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July 29, 2013 at 10:46 pm | Posted in All about little girl | Leave a comment

My latest inspired ideas for little girl:

1) The ABC cabinet

I recently ordered 24 boxes of raspberry leaf tea from (if you are a first-time customer, use FVN617 to get $10 off your purchase!). So it occurred to me that with 24 boxes, I can make a 4×6 cabinet and label them A to Z (with the last box combining X, Y and Z). Then I can put in pictures of objects starting with first letters accompanying each “drawer”. As usual, once I feel inspired, I kinda get on with it and finish it very quickly. Since last night, I have google imaged all the A-Z objects I wanted and have them laid out on a word document. When my tea arrives, I will check the size of the boxes, and then print out, laminate and cut them out. Maybe I will draw the ABCs and get little boy to colour them in, if he’s interested. But not only will this be wonderfully educational for little girl, I can turn it into a game with little boy too. That is to pick random pictures with the same first letter, and to take turns making a story out of the pictures. It will be good practice for his composition writing in the near future!

2) The castle

We still have some leftover boxes from our house move (from end of 2011!!) so I figured that I can build a cardboard castle for little girl to play in. Hopefully I can get rope in little boy to help me in building the castle, like painting the “bricks”. I really like the colours of this one.


Here’s a another sample of real castle walls.


I don’t know if I will be able to figure out the mosaic style since I haven’t done it before but will see!

3) The play kitchen

I just stumbled upon this blog entry and thought the kitchen looks excellent!


Btw, the stovetops are cds (reflective surface turned up), how creative! It’s definitely something that little girls will love to play with for hours. The possibilities are endless! The only thing is I don’t know if I can find the right sized boxed for it since I only have fat square-ish boxes at home at the moment. So again, will see… *cross fingers that I can find the boxes*

Well, I had my Emotion Code with Monika today and we managed to clear 7 trapped emotions. Unfortunately Monika didn’t want to help me muscle test for whether I’m pregnant, cos she knew I had a strong desire for little girl to come and she thought my ego would get in the way of the muscle testing. Oh well! However, I did muscle testing on my own using Monika’s method (2nd finger and thumb pressed together to form an O, the other thumb try to push it open from the inside), and it SEEMS like everytime I tested for me being pregnant, I got a yes! So the odds are definitely not too bad… but still, have to wait for 2 more weeks before I can get a home pregnancy test kit. In the meantime, I would just have to entertain myself with more little girl research…

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