8. Tapping is brainwashing crap

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