This is my About Me page on my website… click if you really want to know more about me. 🙂 http://www.lenashealinghaven.com/aboutme.htm#aboutlena



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  1. Your Web Site:

    I saw on your web site that you talk about EFT.

    I have created a new EFT web site called EFT Q & A, when I (and others) answer common (and uncommon) questions about EFT. The site is http://eftQandA.com

    I would love it if:

    1) You stopped by to check it out. I love feedback (and yes we are working the spelling thing).

    2) The next part of the site I am going to be working on is the “Other EFT Resources” Let me know if you want to do a link exchange.

    3) Ask a questions, some of the best articles have come from readers questions.



  2. Have a nice day !

  3. Hey,

    Are you located in Singapore? I am interested in getting EFT work done, in particulat Level 2 workshops. Can you contact me please?


  4. Yes I’m located in Singapore and you may visit my website at http://www.lenashealinghaven.com for info on EFT workshops and EFT consultations. 🙂

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