Things that trigger me

June 17, 2009 at 11:49 pm | Posted in The journey within | Leave a comment

I seem to be very motivated in tapping on myself these days. The tapping that i do with clients and in workshops must be having its effect on my resistance to my own healing. Well, tonight my focus will be on anything and everything that pisses me off big time or irks me just a little. I’m deeply inspired by this article on Ho’oponopono that was sent to me by my friend. It totally proves the teaching on Oneness, and if this doctor can heal other patients by healing himself first, then perhaps the most important thing i need to do (aside from attracting abundance, doing housework, blah blah)… is to heal myself as much as i can (word count: 114!).

So what are my triggers?

1) Mr Gua Gua getting angry with his parents
2) People not responding to my email
3) My mouth
4) People’s jealousy
5) My mum shouting at my dad
6) Mr Gua Gua sulking
7) Clients who have a hard time taking responsibility for their problems
8) Lazy unmotivated people
9) People who complain
10) Smelly pple
11) Sharing of utensils (besides with Mr Gua Gua and little boy)
12)  Owing people money
13) Little boy whining
14) My own procrastination
15) My tummy
16) Mr Gua Gua stopping me from throwing the rubbish
17) Mr Gua Gua stopping me from doing anything
18) People who say things which are pointless
19) Networking
20) Phone calls from family
21) A colleague’s attention-seeking behaviour
22) Sessions which did not produce any noticeable shifts for the client
23) Little boy not eating his food
24) Little boy saying “I’m so tired” and insisting on being carried
25) Mr Gua Gua’s hoarding habits

Okie…that’s enough for now. I can probably tap 30 min for each item and not even be completely done with it. Then again…. it’s EFT. Well, gonna tap on each of them now and let’s see what happens after that.

….oh wow, only got to item no. 10 and already almost falling off the chair cos i keep dropping off to la la land. Seem to be needing more sleep than usual these days… hopefully it’s due to all the self-healing i’m doing.

Guess this will be an entry to be continued.

Okie…one day later, and i made it through the list. Lots of yawning for item 13, which is a gd sign of things being released, even if i’m not sure what it’s abt.

I’m sure there’s more to be listed… but let’s save that for another day. 🙂 Call me weird, but i’m almost looking forward to encountering more triggers, so i have more stuff to tap on.

Yup,  i have officially become a tapping addict. 😛


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