“What you think of me is none of my business”

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Healing Insights

Dear One,

In response to my last newsletter on listening to your heart and trusting the answers that arise from within, a dear client of mine emailed me her dilemma about having listened to her heart, which had led to many judgments from others about her as “irresponsible, wilful and selfish”.
In her words, “Although my heart says I am good, that’s not what others see. And it hurts to be told that way.”
My heart called out to her because I understood perfectly what she was talking about. I used to be very sensitive to other people’s opinions, and as a result, be very timid in making decisions or expressing personal views that I felt would incur other people’s disapproval.
That quote in the subject is one of my favourites, and gave me a huge internal “wow!” when I first read it. Thanks to EFT and lots of inner work, I am a lot more thick-skinned today than I was as a teenager, and this shows up in the way I lead my life these days – with a lot more exuberance, courage and energy.
I still get judged – but I am a lot more at peace with it, and I hardly even pay attention to it.
Wouldn’t it be nice if we live in a society that can accept all of our decisions in life, especially the ones we make with the intention of being true to ourselves? Wouldn’t it be nice if our loved ones can understand why we behave the way we do, and be willing to give us unconditional love and support?
Unfortunately, life is imperfect – and that’s what makes life beautiful as well. We would never be able to understand another human being’s actions completely, and when we do not understand, it is easier to judge than to love, because we are conditioned in that way.
One of life’s greatest sufferings arise from our need to be accepted by other people, which arise from our lack of self-acceptance.
The greatest achievers in this world are the ones who did what they felt was right, even when everyone around them told them they were wrong.
Yes, going against the crowd may be painful – but only if you allow it to.
Ultimately, it is only when you let go of the need to have other people’s approval and acceptance, and follow your heart’s true calling, that you would find your greatest bliss. And in doing so, you become an inspiration for other people so that they may follow their heart’s true calling as well.
Here is a paragraph from the classic poem The Invitation by Oriah Mountain Dreamer.
I want to know if you can

disappoint another

to be true to yourself.

If you can bear the accusation of betrayal

and not betray your own soul.

If you can be faithless

and therefore trustworthy.


(To read the rest of her wonderful poem, visit: http://www.oriahmountaindreamer.com/)

Keep loving yourself…and you will find the courage to face other people’s judgement with love instead of fear, the strength to continue pursuing your heart’s deepest desires, and the inner peace from knowing that no matter what happens, you are still one heck of a wonderful person!
Here’s the tapping exercise for today
“Even though I’m really afraid of how people judge me for doing what i feel is right, and even I judge myself for it, I am willing to acknowledge my fears and allow them to guide me towards healing, so that I start to see myself as who I truly am.”
As you tap the rest of the EFT points, you may either think about the judges in your life, noticing their expressions and paying attention to they are saying about you or you may just tune into your feelings and thoughts and pay attention to whatever arise, and continue tapping on them.
May you be more “self-centred” (centred in your Self) and as a result, be guided towards your rightful path in life.



