Philippines retreat 4th and 5th day

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Day before yesterday – Riza led us in moving according to a song’s tempo, pitch and range. When she danced to show us, it was like watching a musical note in action as she moved up and down gracefully in the room. When it was our turn to do it, i realised it’s actually not easy to listen very mindfully to the music and move in accordance. Maybe it’s cos we were trying too hard to incorporate the techniques she taught. I found it easier to just do the Inner Dance where i can let my body move on its own accord.

The next section however was really interesting. She told us to imagine a circle ard each of us. In this circle, we will step forward into fear, come back to the centre, step left into anger, come back to the centre, step right into sadness, come back into the centre, step back into joy, and once again step back into the centre which is none other than love. Music was played to stimulate each of the 5 basic emotions, and she told us to exaggerate our physical movements to bring out the emotions.

I was surprised by how fully i experienced each of the emotion. In fear, my whole body spontaneously trembled and shook, and my shoulders and chest were locked up in tension. In anger, i started yelling and screaming, and my fists furiously punched the air. I exerted so much force that i got tired and had to pause. But soon, i was punching and shouting again. In sadness, a deep grief welled up from the depths of my being. I had to kneel down cos i was so overcome with sadness and I wept my heart out. I had a feeling of grieving for my dead children – the saddest thing ever. In joy, i started swaying my body and doing a simple dance with a smile on my face.

I didn’t think that there was much difference between joy and love until this exercise. Joy was lively and energising, like a little girl dancing in the fields. Love, on the other hand, was grounding and soft, like a mother cradling her baby. I felt like both the mother and the child being cradled. I liked how this exercise involved being fully immersed into the emotion, and when it was time, saying bye to the emotion and stepping back into our centre, our true self.

I learnt that emotions are truly energy in motion, nothing more nothing less. And experiencing emotions is one big reason why we even chose to come back as human beings. How precious it was for me to be given the opportunity to feel and express my emotions fully, with a company of people who were doing the same, so you don’t feel judged at all, but very much supported. And this is the exact thing i wish to do for my clients – to allow them to feel and express their emotions in a safe and supportive environment, and then for them to realise that emotions are ok and emotions are not who they really are. 🙂

We also went to the volcano!!! On the way there, we stopped by at Ilog Maria Honeybee Farms where they have a wonderfully wide range of homemade soaps, massage oils and other natural and organic products for household use. They are so cheap that i would have brought back a whole carton of products for a year’s worth of pressies for pple – if i could. 😛 Still, i bought a bag for colleagues and family and wld have to content with that. We were fortunate to meet with the boss of the shop, this fat jovial man who reminds me of a dark-skinned Laughing Buddha. He had such wonderful stories to share with us, like how he used bee stings to cure Sister Rose from the convent and she made him promise never to charge others when he healed them with the same method.

He also had the opportunity to use bee stings to cure himself. He had gout, which his numerologist said could not be cured. So he said, “Thank you and bye!” and off he went to the accupuncturist. When he came back home, his daughter ran up to him excitedly, “Papa I can catch a bee by its wings!”. He asked her to use the bees to sting him at the needle points left by the accpuncture session. 30 stings in all. In a week’s time, he was able to drive his car and very soon after, he was all cured, except for a slight limp.

He also told us about the story behind the farm’s name. Many years ago it has not rained for a long time and all of his plants were dying. He told his mother who lived in Manila, and she told him “You drive me to the farm, i will pray for the rain to come and it will come.” So that’s what he did. True enough, when they reached, it started to rain and his mother cried. As the river near his farm had no name, he named it Ilog Maria, which means Maria’s River. In response to his story, one of us asked, “so she prayed to Mother Mary for the rain to come?” His reply, “With Mary. She prayed with Mary.” Oh… i just love this story and this last comment he gave about it.

It started to rain heavily when we were leaving but thanks to our prayers, it slowed to a slight drizzle which was not a problem once we got our ponchos on. We had to cross the river by boat and then ride horses up the volcano as it was very steep. I was probably the most excited person about riding horse. Ever since i read Black Beauty, the children’s classic, i have been crazy about horses. What a beautiful experience it was to ride a horse up the volcano. The scenery was unforgettable… indescribable too. Unfortunately it was too bumpy to use the camera so i can’t share the beauty of this part with you. All i can say is this experience is one of my fave parts, and i am so blessed to have experienced it.

