My ideal work space

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My ideal workspace would be clean, bright, airy and filled with a feeling of serenity and safety. It would be near nature, or have nature elements nearby, and less than 10 min walk from MRT.

The flooring is either wooden, or clean comfy carpeting. There is airconditioning, and at least one window for ventilation. Size is at least 100 s.f, and monthly rental is $400 or less.

The environment is comfortable, peaceful and safe. Neighbouring offices are non-intrusive and neighbours are nice and friendly. Landlord is kind and understanding.

Here are all the images I found on Google that have qualities of what I would like to see in my work space

Thank you very much in advance universe!

The meaning of procrastination

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My 3rd newsletter…and sent out at exactly 1.11am! And it’s a surprise to find that the no. of clicks on my 2nd newsletter is more than the no. of subscribers, which means people are forwarding my newsletters. Yeh! Another step closer to reaching thousands of people through my newsletters… 🙂

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1) Healing Insights
2) Exciting events coming up!
** Healing Insights **
Dear One,
All of us, at one point or another, have a problem with procrastination. Of course, there are a million of reasons not to do something that we know we should do. But are those the real reasons?
I suggest that it’s really not because you are lazy. It’s also not because you don’t know how to do the task. Neither is it because you have no time, or no energy, or anything else.
What’s the real reason?
Wanna guess?
That’s right! We put off doing something because we are afraid that doing it may lead to undesirable consequences. For example, we are afraid of not doing it well enough. For many of us, it is easier to find an excuse not do something than to do it and risk being judged for not doing it well enough. In fact, the fear of failure may be so great that you will even put up with the guilt and anxiety that comes with procrastination.
At “Prosperity with EFT” today, a participant shared that she is a perfectionist. She told us, “If I do something, it better be done well, or else I won’t do it at all. It’s all or nothing!” I thank her for her honesty, because this gave us a chance to tap on this very common belief that many of us have that actually lead to procrastination.
Since young, many of us get scolded for not doing things “right”. In our subconscious mind, we decide, “Hmm… maybe it is better not to do things then… at least I won’t get scolded so much!”
If you are currently procrastinating on a certain task, you might want to check with yourself, “If I don’t do this the way it “should” be done, what undesirable things might happen?”
Will you be judged by others? Or perhaps you may not meet certain standards and end up disappointing someone? Are you afraid that people would respond to you in a way that you feel uncomfortable with?
Take a few moments and reflect on these questions, “Why do I procrastinate on taking this action? What am I afraid of?” and tap on the answers. For example, “Even though I’m afraid that if I don’t do it well enough, people will think i’m incompetent, I deeply and completely accept myself.”
(Don’t procrastinate on this one!)
By the way, the fear of being judged is one of the BIGGEST fears out there, and this fear exists because we judge ourselves.
When we learn to accept ourselves, despite our imperfections and despite other people’s judgments, we energize ourselves with enthusiasim and confidence to achieve all that is important to us, and every “failure” only becomes a stepping stone to our happiness and success!
Go for it!!! (and tap along the way….)
**Exciting Events Coming Up**
EFT Movie Screening of “Try It On Everything”
A highly inspiring and touching documentary of 10 people who went through a 4-day EFT retreat. Witness their transformations and receive valuable insights and healing just by watching the movie!
Date: 5 September 2009
Time: 2.30 – 4 pm
Fees: None
PS: I watched this movie 4 times and I still gain new insights each time I watch it. Not to be missed… and bring your friends along!
EFT Level I Workshop
This dynamic 6-hour workshop is filled with important insights about our infinite potential to affect the situations and people in our lives in a positive way, and how EFT can help us to access this potential! Fully experiential and interactive, participants leave this workshop feeling empowered to use EFT to heal themselves on both physical and emotional levels.
Dates: 13 and 20 September 2009 (Sun)
Time: 2 – 5 pm (6 hours in total)
Fees: $90 per pax / $85 for registrations of 2 or more
Comments that I just heard from my workshop participants during the 2nd session today after 1 week of EFT practice:
“I feel lighter just after 2 rounds of tapping.”
“The lump on my shoulder, which doesn’t go away even after accupuncture treatments, is getting less after I do EFT on it.”
“I was feeling very moody for one whole day. Then I remembered to do EFT, and after that, I immediately felt better and it lasted.”
“I tapped on everything. The pains in my shoulder and back disappeared, and the pain in my wrists is getting less.”  
Do come with your loved ones to learn this tool that can put healing right into your own hands!
Prosperity with EFT
This is a fun, relaxing and welcome support group where you can come and tap together on anything that is blocking the flow of prosperity in your life, be it in relationships, money, health, work, or spirituality. A great way to introduce friends and loved ones to EFT as well as to re-energise and motivate yourself to tap. The group energy is always wonderful, and these sessions bring a new meaning to TGIF for many of us! 🙂
Dates: Every Friday
Time: 7.30 – 9 pm
Fees: By donation
Note: The venue for all above events is at Blk 5 Upper Boon Keng Road #02-15 Singapore 380005 (Shan You Counselling Centre). Please register your attendance for all events, either via email or sms (96715709), thank you!
Happy tapping, everyone, and wishing you a wonderful week ahead!
Love and blessings,
Lena Chen
Holistic Therapist
Finding peace through life’s ups and downs
PS: Please feel free to send me your thoughts on this newsletter! Feedback is always welcome. 🙂

Bert Hellinger on interpretation

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“In psychotherapy, very often, we interpret what the other person does. Every interpretation limits the possibilities of the other person. Each interpretation is dangerous. And I’m bold enough to say, each interpretation is wrong. When we abstain from intepretations, we can perceive many many things. Once we intepret something, we are fixed to this interpretation and our vision is also impaired. Now when we are here, we can practice this kind of love. The work with your client here, you shine your sun upon them. [Send them] well wishes…and you support them, and you support me.”

(This is why i don’t believe in conceptualisation…)

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