The zen monk and the emperor

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Here’s a little story that i was inspired to write…

Snow was gently falling on the ground. The zen monk stood by the pond, gazing at the crystalline blue water. He was dressed only in monk’s robes, yet he was used to the cold. There was a gentle smile on his face. He was contented. No reason, just because.

He spent his days helping others, giving them medicine and healings. In return, they brought him food and other life’s necessities. He lived simply, as zen monks usually do, and in spite of his failing health, he was never seen without the gentle smile on his face.

One day he was sent for by the emperor. Standing before the emperor in the grand hall of the palace, his gray robes were in stark contrast to the brilliant magnificence of the lavish furnishing, and the golden dragon robes worn by the emperor.

“Please come to the palace to stay” The emperor begged.

“This is not my life.” was his simple reply.

Upon hearing the zen monk’s words, the emperor’s round face scrunched up into rage. “You have always been foolish!”

For a few minutes, there was silence. The emperor kept staring angrily at the zen monk, who only looked back with the same gentle smile.

Finally, the emperor relaxed, and he sighed. “Then you may leave.” He watched the monk walking out of the palace, his movements slow and graceful. In no time, he was gone. Yet, for a few moments, the emperor thought he could still feel the monk’s gentle and kind presence around him, a balm for his spirits.

Days later, the zen monk collapsed as a result of long-accumulated ill health. On his death bed, he was surrounded by many villagers who have received his help in the past. Most of them were weeping. Yet, even as his body was on the brink of death, his eyes remained serene, and the gentle smile had never left his face. Then the crowd parted way for an important person who came to see the monk – the emperor.

“Brother!” Cried the emperor, eyes brimming with tears.

The monk only looked at him with compassion, as his mind wandered to a memory of himself as a little boy. Outside the gates of the palace, he gave his finely embroidered shoes to a poor village boy of his age. The look of happiness on the village boy’s face brought him great joy, and that was when he decided to leave his royal home, so that he may help others outside the palace.

Returning to the present, he took a last look at the emperor and villagers around him, and passed away with a smile on his face.

He felt himself leaving the body, and then he was standing at the corner of the room, looking at his body and the people who were weeping with great sadness. Beside him was a shadowy white figure.

“This was an interesting life, wasn’t it?” The shadowy white figure said to him.

The monk gave his usual response – a gentle smile.

Then he was instructed by an unseen voice to meet the soul of the emperor. Suddenly he found himself standing by the same pond with the emperor beside him. The emperor looked him with great love and sadness. “You have always been a fool.” He said. “But you have also done so much more than I, as an emperor, ever could.”

The monk smiled, and both turned to watch a budding green leaf falling into the pond, creating ripples that spreaded through the crystalline blue water.

Then the monk heard the same unseen voice to meet all the people that he had helped in that lifetime. In an instant, he found himself facing a huge field of people, too many to count. They were all very happy to see him. An old man who represented the people stepped out. His wrinkled face, creased by years of ups and downs, wore an expression of gratitude, as he spoke humbly to the zen monk.  

“If it was not for you, I would have left my family a long time ago. Because of you, i stayed on, and now i have many grandchildren. Thank you!” Pausing for a few moments, the old man’s eyes then filled with tears of regret. “If we had known you were so sick, we wouldn’t have let you continue helping us the way you did, all the way till you collapsed.”

The zen monk only smiled back at the old man, deeply touched by the old man’s words. He was so happy in giving service, that he had no idea how much he had touched others, and for a few moments, his heart was washed over by love and gratitude. All the people felt it deeply, and they gently cried with love.

Back in the zen monk’s room, the emperor and villagers were still grieving at his bedside, when out of nowhere, pale pink flower petals began to fall. People gazed around them in shock, as the petals drifted down onto their faces and over the zen monk’s body. Slowly, the shock gave way to child-like joy.

They smiled.


Flow of lights

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I looovvvveeeee this…..

