Bert Hellinger on freedom

August 17, 2009 at 9:16 pm | Posted in Pearls of wisdom, Systemic constellations | Leave a comment

I stumbled upon someone’s blog on vision boards, and started surfing around about vision boards. It’s a nifty concept, that by creating some kind of collage with pictures and words that excites one, you elevate your energy to become in sync with the collage, and hence attracts it to become your reality.

I was almost tempted to try out this software which is kinda like virtual vision boards, where you make little movie clips instead. But dousing my angel pendant gave me a negative.

To cut a long story short, i think it’s not that vision boards or even that mind movies software aren’t good. It’s that i’m not ready. I have no idea what i really want.

I went to my blog and dug up entries on what i manifest for the future – “Things to do before I turn 40” and my vision of my Integrative EFT Centre. As i read them, i no longer felt the excitement, though the feeling is still a positive one.

So when i started watching my 2nd Bert Hellinger DVD, it was a relief to hear his thoughts on what freedom is. Here’s a transcript from the DVD:

What is freedom? Do we have freedom? A little bit. The main freedom is to change. To change for the better. And how can we do that? We get in tune with something that guides us. If we just make up our minds and say “I want to achieve this and this and this and this”, the outcome in the end is little actually. But if we allow ourselves to be guided by something that is beyond us, we can achieve something special, beyond our planning…in the end, freedom is about surrender. It is nothing else but giving up to something greater. And that’s the way we work here.

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