Phone/Skype consultations are now available! If you know the EFT points already, this is a convenient way for you to receive EFT therapy without having to step out of the home or office, and the results are just as powerful. For the whole of October, I will be offering a special rate of $50/hour for phone/Skype consultations instead of the usual $70/hour. Simply email me at lena@lenashealinghaven.com to book an appointment with me. (I will be increasing my consultation fees in the next 1 or 2 months, so if you have already been feeling the urge to come and see me, do it asap!)
Prosperity with EFT on every Friday 7.30 – 9 pm (except last Friday) at Shan You Counselling Centre (www.shanyou.org.sg). We do something new each session. Last week, I was inspired to bring the participants on a fantasy adventure to discover the secret masterpiece that represents the greatest vision for their life. It was a beautiful and touching session for many of us. What’s on this Friday? Well… come along to find out! Fees are by donation (recommended minimum is $10, but it’s optional… your presence is valuable to me too). Just sms me at 96715709 to confirm your attendance.
Body Mind Spirit Festival (www.holisticliving.com.sg) is coming up THIS weekend, 24 and 25 October! Held at Fort Canning Centre, this is a light-filled event where you can get to experience a wide range of holistic services and products such as numerology, crystals, chiropractice, angel card readings and more. I will be at Booth 33 offering EFT demos. There will also be free workshops and talks as well as free goodie bags. This time round, I’m very pleased to invite Ailee to join me at the booth to demonstrate her HeartMath software, a biofeedback tool that helps you to see for yourself how congruent you are with your heart (vs head). I tried it, and it’s a real eye (and heart) opener! Admission is free, and there is a free shuttle bus from Dobby Gauht MRT. I look forward to seeing you there!
Masterminding with EFT officially begins on 30 October 7.30 – 10.30 pm and will continue on every last Friday of the month. Highly recommended if you want to move ahead on your goals much more quickly, whether it is to hit a new work target, increase your income, overcome procrastination, find your soulmate, or even lose weight. I am getting more and more excited about this because I can already see these sessions helping those who come to achieve their goals at lightning speed! Investment is SGD 33. Do sms me at 96715709 to confirm your attendance.
Recommended Resources
Investment Basics: Principles of Co-creating – this Wednesday 7.30 – 10.30 pm, Ailee a very dear spiritual healer friend of mine will be having an informal sharing session on investing using spiritual principles. Her personal story: After her divorce, she wanted to stay home to take care of her sons, so she started investing in stocks. In just 4 years, she has managed to buy her house in Australia and paying full in cash. Wow! Her intention is to empower women to be financially strong, so that they are free to live the life they deserve! This session is totally free… a gift to all women from Ailee’s heart (and she’s got a HUGE one). Your presence alone will enrich us all, so do come! To RSVP, please sms or call Ailee at 9050 0339. Venue: 22 Nassim Road #03-01 (opp Tanglin Mall). Men are welcome too. 🙂
Faith Rivera is a singer that I recently stumbled upon. Her music is inspirational, and very groovy! Check out the free sampling of music on her website www.faithrivera.com

Happy Comments
From Mary who attended my EFT Level I workshop and shared with all of us at Prosperity with EFT last week:-
“I used to be very kancheong about work, and would worry about ‘did I do it properly?’, ‘has my boss received my phone message’, etc, and I would feel very stressed all the time. After practising EFT, now I am so much more relaxed, and don’t care about my boss’s words that much anymore!”
From a recent client (name withheld for confidentiality reasons)
“I have been feeling very depressed for the past few months. Hidding myself in my bedroom most of the time & just couldn’t find the energy to face each day. 


One day, as I was browsing my email from home, I read some articles written by Lena. After reading, I feel that Lena is a person who is very sincere and committed in her profession. I decide to email Lena. My email to Lena asking for help to get me out of my depressed state is answered promptly and we started my individual healing session within a few days.


Lena did a lot of tapping for me during the session and issues that bothered me were addressed. I feel very comfortable with Lena. The only discomfort is when I am trying to connect to my subconscious mind as this is my first attempt.


I felt more relaxed and happier after the 1st session. The 2nd session is a miracle! I got the answer that I am searching for all this while. I can feel my energy flowing back and I am ready to face myself and the world once again. Lena is happy for me and told me that I do not have to come back for another session. The answer that I have been searching for comes to light after 2 EFT sessions! Wow!


I am very privileged to experience the wonders that EFT brings. This is an effective and painless method of healing. EFT consist of a lot of tapping and no medication is required! I strongly recommend EFT to everybody.


After every session with Lena, she will go through with me what I have just experienced. She will have little “homework” for me which I find them very useful (I am doing them everyday).  If you ever need to engage a therapist, go to Lena! She is an excellent therapist whom you can fully trust.”

May you be guided towards healing in all areas of your life. 🙂






Love and blessings,

Lena Chen

Holistic Therapist


Finding peace through life’s ups and downs

PS: If you have enjoyed this newsletter, please forward it to your friends and loved ones. If you received this newsletter from someone, you may subscribe directly at www.lenashealinghaven.com

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