(Ayako’s painting that she commissioned for my healing space in exchange of EFT Level II workshop)

Ayako told me that if i meditate on it, i will see different images being presented to me that will bring me healing/insights. I tried my best to see the totem animal she saw in the painting 2 days after its completion, but i couldn’t. Maybe it will appear to me when the time is right.

What i DID see however, with my blurry vision (using the myopic left eye), was a lady in a dress, on her knees, with her hands raised to do something. Can you see it?

Anyways, i’m so thrilled with the painting, and it so happens that my name Lena means light, and the name of this painting is apt cos indeed, it is filled with light. Just looking at it makes me feel so bright and inspired.

Thank you so much Ayako! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The journey of self healing

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I used to be quite hard-hearted. In fact, there used to be this online feedback quiz called Nohari window (opposite of Johari window) where your friends can choose a list of NEGATIVE traits that they feel describe you. I loved this quiz, cos how often is it that you get such honest feedback to your face rite? (though obviously very much fewer friends responded on this one than the Johari window… and to me, those are the REAL friends).

One very close friend descibed me as callous. I was shocked, and i went to look up the word “callous” to make sure it means what i think it means, something akin to heartless. Yup, i was right.

But i was more shocked (in a gd way… ) by my friend’s honesty than the feedback itself cos for a period of time, during sad movies when everyone is crying, i will just be perking up my ears and looking out at the corner of my eyes, kaypoh (nosy) to find out how many pple are crying.

Then after practising Buddhism for some time, i started to tear at movies too, and i was like, “Yeh… i’m normal, i can cry!”

Guess what? I’m an expert now, and have entered the advanced phase of bringing the tears up all by itself.

I mean that in no sarcastic way. After going through The Journey and experiencing the Emotional Journey a no. of times, where you basically allow yourself to tune into the emotions and be brought in deeper and deeper, i have been practising this skill in my own self-healing sessions.

While i don’t exactly force myself to cry (that’s just crazy!), i do tune into significant thoughts and memories and allow myself to sink in fully… and out of nowhere, the tears would rise up, and most of the time, it’s intense. Who would have thought there was so much hidden deep within me. To me, when i experience these unexpected outflow of tears, it’s really like striking lottery. After all, there are pple who spend thousands of dollars in therapy, digging for those buried gunk, cry it all out, and feel better. I can do it FOC.

So don’t think i’m weird if i say that i actually feel a sense of satisfaction during these self-healing sessions. For a “callous” person like me, i have definitely come a long way, such that i can do therapy on myself.

I have learnt to respect the value of tears. After seeing so many clients cry, and experiencing it myself, i have learnt that tears are precious healing fluids, that cleanse the body and soul. When my clients cry and they reach for the tissue to wipe their tears away, i make sure they know that they don’t need to do that and i’m perfectly fine with tapping on their tear-streaming cheeks. Of cos, some of them are still thoughtful enough to wipe them away… but i truly truly love and respect the clients who are able to just allow the tears to flow in an unabashed way. Tears are magic… they are like rain that washes away the grime that has been hidden in the depths of our being for way too long.

I can probably gush more about this (pun intended :P), but i just want to write a little about an interesting healing session i had this morning. There was a blanket of heaviness over my head and heart, and i tapped on that as i tuned into sensations, feelings and thoughts that came into my consciousness. At one point, i had this image of a little girl crouching down at the roadside. Her hair covered her face, and i had the feeling that she’s not me, and her eyes were big and pretty.

I knew to be a “good” client, and did not analyse or doubt this image, and i tapped on the thoughts of not knowing what it means or where it came from. There was also a slight sense of unease, cos it felt a little eerie to me, and i tapped on that as well. As i tapped, i saw this lost little girl growing up and finally becoming a lovely woman a few years older than me. She didn’t look so lost anymore, and more aware of her surroundings. She thanked me for helping her to come back to the present moment, and told me she was going home. That was when the image started to fade.

After that, the heaviness in my heart was gone, leaving perhaps just a tiny nudge behind.

I have no idea who the lady was. A past life me? A me in a different dimension? A spirit attachment? Whatever it was, i was glad it happened the way it did.