When we reached the top, we admired the scenary and had fresh coconuts. It was amazing to see the guys chopping the coconut shells into spoons for us to carve the meat out. Mine was a very fleshy coconut and as the guy was chopping mine into half, one of the girls who didn’t want a coconut cos she was having tummy upset from the detox diet, commented to another person that she prob wldn’t mind eating the flesh. So i passed one half to her. It’s nice to facilitate someone’s wish to manifest instantaneously! And later on, someone passed me her half cos she couldn’t finish it… the universe sure has a way of having everything balance out in the end. 🙂

One thing i must say is that the horse guides are very “good” at their sob stories. They were clamouring for us to hire a 2nd guide cos the volcano is very steep and we supposedly need more support. I firmly said no cos i knew i didn’t need one, and the girl whom i said no to, who’s only slightly younger than me i’m sure, looked at me with shining eyes and an angry pout. Mr Gua Gua did cave in to the one who was asking him to hire him. Guess he’s a lot more soft-hearted than i am. My guide was this pretty young girl with big eyes, and i didn’t take a good look at her so i was surprised when in the midst of our chatting, she told me she was 5 months pregnant. She’s only 23 years old and have a 3 yr old daughter.

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I’m so lucky / Commitments

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I’m so lucky cos i have pple in my life who are willing to tell things to my face, w/o fearing that i will get offended.

That doesn’t mean i don’t get offended btw. 😛

But so far the only person who offended me mildly (not counting family cos those are always the exceptions) did so cos he was being really sarcastic too. And even in spite of that, i really appreciate him for caring enough to give me the hard facts of life (or at least his opinion anyway).

As the quote goes “Friends are those who stab you in the front.”

So far no stabbing la… haha…just good knocks on the head. Like last night i was at the Nuskin biz presentation with this aquaintence (whom we met also by wonderful synchronicity – a series of “random events”) and she kept telling others that i’m really very young. My almost automatic response to that was along the lines of “oh but i look older than i am”.

After abt the 3rd time i said that, she turned to me and asked, “do you know why you look  older than you are?”. No, i don’t and was almost expecting her to give me some skin care tips since it is a skin-care company after all.

Uh-uh. “Cos you keep affirming it for yourself!”

Oops… i almost felt her hand rapping on my head, “HELLO… you know the Law of Attraction right, so what are you doing here.”

I was thick-skinned enough not to blush but inwardly, i was quite shocked, as if i was caught in the act of doing something which i know was wrong. Which was literally the case.

It was just a split-second event, but since then i have been watching the way i speak more consciously. It’s only been hours since, but already i am noticing how i consciously and unconsciously divert attention onto topics which i do not wish to manifest more of.

Well, time to walk the talk! And time to set some mid-year resolutions for myself (think i was a bit bo chup about my 2009 new year resolutions anyway)…

1) I commit to speaking only about things which are aligned with my goals (financial freedom and spiritual growth) and values (truth and love).

2) I commit to my spiritual growth by spending at least an hour everyday to meditation/chanting/tapping/other healing practices.

3) I commit to moving my body in a way that is expansive and liberating (including the way i sit and stand).

4) I commit to seeing others around me as already perfect (they just don’t realise it).

5) I commit to be always honest to myself and to others (no more making personal photocopies at work without asking or donating $ first!)

6) I commit to taking risks, especially when fear is involved, because while fear is not an enemy, it is also not a gd advisor in how to lead my life.

Okie… 6 is enough cos i need to reach work ON TIME (commitment no. 5).

Correlation between EFT and Dr Emoto’s work

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Found this to be a really gd article…

By Deirdre Brocklebank

I have been asking myself could there be more to the vibrational impact of EFT on the body than we realise? For instance, how does the tapping impact on the body outside the energy system? As an adult body is about 70% water it seemed to be appropriate to begin my research on this. This focus led me to the fascinating work with water by internationally renowned Japanese scientist Dr Masaru Emoto and the correlation between his principles and those of EFT.

Of particular relevance to EFT is that after many years of research Dr Emoto has demonstrated that molecules of water are affected by our thoughts, words and feelings. Since the earth and humans are composed mainly of water his message can be seen as one for personal health, global environmental renewal, and a practical plan for the creation of peace that starts with each of us. Dr Emoto regards his work as a exploration of how the cosmos works. Water has taught him about the ‘delicacy of the human soul and the impact that “love and gratitude” can have on the world.’

Dr Emoto has visually recorded the impact of different vibrations on water by freezing it and by photographing the resulting crystal formations. Some of his photographs are shown in his books “The Hidden Messages in Water” and The True Power of Water.”

The following principles are basic to Dr Emoto’s work and of relevance for EFT.

  1. Water is the life force and it is sensitive to all vibration.
  2. The entire universe is vibrating and everything has a unique frequency (sound).
  3. The Universe is naturally in balance and harmony, and discord has a destructive vibration.
  4. The words “love” and “gratitude” form the fundamental principles of the laws of nature and also of the phenomenon of life.

Rest of the article can be found here:

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