ABC cabinet done

August 4, 2013 at 11:06 pm | Posted in Rantings and ravings | Leave a comment

I have been busy the past few days making little girl’s ABC cabinet. I’m too lazy to post pictures here (who’s gonna see?) but I can say that i’m pretty pleased with the result. Tried playing ABC storytelling with little boy on Sat, and he had fun with it for about 20 min before he decided to do something else. Guess that’s a small success. Hopefully little girl will enjoy the ABC cabinet a lot more. Now it’s more for putting names to pictures. Probably later on, I will think about how to add words so that little girl will learn reading too. Apparently some mummies start their babies on flash cards (pics + words) when they are only a few months old. So kiasu! But I guess if I want little girl to be an early and avid book reader, I might have to consider going down that path too. Anyway, now it’s still early. I guess when I test positive for pregnancy, I can start doing more research on baby “education”.

I have also been busy doing research for the upcoming trip to HK with mum and sis. The highlights of the trip for me would be the super highly recommended Tim Ho Wan (IIRC), the cheapest Michelin-rated dim sum restaurant in HK, the Take Out Comedy, the House of Dancing Water at Macau and Sai Kung, which has been called Venice of HK and supposedly have very nice seafood. Yums! My most “dreaded” destination would be the 10 000 Buddhas, which consists of 431 steps up a hill. Oh no… since I haven’t exercised forever, I have no idea how am I going to last the journey without showing obvious physical strain. Hopefully I will outlast Mummy, even though she goes for her morning exercise very regularly (but very non-strenuous kind), otherwise, will definitely get suaned by her. Arghhh…. will just cross my fingers that it’s going to be an enjoyable trip.

8 more days to knowing whether little girl is here yet. :/



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