After that, i decided to tap on the myopia in my left eye. I have been reading this book “Movement for Self Healing” by Meir Schneider, who was born blind and through massage and physical movement, cured himself. He then started treating other pple for various ailments such as polio, paralysis, progressive muscle dystrophy, etc.

This book inspired me to heal my own physical issues as well, which thankfully, is really only myopia as far as i know. In the midst of tapping, i had a flash of idea, to get a facial mask and cut a hole in it to make an eye patch, so i could use my myopic left eye without contact lens and train up the muscles to see normally again.

This was the interesting part. Normally, i wld hesitate about wearing the eye patch outside. Even if i were to do so, it wld be done in a very self-conscious manner cos that’s normally how i wld be. Even as a teenager, i hated being so tall cos that meant i usually attracted a lot of attention, and unless i was in an especially confident mood, i tried to be as unobtrusive as possible.

But today i wore my eye patch outside without even thinking much about it. Mr Gua Gua was aghast. “What would pple think? You look so weird!” I just smirked at him as i was leaving the house, finding his reaction both funny and slightly annoying.

It was an interesting experience wearing my eye patch outside. Pple did look at me. The young ones stared. And i felt very cool about it. Of cos it took a little getitng used to, and i now have a little more empathy for people who are handicapped or look different in some way.  But really, after the first 5 min, the curious looks and stares are no longer a big deal.

When i reached office, once again i was a little surprised by how cool i was walking in. Just less than half a year ago, i wld be nervous just cos i was wearing a dressy outfit to office and was worried about the attention i wld get cos of that. Yet, here i was wearing a facial mask with a hole over my eyes, and the moment my colleagues saw me, they started laughing and asking questions. I just laughed along and answered them.

Well, i am extremely pleased about it all. Finally, i can say bye to self-consciousness! 🙂

I even wore my eye patch to the chanting session at HS’s place today. Except for HS and someone I knew, no one else asked, and i didn’t bother to explain. Ohhh… today’s chanting sesson was GREAT! The energy was so good, and i could feel a strong vibration in my heart as i chanted om mani padme hung. Here was also when i realised how much i have grown in the past few months. There wasn’t the usual sense of competition/comparison feelings in me… thoughts of “oh, i’m so good at this” and “who’s chanting better than me” were so much reduced. And when they DID arise, i was aware, and most importantly, my response to it was not of judgment, but more of understanding and acceptance. I still have ego, and it’s ok. Just means i have more to work on that’s all.

After the 1 hour chanting, there was about 10 min of meditation, and i was simply blissing out in my own energy. We were asked about our intentions for the session at the start, and mine was to enjoy the energy. I meant energy of the group. But during the meditation, i was actually enjoying MY own energy which i can say was a first for me.

From a corner of my consciousness came a voice, “Aren’t you glad to be you?”

I have never been asked that before. But now that this voice did ask, i gratefully replied, “Yes… yes i am glad to be me.” I was feeling so keenly (autosave ofthis entry just happened at exactly 1:11:11 am!!!) my own energy… and isn’t it weird to be even saying this? It’s like saying a fish was feeling what the water felt like, and the fish has been in the water all his life. But before this very moment, i was often comparing myself with others, or being in the past, or being in the future… so this was the first time i am present of my own energy. And it was PURE BLISS.

Now i know who i am. And now i know how come i can do what i do, and what effect i can have on others. It’s true what all those masters say. There is really no need to be anything else, or do anything else, or achieve anything else. Just being ME is enough. In fact, it’s what i came here to do. Just be me. And that alone is very very powerful.

And yes, it applies to everyone too (of cos!).

I used to get so frustrated by that age-old cliche, “Just be yourself”. I even once saw in a quote book, “The worst advice anyone can give is ‘just be yourself'”.

Actually, it’s the best advice anyone can receive. May take some time to put into practice of cos. Some ppl may take a life time.

But it’s so worth the journey. 🙂

(thank you universe!!!)

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