Healing at the Core

May 25, 2009 at 9:52 pm | Posted in Pearls of wisdom | 1 Comment

I have been a subscriber to this newsletter for ages, and have been reading the articles more frequently recently compared to the past when I would just skim through the information. These messages are always filled with truth and love, and i find them resonating within me more and more.

Here is one that I feel very much aligned with. If you wish to read more, visit www.urielheals.com.

(And it so happens that Mr Gua Gua’s middle name is Uriel too…)


Healing at the  Core
I have watched the events of this past week with amazement as I am reminded that this is a time of cleansing and healing, where our most painful, hidden and secret issues are brought to the surface. Whether it is hiding the secrets of a dark past, being out of integrity with yourself and your purpose, facing a choice or decision you have been avoiding, or facing your truth for perhaps the first time, everyone is healing at the core of their being, cleaning out their emotional, physical, spiritual and intellectual closets.
While it seems that each of our healing experiences clears out the energy in one big step, we heal at many levels, each one that we complete leads to the possibility of healing the next one. Many compare this process to peeling an onion, which is built of many layers, each one leading to the next layer beneath it. The upside to this is the next layer is smaller than the one above it. As we transform one layer, we have the tools, knowledge and understanding to address the challenges of the next one. And as we get closer to the core, we need all of our resources.

Each layer we remove brings us closer to the core, to the central issues of our soul wounds, the beginnings of our karma and the issues that we have pursued for many lifetimes. As we approach this core the situations we face become more intense, the choices more difficult and their polarity increases. This is where we experience our deepest pain, our most challenging awakenings and come face to face with our Truth. There is no more middle road for us, we have to be on one side or the other, living our life in integrity with our purpose and dreams or relinquishing our soul’s growth to benefit someone else’s healing.

Core healing is the most challenging part of our journey but its presence shows us that we are indeed nearing the end of a long road. We have agreed to reconnect and we knew that we would, one day, face the most difficult healing of all, that which involves us, our choices, decisions and our deepest fears. Here we are and what is next? More healing as we continue on this path. We have a lot of healing to participate in, ours and that of the world, and as we heal, we create those energies for everyone. But we will complete the next phase of our healing with less stress, less difficulty and a greater sense of balance. Remember the layers get smaller as we get closer and closer to the core. And with each step into our own darkness we receive all the light we need to see our way through it.


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  1. Another wonderful writing!

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